r/techsupport Aug 18 '22

Computer asks for administrative permission to create/delete files on my desktop Open | Windows

Hello, I had this problem a few months ago and haven't really been able to find a clear fix for this so I'm hoping I can find some help on here.

I am the only user of my desktop and suddenly (and seemingly for no reason) my computer has been saying that I need to provide administrative permission to create/delete/move files on my desktop. I can't even save things like notepad files to my desktop, and when I do I get a prompt that says something like "You don't have permission to save this here, would you like to save it to the documents folder instead?". I am the only user of my computer and have always been the system administrator so I'm not sure why this would be happening. Does anybody know of a way to fix this or why it's happening? Thanks!


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u/saxoni Aug 18 '22

Turn off UAC, see if that helps


u/mrshll Aug 18 '22

or just lower the setting a bit. not sure why the downvotes, that is the right answer.


u/commiecat Aug 18 '22

that is the right answer

It's an answer, but arguable whether it's the right one. User profile shouldn't require elevation no matter what UAC is set to. If it's a case of the desktop permissions having been modified, or these files somehow writing to the public desktop, then there are better solutions than disabling or lowering UAC system-wide.


u/Hias2019 Aug 18 '22

It is a workaround, not a solution. What then, leave uac off?


u/mrshll Aug 19 '22

It's not a toggle, it's a slider.