r/techsupport Aug 18 '22

Computer asks for administrative permission to create/delete files on my desktop Open | Windows

Hello, I had this problem a few months ago and haven't really been able to find a clear fix for this so I'm hoping I can find some help on here.

I am the only user of my desktop and suddenly (and seemingly for no reason) my computer has been saying that I need to provide administrative permission to create/delete/move files on my desktop. I can't even save things like notepad files to my desktop, and when I do I get a prompt that says something like "You don't have permission to save this here, would you like to save it to the documents folder instead?". I am the only user of my computer and have always been the system administrator so I'm not sure why this would be happening. Does anybody know of a way to fix this or why it's happening? Thanks!


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u/Gods_Soldier_ Aug 18 '22

You will need to verify your user permissions in your GPO settings, you may need to google how to veiw your user permissions.