r/techsupport Aug 18 '22

The touchpad of my Dell's laptop not working properly, what do? Open | Hardware

Hello, so I've bought a Dell laptop from Altex, it runned smooth for 4 months but today, the touchpad stopped working properly, as in it is working only when the laptop is tilted backwards like 30 degrees.

I've got to mention that I've used the laptop almost always on my legs and rarely on flat surfaces like a desk or something similarly.

Had to mention this in case this is a problem

Also I've noticed that the touchpad has sinked into the laptop itself, the top part is level with the laptop but the closer you get to the touchpad buttons (where you press for right click) it sinks a bit, like at most 3mm.

Any ideas?

EDIT: it's my 1st time here, so if I chose the wrong flair, please let me know



u/oorpheuss Aug 18 '22

Seems the touchpad got disconnected from the laptop's casing? If it's still under warranty you could get it checked. I don't think using the laptop on your leg instead of a desk would be the cause of this.