r/techsupport Aug 18 '22

PC no power, no lights Open | Hardware

This is the 3rd time that happened already. One of the frequent power outages happened for 5 minutes and after power was back the pc wont turn on/no lights

The pc would turn on when connected to a computer shop but not in our location. I know for sure its not a PSU issue since its gold rated and we also have a surge protector and a ups on a low power gpu

Ive checked almost everything-power cable,button,ram etc. Is this an area problem with high voltage? I really need advise



u/Danthe30 Aug 18 '22

Did you try a different wall outlet? Check the breaker box to see if anything was tripped and hasn't been reset? Could your surge protector be turned off or fried? Since it works in a different location, my first instinct is that it's just not getting power.


u/sandmanzlf Aug 18 '22

I tried the pc direct to wall and nothing. Last year when this exact situation happened, it randomly will boot but when I turn it off, its 50/50 wether it boots or not