r/techsupport Aug 18 '22

I think my pc has coil whine Open | Hardware

I was playing god of war on my pc (ryzen 5 3600x and rtx3070), after sometime of playing, my pc start making a weird noise, like a vibration, even when I touch the pc gave me a shock.

Then I close the game and the vibration disappear (when the loading screen for going to the main menu appear the sound came again).

I thought it was for my power supply, but idk.

PD: the pc has a lil’ of dust, dunno if that’s relevant.



u/Mihoshika Aug 18 '22

If you're getting shocked by touching your PC, you probably have some wiring issues somewhere. As a temp solution, you can ground the case, I suppose.

Could also be the fans or HDD, as those are generally the only moving parts in the PC.


u/Ellicenciadopto Aug 18 '22

nice, I'll try grounding the case


u/mendeleev__ Aug 18 '22

coil whine + case shock when ungrounded usually equals to cheap psu, not always though.
What is your psu brand and model?


u/Ellicenciadopto Aug 19 '22

gonna be honest, is a cheap one, I just checked it today fo cleaning and it was a brand I didn't know


u/mendeleev__ Aug 19 '22

don't forget the psu is the "heart" of your computer. you don't wanna the heart having problems and bringing all the "organs" with him. I'd exchange the psu for another, reputable one.
Psu Cultists is your friend there. https://cultists.network/140/psu-tier-list/
Remembering you don't need the best psu out there - it really depends on your setup. But its good if it is at least listed there.