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[BSOD] Plethora of Network related BSOD issues Open | BSOD

I've built my own PC which has been working fine for nearly the past 2 years, within the last month I'm getting frequent (maybe 5/6 times a day) BSODs to do with Network drivers:-

ndu.sys x1
netio.sys x2
tcpip.sys x1
ndis.sys x1

I've tested each component in a similar build and haven't had issues with them. The one thing that's weird is that if I'm playing a game it won't BSOD on me, only when I'm not running a game and just using the PC for general activities.

Since the initial issues I've installed Windows 10 from fresh and allowed the automatic updates to start taking place.

I've ran memtest which says the RAM is fine, and disk checker which is fine with both of my storage (the issues were different prior to reseating each component)

I've attached the 5 most recent dumps from bluescreenview.


I have roughly a month or so left on the shortest hardware warranty so I'm looking to see if anything needs to be RMA'd


u/AutoModerator Aug 18 '22

Getting dump files which we need for accurate analysis of BSODs. Dump files are crash logs from BSODs.

If you can get into Windows normally or through Safe Mode could you check C:WindowsMinidump for any dump files? If you have any dump files, copy the folder to the desktop, zip the folder and upload it. If you don't have any zip software installed, right click on the folder and select Send to → Compressed (Zipped) folder.

Upload to any easy to use file sharing site. Reddit keeps blacklisting file hosts so find something that works, currently catbox.moe seems to be working.

We like to have multiple dump files to work with so if you only have one dump file, none or not a folder at all, upload the ones you have and then follow this guide to change the dump type to Small Memory Dump. The "Overwrite dump file" option will be grayed out since small memory dumps never overwrite.

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u/cwsink Aug 18 '22

Just to make sure things are as stable/compatible/performant as Gigabyte have been able to achieve with the motherboard, I'd recommend updating to the latest motherboard BIOS (F63c) from here - assuming the system is stable while in the BIOS settings menus.

I'd also recommend updating to the latest B450 chipset driver from here.

Use the system as you normally would after addressing the above and see if the crashes continue. If they do, please make any new dump files available for comparison.