r/techsupport Aug 18 '22

USB C dock to HDMI? Open | Hardware

I have a usb c docking station that I have two monitors, mouse, and keyboard plugged into. I was wondering if it it possible to get a usb c to hdmi adapter and have the displays and mouse/keyboard work (when plugged into the hdmi port in my gpu).



u/JustACowSP Aug 18 '22

No, USB-C to HDMI adapters are one way. The adapter is essentially a basic graphics card.

Also, the HDMI port on your proper graphics card does not carry USB signals, so no chance there.


u/computix Aug 18 '22

No. These adapters are unidirectional, plus HDMI cannot transport USB signals in the way you describe. You can't randomly transform signals and ports into other types.