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Moved into a "WiFi Only" apartment and can't connect to game servers. Open | Networking

The apartment has a contract with Comcast, each room has its own AP and Comcast doesn't offer physical internet plans outside of the site provided contract, the connections work great (around 500/500) for things like YouTube and browsing.

However I cant connect to any game servers. I've tried to change dns to 8888/8844 and disabling windows firewall but the issue persists.

Any thoughts? Considering getting a 5g home internet setup if no solutions exist. The "wifi only" Comcast contract was included as a benefit but I was unaware of the potential that it wouldn't allow for game servers to connect.

If it helps troubleshoot: while connected to the wifi on my phone, old school runescape mobile can connect. But on my pc it cannot.

Using a linksys wusb6300 adapter


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u/JustItDad Oct 20 '22

Simply will not load into games that require muliplayer server access


u/jamvanderloeff Oct 20 '22

What games have you tried and what's the actual error message?


u/JustItDad Oct 20 '22

League, runescape, siege


u/Any-Analysis-9189 Oct 21 '22

Did you tried vpn use vpn connect to different server it could help you.


u/JustItDad Oct 20 '22

Update: VPN solved the issue entirely


u/ZoixDark Oct 20 '22

Yeah. I wouldn't trust the apartment internet with any of my traffic without a VPN.


u/Pctechguy2003 Oct 20 '22

Yeah I can’t see a landlord setting up a proper network with good horizontal security. Probably dumps everyone onto the same vlan and subnet.


u/Taolan13 Oct 21 '22

The landlord didnt set up the network, Comcast did. It's a contract service, and they handle everything. The landlord probably doesn't even have the admin password for the local router.


u/rolfcm106 Oct 21 '22

May not even been Comcast could have also been contracted out to another company to set it up. My company does this for several other companies.


u/Pctechguy2003 Oct 21 '22

Ah, gotcha.

That doesn’t build my confidence as they probably don’t segregate any traffic in that case.


u/Jonkinch Oct 21 '22

They probably either have a security app for the routers, like if they’re using Eeros, and the security feature will 100% impact your gaming. I never got errors. I just could not load into multiplayer games and if I did, I’d be kicked out after like 20 min tops. I originally thought it had to do with Dying Light 2 just coming out, but I discovered it was the security settings on my router I pay extra for lol. I created an exclusion group to not be in that.

The apartment complex may be using a hardware firewall with a Content Filter (CF) like a Dell Sonicwall.

For gaming, VPNs sometimes can cause issues with latency, could you get in contact with IT and provide them with the MAC of your NIC card to add to an exclusion group?

Aside from everything else, continue to use the VPN as it will encrypt the traffic so they can’t do packet captures or inspections for the people with a curious eye.


u/JustItDad Oct 21 '22

This is very detailed advice, thanks! I'll look into that


u/rolfcm106 Oct 21 '22

And if they ask about the VPN I would say it’s for work.


u/aricelle Oct 20 '22

You're gonna need to talk to building management. They are likely blocking it at the gateway/modem.

Alternatively, try running it through a VPN. That will encrypt all of your traffic, and will bypass any filters they set at the modem.


u/earthsowncaligrown Oct 21 '22

Sounds like one of those "managed wifi" locations. Get a list of the ports you need open. The property mgmt should be able to get them open for you.


u/07_Helpers Oct 20 '22

Came here and was pleased by the OSRS reference.

Love it.

Good luck


u/JustItDad Oct 20 '22

Amen friend 🙏 have to get back to hunting for my kits


u/thefyLoX Oct 20 '22

Have you asked the apartment management? It sounds like they could have capped games going through the router. It makes sense if it's shared connection for all tenants.

Setting your own DNS settings at the client/computer won't work if they are overridden at the gateway. You could run a quick test by connecting through a VPN, provided said traffic not blocked either, but the performance hit would be significant.


u/MicaLovesHangul Oct 20 '22

Wouldn't make sense at all. Games don't use much bandwidth. The impact would be many times worse if people started watching videos because they can't game.


u/PresidenteMozzarella Oct 20 '22

It doesn't need to be true, it just needs to make sense to someone who doesn't know what they are doing.


u/MicaLovesHangul Oct 22 '22

Agreed. But they specifically said it makes sense, which I wanted to correct to prevent misinformation.


u/thefyLoX Oct 20 '22 edited Oct 20 '22

Video streaming can be easily throttled should the need arise. If you offer internet access to your tenants you wouldn't want to block videos. There are various reasons for blocking other services, it doesn't have to be due to bandwith usage. And as you said, bandwith is not usually an issue with gaming, but speed (ping). That's why I say using a VPN can work but it may not be worth the performance hit, specially on competitive games. It may be good enough to connect to your Steam library for your SP games or to fish in WoW...

The impact can be felt if you have a bunch of people playing different games and maybe even streaming it or hosting their own server. They may just provide basic access and stop there, so anyone wanting more has to pay for it.

Anyways as I mentioned the first step would be to ask, in case it's part of their "free Wifi access" policy.


u/PigletSignificant Oct 21 '22

Any network traffic can easily be throttled... Blocking video games makes zero logical sense.


u/thefyLoX Oct 21 '22 edited Oct 21 '22

Tell that to most workplaces, schools, hospitals, lubraries airports, public institutions...

There's little point throttling games down anyways, you either allow traffic or you don't.


u/PigletSignificant Oct 21 '22

Consumer grade hardware, dead simple: https://superuser.com/questions/1292147/configure-dd-wrt-to-limit-bandwidth-on-devices

I would gladly tell anyone how deadass easy it is to set up.

There is every reason to implement QoS, or throttling.


u/thefyLoX Oct 21 '22 edited Oct 21 '22

I think you're still missing my point and the issue OP has and we stray further and from the topic.

OP already said VPN worked so it's evident that they are actively blocking games. I have warned above that it may entail poor performance but OP hasn't replied about asking the owners so it seems it's good enough for their needs.

We can discuss if it makes sense to block games or not in an apartment.

How to throttle services down is irrelevant here.

I just love that I'm getting downvoted by people ignoring OP's insight.


u/PigletSignificant Oct 21 '22

I didn't ignore anything.

You made false claims though, and I addressed them.

Now it just seems like you're salty that someone corrected you. Cope 😘


u/thefyLoX Oct 21 '22 edited Oct 21 '22

False claims? Be kind to point them out, I honestoy don't follow.

Gaming conventions only need to throttle down video streaming. Online gaming doesn't take up too much bandwith and you don't really want to slow it down with too many filters.

Offices just need to control access so they are fine blocking whatever is not work related.

Public administrations need more fine grained control.

Schools need to both block games and throttle video streaming down.

None of them ever has asked me or gelt the need to throttle games nor I can think of a situation where it could be a viable solution over others.


u/PigletSignificant Oct 21 '22

When you implied that throttling would be difficult to set up.

When you justified blocking services (if I'm paying for internet, why is it then being restricted? I'd expect compensation on my rent for having to find another provider who doesn't block services)

When you implied you would throttle a game. You wouldn't, you would limit the bandwidth available to any connected devices and can further refine it based on services.

It's almost like you don't know what you're talking about...

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u/mrhorse77 Oct 20 '22

most likely its being blocked by the apt complex.

their reasons are prob totally wrong, or were setup 10 years ago, but youre gonna have to talk to your apt management about this most likely.

you can try a VPN, but thats prob going to be blocked as well.


u/T351A Oct 20 '22

probably blocking stuff, I'd suggest a VPN... ProtonVPN (free or paid) and Mullvad (paid) are nice.


u/ASwftKck2theNtz Oct 20 '22

That's shady.


u/rolfcm106 Oct 21 '22

They have the ports blocked most likely on their network that’s set up. I honestly would have never lived somewhere that doesn’t allow wired internet connections or my own account. I would start looking to move right away.