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win 10 unsaved notepad Open | Software

I had a saved notepad file with some text. I opened it today, wrote some stuff and then opened a game. For some reason the notepad closed then. Is there a way for me to recover the data which was added today? It's really important

There are a lot of tutorials with %appdata% but it seems that they are for people who hadn't it saved already before

Also, I noticed that when I open this txt file while the game is opened, the txt file automatically closes itsels, it doesn't happen with other txt files

Please help as it is really important stuff for my mental health (OCD). Hard to explain but it really is and will cause huge ammounts of anxiety if i dont get this back.


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u/Ch3vr0n Nov 29 '22

No, until the data is saved it's 'volatile ' and 'doesn't really exist'. That data is gone


u/Traust Nov 29 '22

Sorry but looks like you have lost the data. Use this as a lesson in not fully relying on computers and software, this will help you in the long run with your anxiety and OCD as you will find new and better ways to make sure it doesn't happen again. The old sayings of we must fall to learn how to stand apply, so take a moment to have a break and scream/yell/cry (what ever helps as we all cope differently), then come back to it once your mind has settled knowing to be a bit more careful for the next time.

The number of times I have lost things in the past has only helped me in the long run and now my job where I am looking after really important data that cannot be lost, I have backups of the backups yet always looking at ways to improve it.

As for going forward, I recommend using Notepad++ as it allows you to not save and will keep anything you write, I use it all the time just for that functionality. That said a full crash of any software may not fully save to it's temp files when it crashed but at least there is a possibility it did compared to the standard notepad that Windows ships with.


u/SyrupLover25 Nov 29 '22

Not possible. It was stored in the ram. ram is volatile, it is no longer stored in the ram.