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Open | Data Recovery Comctl32.dll not found


I'll say. I'm not a techie but I tried whatever solution I could find but still to no avail. I'm feeling kinda hopeless rn cause I just wanted to play some games but instead of spending my evening playing games I spent it all trying to find a solution to fix this. I'm still trying to find a solution as I type this

Image: https://imgur.com/a/6SBF7Td

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Open | Data Recovery SD card accidentally formatted, can I get the data back?


When I went to get my sim card changed and my SD card was taken out of and put back into my phone, I got a screen asking if I wanted to format my SD card as internal storage or for file transfer. I didn't really understand what that meant (the tech guys said nothing should change about my SD card), so I picked internal storage. After a loading screen, all the data I had on my SD card (photos, audio files, etc.) were gone.

When I looked it up, I saw that the screen I saw is followed by a screen saying once you format your card, it'll delete everything on it. I don't remember seeing that screen but I must've missed it and formatted it anyway.

In a few articles and youtube videos I watched, they said you could put your SD card into your laptop and use an external application ("recoverit") to get back data lost from formatting. However, when I put my SD card into my laptop via an adapter, it says I need to format the disks in drive D: and E: before I can use it (and continues to say all the data will be deleted if I do that).

Are there applications that can get back data you've lost once you accidentally formatted your SD card? Should I format the SD card so it works on my laptop (if I can get back data from that)?

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Open | Data Recovery I probably lost 30,000 pictures of my kids but for 10 years, I’ve been too scared to find out.


If you have any insight, please, please help me. I am accepting ‘idiot’ as an appropriate alternative to ‘You’re screwed.’

Hellos all, Let me first start by mentioning that I am an idiot. I bought a Dell online probably 15 years ago. Added the cool upgrades to future proof myself a little. I didn’t use it for much. Just general web browsing, emails, stupid games, pictures/videos, my budget in Excel. Got lots of music off limewire. ITunes. Imported pictures from my digital camera. Saved photos from friends.

Years later I bought a house. It had a small crappy unfinished room under the kitchen that I used as a makeshift office. Of course my kitchen sink leaked. And of course my tower was right underneath it.

Neighbor across the street was very computer savvy and couldn’t get it to boot. Hard drive error. Forget it. Years later, a friend knows a friend that does this stuff.

Yeah, I know.

Multiple tries, no luck.

Now I have a hard drive in a box with ten’s of thousands of pictures and months worth of music just laying around in the hopes that technology (or people in clean rooms with fancy white gloves?) can fix my idiot ways.

Do I have any hope? 10 photos out of one million would make it worth it. Who would I take it too? This pops into my mind every so often (frequently) and it just makes me sick realizing what the actual answer to these questions is.

Thank for your help!

TLDR: Desktop tower got wet, won’t turn on, I’ll never see my handsome boys as infants ever again.

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Open | Data Recovery Any way to recover iMessages after they have been cleared from recently deleted?


I deleted a lot of text messages from my phone and cleared them from my recently deleted as well. I desperately need them back. Is there any way for me to do so? I have heard of restore mode but not sure how to work it. Any help would be appreciated!!

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Open | Data Recovery Transferring everything from old PC to new PC help


Hey everyone, I just got a new PC and want to transfer everything from the old pc to the new one. My friend gave me a usb to SATA cable, would the fastest way be to connect the old hard drive to the sata cable and copy and paste everything to the new computer?

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Open | Data Recovery Well, I lost everything on my iPhone, pictures of my baby and all.


Was trying to do a backup and restore through iTunes like I've done a dozen times before, and when I went to restore from the backup, it asked me for a password even though I hadn't used a password making the backup. Tried a bunch of steps with Apple support which led to trying to reset the password for backups, which then overwrote the backup from my old phone with one from my newly wiped phone.

I was only able to see the backup from yesterday in windows, and not the most recent one from today, but now that ones gone too.

Tried doing a system restore, checking previous versions of the backup folders and nothing. I should have tried a backup extractor program first while I could still access the older backup, because trying it now, I'm able to see pictures from old backups as recent as 2020.

I'm devastated and I'm never going to forgive myself.

Edit: I can even see the backup folder that was created yesterday around the time I did a backup, but it says it's been modified today, but there's no previous version of it to revert to.

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Open | Data Recovery NvMe M.2 SSD won't stay connected. Is there any way to retrieve the data?


As the title says, my SSD stopped being recognized one day, and after putting it in an enclosure, I found that it would have the System Reserved recognized as a drive, have the actual data recognized, and then VERY quickly disconnect altogether. The data does show up when the drive is recognized and I even managed to grab a bit of it, but certain folders seem to freeze up if there's an attempt to open them and even untouched, the SSD will disconnect on its own. Is there anything I can do to retrieve a few text documents and PDFs? Thanks in advance.

Update: It appears that the SSD was damaged when the ports in the motherboard went bad. It's possible that the enclosure being used simply overheats, but with a thermal strip I'm able to grab very small amounts of data at a time via command prompt. The problem is I can't seem to find my Desktop, and I don't know how to start at a certain point in the alphabet or prioritize subfolders with command prompt, so I'm still unable to save some data I want back.

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Open | Data Recovery Accessing an old SSD to rescue my game saves - I'm stumped!


Hi techsupport,

System: Windows 11

I'm trying to retrieve some save files from an old 256gb ssd. I used the program "Everything" to find the files on the drive.

I have connected the drive using a usb enclosure. It accesses the drive fine, until I go to Users/*myname, it asks for admin to change the permissions, this will fail and say you need to use the security tab. I then followed this guide: "https://superuser.com/questions/1252896/how-do-i-open-the-user-folder-of-a-hard-drive-that-i-transfered".

This seems to work but will fail before it applies all the permissions. The drive seems to disconnect after about 5 minutes every time (tried applying this method to just Users/*myname but still fails) - maybe I have a dodgy ssd enclosure, or the drivers are iffy? So I try it on my laptop, same issue.

So next I've installed the ssd into my pc, now, the ssd shows up in bios, shows in device manager, but does not show up in explorer. I have tried pressing update drivers in device manager, it says they are up to date. I have gone to the manufacturer of the SSDs website, and there are no drivers (Drevo X1 256gb ssd).

So I'm stumped, anyone got any ideas?


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Open | Data Recovery Can a power surge delete files or cause them to become corrupt/damaged?


My laptop is in the repair shop because the motherboard got fried by a power surge. The people at the shop told me my files are still on the hard drive, however, I’m wondering if it’s possible that some files have been deleted, or if perhaps some may be damaged/corrupted (such as a Word document having its text turned to indecipherable code).

Checking this would be nearly impossible as I have many thousands of files.

I back up all my files about once a month but it had been about that long since I last did so. And during that time I began a new project for work during which I accumulated a few hundred new files.

Thanks very much to anyone who replies

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Open | Data Recovery Any way to recover encrypted ransomware files?


Hi, my computer got affected by ramsomware (extension .zaqi ; online key). Please help, got lots of important documents locked.

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Open | Data Recovery Protecting Backups from Infection


I know backing up is good, but if you have automatic backups on and you back up a virus doesn’t that defeat the point if backups? Like then your NAS is infected too which could compromise other previous backups. What’s the best way to prevent this?

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Open | Data Recovery My hard disk is broke. Help!


Hi. I have a segate 5 TB hard disk which got corrupt. I've been trying to recover it with recovery softwares but it's not working. The read error rate and current pending sector count is BAD according S.M.A.R.T. Anyway to recover the files? ( I have recoverit and disk drill) TIA

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Open | Data Recovery A friend's Snapchat pictures are being leaked


I have no idea where to post this, but a friend of mine just had his my eyes only pictures from Snapchat hacked, and after this, an Instagram account popped up with a similar name to his actual account and started to post said pictures. It seems like whoever hacked him is not from our country, it almost looks automated the way it has been posted and the way the captions are written.

Does anybody have any advice on what he can do?

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Open | Data Recovery Deleted photos one moth ago


Hey guys. I have accidentally deleted photos and data from my PC. Please tell ne a reliable software to get back my data.

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Open | Data Recovery I Have Thousands of Inaccessible Files.


I have at least 20k files backed up on my computer but I can't open them. The files are saved under a folder called "backups" so I'm assuming it's all the phone backups I've saved. The problem is most of them don't open in VLC Media Player or Windows Media Player. I have been able to open a handful of them (completely random) in VLC player but just a few. I can't even diagnose the problem so I'm not really sure where to start. There are many meaningful pictures and videos in these backups so any help is appreciated.

Here's an example of one of the file names: *349576679387c7c9ba6f1a2f95cc566328bd60f8*
Every file looks like this but with different characters. If you need more info let me know.

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Open | Data Recovery Any advice on how to access external hard drive that won't load?


Hi all, I have an external hard drive that's over a decade old that I've never had issues using before. Now, when I plug it into my 2019 laptop, it won't register fully, so I can't get to my files. I've tried different ports, I've tried different cords. I'll try a different computer soon. I also checked Dell's website for any driver updates for my computer, and installed all 5 it found -- no difference.

My computer was initially reading the external hard drive as "Local Disk D" or something like that, but couldn't load it. Now it dings when I put it in, but doesn't show at all. Once, when I tried a different cord, I got this error message: "D:/ is not accessible. The request could not be performed because of an I/O device-error." My eject-media function does at least recognize it as "External HDD" if not by its proper name, WD Passport.

Any advice on regaining access to my files? Thank you!

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Open | Data Recovery Installing OS


So, my motherboard (MSI MAG B550M Mortar) died and I need to transfer my SSD (where install my OS) to another motherboard (probably another B550M but I haven't chosen anything yet)

Do I still need to install Win10 or just plug and play my SSD to my motherboard? What should I do?


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Open | Data Recovery Google Photos ain't photoing


Help. My local photos got deleted because I deleted all my google photos. I restored the photos on Google Photos, but all my local files went poof. How do I restore them? Also, how do I delete all my Google photos without deleting my local files? I'm currently running out of storage. Someone please help.

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What can I do about it? Do I have to send it to be repaired or can I do it myself?

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Open | Data Recovery Accidentally deleted folder with Windirstat


Tried to look for some screenshots I took a while back in Sims 4, and realized that when I deleted the documents folder with all of the mods that were hogging up too much memory in the documents folder, I forgot that screenshots were inside there.

Is there a way to recover this, or is it impossible after a WinDirStat permanent delete?

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Open | Data Recovery I had my laptop stolen - I want to find it again


long story short, I had my laptop stolen and while I am unable to recover much from it, I have gotten a snippet of the thief’s IP address in a VPN receipt from my email. It reads Netherlands is there some way to reverse engineer this to get more info? Or is there some other unrelated steps I should take to try track down my device? I have already tried the find my device feature but it appears it was not configured properly.

any advice is much appreciated as this laptop had family photos stored on it. Thanks

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Open | Data Recovery SD card in another phone


If I take an SD card from phone 1 (Oppo) and put it into phone 2 (Huawei), then put it out again, is there any possibility that the photos stayed somewhere on phone 2? Even though they are not visible anymore because I took the card out, can they still be recovered by someone using some software from Google Play, or is it impossible when the card is no more there in the phone 2?

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Open | Data Recovery I need help with file recovery


Hello everyone, I have just had a problem I need help with. I was trying to install an app, and it asked me to install some complement or something of the sort, some kind of algorithm or something. It asked me to select a folder to install it, and I chose the desktop (not a folder in the desktop, but THE desktop). Suddenly I receive a message from my antivirus that says that the app I was installing was trying to edit a folder I had in the desktop. It wasn't important for me, so I allowed it. But when I go to the desktop after it I find that there are a lot of files being downloaded there and not only the folder I was talking before but many other folders, files and even shortcuts are no longer there. I stopped the process, deleted all those new files I didn't want and tried to find the ones I had lost, but couldn't. My question is, is there a way in which I can restore them? Can I go back in time let's say to a moment when I hadn't tried to install that program and all my things were there? Is there a way to get my old desktop back? Thanks for reading!

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Open | Data Recovery How can I decrypt my files(photos)?


So yesterday my fucking phone died and today I bought a new one. I put in the sd card and it's files are fucking encrypted. The new phone didn't let me decrypt the sd card even tho I knew the password. So I copied all the encrypted files into my PC. Then formated the sd on the new phone so it deleted everything from the sd card. I tried putting the files back onto the sd card from PC but the phone won't open them. Is there any way how to get decrypt them? Some program or something


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Open | Data Recovery Reviving a flash drive to clean it off before trashing it? (I'm on Linux BTW)


I have literally dozens of old flash drives for Linux liveCD, well, liveflashdrive I guess, that for some reason don't show up when I plug them in, or only one of two partitions shows up. I've got one plugged in right now that I am using DD to dump to /dev/null, and even though it only shows /media/sdb1 (the OS partition, 4GB) there should be a /media/sdb2 (data partition) of about 55GB usable space.

Thing is, DD has managed to read 61GB of the 64GB drive already (according to interrupting DD with SIGUSR1) without barfing any I/O errors or freezing. So the data is apparently still there, it's just that something has caused the OS to no longer recognize both of the partitions when I plug the drive in.

As I was typing, it finished, having read a total of 62GB (61,530,439,680 bytes). This seems a little short for a 64GB drive even using the marketing-department definition of "one billion is 1GB", so maybe it threw an I/O error near the end but didn't report it, but I should still be able to get 95% of the data off it, right?

What causes this, and is there a way to recover the data off the data partition (even if some files have become corrupted)?

Note, it's probably formatted with ReiserFS (yeah I know, unfortunately the guy who builds the distribution is fixated on it), although it's possibly ext2/3/4.