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Open | Malware A "hacker" has apparently been watching and listening to my devices for months


Here is the email I got https://imgur.com/N3NKutC

I don't believe anything he says because none of the stuff he says he has are true but I'm more interested in the computer stuff he says he did to me

1 - He claims he managed to log in to my account, I don't see any activity besides my devices on my email and I never got a warning that someone logged into my account

2 - He claims that every device my email is not infected with a "driver based virus" from following emails in my inbox. I do open spam emails I get from scammers to mess with them but I don't click links or files they send me

3 - What is a driver based virus and can it go undetected?

4 - Can I remove it somehow now?

I don't really care if he sends anything to people I know, I don't have the money to pay him either way, I'm just worried he has my other personal files and access to my PC. Can I remove the software somehow and can I check if there really is one?

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Open | Malware My PC was hacked and someone was controlling it


An update:


So a colleague from work gave me a piece of software that they downloaded on a USB stick. I wasn't sure if it was legit or not, but I trusted them. They're a close friend of mine, so I know their intentions were good.

When I tried to install it, windows defender gave me a few alarms about installing it and quarantined the file. Being stubborn and bigheaded, I decided to allow the file and I ran it. Weirdly, the installer didn't pop up or anything and I just ignored it thinking that it was windows defender still trying to block it. So I moved on and forgot about it.

2 days later.

I walk in to my room after having lunch and see that paypal is open in my firefox. I take a closer look and see a cursor moving around, then I see a password being typed in. I was frozen with shock. Then I see the cursor move up to my 1Password vault extension icon shortcut, it prompts for a password - the cursor unhides the password and starts typing, it's my actual vault password! Except, one of the letters is an L and they typed 1. I see the cursor move to correct it and I hit the power switch on the back of my PC.

I unplugged the ethernet cable and turned my PC back on. Went to my Firefox history, they only visited paypal. Went to recent files (Run- Recent), only files that I remember looking at. I logged in to my 1password account and changed my main password. I also updated all my other important account passwords (Google, paypal, bank, Microsoft, steam, playstation, etc). All of my passwords are stored in my vault, and are all completely random and strong. I made a point to not let firefox store passwords, etc...

My question is, how should I approach wiping my PC?

I have a 250gb SSD that only contained my OS and some smaller programs. Then I have a 2TB internal and 2 2TB external hard drive that I store all my personal files.

Do I just need to wipe my 250GB SSD?

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Open | Malware I have a windows virus that is surviving reinstalls


I have a virus on my pc that is surviving reinstalls and multiple antivirus softwares. I've tried spyhunter, malwarebytes, norton, trend micro maximum security, avast, and restoro. Files keep being downloaded to my pc and whenever I run scans with advanced sytem care I always delete almost a gigabyte of of junk file data. Please help as I'm not sure what else to do or whether or not I have to buy a new pc.

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Open | Malware I need to find this keylogger on my pc


So i recently got all my social medias hacked due to i think is a keylogger because i install a bunch of stuff on my pc i scanned my pc and deleted every threat with windows defender but is there a way just to make fully sure its not there anymore by like manually finding it or something cause i have to clue what im doing

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Open | Malware I have adware messing with my Chrome settings. Quarantined with Malwarebytes and it just reinstalls. Ten-something. Help?


It’s giving me pop-up ads and closing Chrome to the Select User screen, among other things. It’s disabled my search autofill and Chrome settings just won’t let me re-enable it, so the malware is obviously still installed. Help??

I also found my Monero wallet app was stealing my system for bitcoin mining, but that isn’t reinstalling itself and the symptoms stopped after the first quarantine. Not the case with the Chrome malware.

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Open | Malware Ransomware locked all family pictures on external hard drive and I can't find a site for this type of file?


Our company's IT provider was recently hit with a ransomware attack and my personal external hard drive was left plugged in when this happened. I've lost all of my family pictures and am reaching at straws as to how to get them back. All of the files now end in ".basta" and say they are "BASTA Files". I've checked the wiki/FAQ of this sub but at al four sites I didn't see or wasn't able to find anything that specified the ability to unlock these files. Any help or direction anyone would be able to provide would be greatly appreciated!!

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Open | Malware How do you BoomerProof a laptop?


My dad NEVER Had to use a computer during his entire career, even when he was chief (Local Law Enforcement) he had an assistant do everything computer related until he retired in 2008.

A Year ago, my mother bought 2 laptops of the exact same brand and model. She pulls up videos for her grandkids, social media, bank stuff, news, she has the basics of computers down but not all of what this community would consider "common" knowledge in computers.

Her laptop is fine, my Fathers on the other hand... He uses his laptop for emails and news, that is ALL and he still manages to get virus' (actually BOUGHT antivirus software) and just so much crap that his computer takes 5 minutes AT LEAST to start up, I ask my mom "WTF does he DO to mess his computer up?" honestly it's baffling. I have formatted his drive twice since getting it.

He cannot be trained, never could, we gave up on it and that was before his stroke. I need a way to Boomerproof his computer because I have no clue how to fix it except Reformatting AGAIN and at that point I think you'd all recommend me replace his hard drive.

I have no clue anymore as to how he's messing it up this bad

Update: My father IS a Boomer, he was born after my grandfather got back from Okinawa.

I am working my way through suggestions, did not expect this level of interaction. I DO want a low cost option for now.

Some have suggested Ipads, I think that would be great but he hates virtual keyboards, but Will look into further

Some have suggested Linux, I have bad history with Linux and how it relates to me dropping out of all College software classes.

Chromebook is likely the way i'll go if the laptop needs to be replaced or if it would be better to give someone else the laptop

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Open | Malware Downloaded a .exe virus, what to do now?


I was trying to download Audacity and I clicked on the first site that popped up. Turns out it was a fake site and the download is a .exe virus.

I also got a warning saying that the file was potentially dangerous according to Windows, but still clicked it anyways, thinking it was a false alarm.

This was when I realized my mistake, and that the file was malware.

The file downloaded too fast for me to click cancel, so I went into my downloads folder to try and delete it. Got a notification saying that the .exe file was no longer in my downloads folder. I cannot find it in my files anymore.

There is nothing noticeable that has changed on my computer, so I am not sure if the virus is still on my device.

I have run quick scans of my device through McAfee and it says that everything is clear. There were 0 threats fixed so I believe that the virus slipped under the radar.

I am now running FULL scans on Windows Security and McAfee. I'm terrified that worse stuff will happen.

Please help!

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Open | Malware i found trojan on my computer


so my computer has been very slow recently, storage keeps filling up by itself, I try disk cleanup, didn't really help, delete "temp" and "%temp%" every hour and it didn't work, I found these while I'm doing a full scan on windows security settings, it show up a few times, I'm on windows 10 (outdated, can't update), what should I do, please take a look at these images. https://ibb.co/XLk9mrd, https://ibb.co/K75q2wn, thank you.

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Open | Malware Someone got access to all my informations


So recently i did some really dumb stuff, was looking for a program on youtube, followed a very suspicious guide and installed the program throu a PowerShell line, for some reasons i thought it would be safe but it wasnt, someone got access to almost all my accounts and informations but i've managed to recover them all and change all the password and enable the 2FA eventho i've lost my facebook account but thats fine.
I've installed some malware antivirus and deleted what i could and i thought it was the end but today, randomly, windows PowerShell asked me for permissions, of course i clicked on "NO" but that just means this guy is still trying to run the PowerShell line and i don't know what to do in this case, is there a way to detect it and delete it from my pc completely?

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Open | Malware can I get a virus by looking or playing a video on reddit/twitter/insatgram etc.?


Thank you for every answer

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Open | Malware Help, CCleaner "updated" my drivers and messed up my PC, I don't know what to do.


CCleaner "updated" my drivers (and perhaps other stuff I don't know of.)

I was looking for ways to clean up my storage, found CCleaner, found out my drivers were apparently outdated and decided to update them. Just after updating AMD Catalyst detected no drivers, taskbar went blank, and my computer became sluggish. I opened task manager and something was using up all of my CPU.

I hardly remember what happened next since this all happened in May.

If someone has a solution to this it would be really appreciated.

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Open | Malware this app spinmaze (which I assume is a malware) keeps re-installing itself even after deleting it and reseting my phone.


That's it basically, Im desperate of help. IDK how to deal with it maybe some of you are familiar with this. It keeps appearing moments after reseting my phone.

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Open | Malware Redownloading virus


I have a malware which disguises itself as a calculator app. I've deleted it multiple times but it always comes back after a few days. What do I do?

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Open | Malware Is this hacker for real or just bluffing?


This is the message I got from the hacker

Hi. I have bad news for you!

18.08.2022-On this day, I hacked your device's operating system and got full access to your account . I have been watching you closely for a long time.

I installed a virus on your system that allows me to control all your devices. The virus software gives me access to all the controllers of your devices (microphone, video camera, keyboard, display). I have uploaded all your information, data, photos, browsing history to my servers. I have access to all your messengers, social networks, email, sync, chat history and contact list.

I learned a lot about you!

I thought what can I do with this data... I recently came up with an interesting idea: to create a video clip in which you masturbate in one part of the screen and watch a porn site in the other, such videos are now at the peak of popularity! What happened amazed me!

With one click, I can send this video to all your friends via email, social networks and instant messengers. I can also publish access to all your emails and instant messengers that you use. In addition, I found a lot of interesting things that I was able to publish on the Internet and send to friends.

If you don't want me to do it, send me 1250 $ (US dollar) in my bitcoin wallet. My BTC address: bc1qe64taxlmfrvjryj6exhr7kut95x6w2ud6djtpq If you do not know how to replenish such a wallet, use the Google search engine. There is nothing difficult in this. As soon as funds arrive, I will see this and immediately remove all this garbage. After that we will forget each other. I also promise to deactivate and remove all malware from your devices. Trust me, I keep my word. It's a fair deal and the price is pretty low considering I've been checking your profile and traffic for a while.

I give exactly two days (48 hours) from the moment of opening this letter for payment. After this period, if I do not receive the specified amount from you, I will send everyone access to your accounts and visited sites, personal data, and edited videos without warning. Remember: I do not make mistakes, I do not advise you to joke with me, I have many opportunities. There's no point complaining about me because they can't find me. Formatting the drive or destroying the device won't help because I already have your data. It makes no sense to write back to me - I do not write from personal mail and do not look at the answers.

Good luck and don't get angry! Everyone has their own job, you just got unlucky today.

P.S. In the future, I recommend that you follow the safety rules on the Internet and do not visit dubious sites

This was the end of his message. He also added a screen shot from my computer establishing that he has access to it. He sent the email to like 20 emails - few of them were mine, some of my friends, my previous work emails and some random ones. Also, he unsuccessfuly tried to get on my Gmail accounts and Facebook, but he did got on to my airbnb profile and put up a fake listing and got my account band :/ I know he probably doesn't have anything on me but it's still unpleasant, what should I do? I put my computer to factory reset, changed all password and put up two step verification, anything else?

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Open | Malware My email was hacked!


Sorry if this is a cliché problem, but suddenly today I received a pop-up on my notification bar saying "Suspicious Activity Detected". Almost 50 spam mails were sent by my mail to random people (not known to me) having titles of some Loan Company. I immediately changed my password and activated two factor authentication (stupid from me really to not enable it before). Seems that the breach was from Hanoi, Vietnam. Nobody I know lives there (so I think it's not a prank). How should I proceed?

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Open | Malware An update: My PC was hacked and someone was controlling it


Hi everyone, yesterday I posted about how my PC was hacked and how I watched someone controlling my PC remotely.

Original post:


First of all I want to thank everyone for the help and guidance that was provided to me, it really gave me some comfort during what was probably one of the scariest things I've experienced.

I've managed to zero-format all of my drives and kept most of my data. I've reset all of my passwords in my password vault and activated 2FA on all logins where available. I also bought and installed Bitdefender Pro and run scans on all my drives just to make sure. Additionally, I've canceled all of my bank cards.

Now I have some questions about what other preventative measures I can take based on my "experience".

First thing. This person was very obviously using a key logger to find any passwords I was typing, which, in my case, would only be my 1Password vault password (Remember, I watched him open my vault and physically type the correct password) and my windows login password. I'm still very much for using 1Password as it made it quite convenient to have a list of all my logins so that I can update them all 1 by 1 without having to think about all the accounts I might have out of my head. So how do I stop someone logging my 1Password password? My thoughts were to by a fingerprint scanner, which works with Windows Hello and can be used to unlock my 1Password vault. This way, I'd never need to type any passwords, ever.

The other thing I've done is set my PC to go automatically lock after 2 minutes of inactivity, this way I'd have to use my fingerprint to get in to my PC each time without typing in my windows login password (I'm really paranoid about everything I type now lol). Does this mean that a hacker cannot use my PC as before because it's locked?

As another preventative measure, I'm going to use VirusTotal to scan ALL executables that I've got from unknown or new sources.

Edit: I've also set firefox to clear cache, cookies, sessions and form data on every exit. This way, my Google account won't be logged in, so they can't access my emails.

Edit 2: Another thing! I asked my friend where he got the file from and I also remembered the name - mkvtoolnix. He said he used a website called nzb geek and downloaded the first one. I've never heard of the site and I need an account to view the link or something? He says it's not like a torrent, it's using another form of shared downloads. But if any of you want to investigate the file to see what nasties lay beneath, there you go.

If any of you guys have any other suggestions or questions for me, please shoot them my way.

Thanks, again.

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Open | Malware Adware infect my internet


this adware is not from pc but rather from router. whenever i open link or address it will redirect itself to getyourgift dot life (before redirect to actual ad site it show ip address).it happens to all of my pc that try to open website. what can i do to remove it

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Open | Malware Do I have Malaware?


I was trying to overclock and I made the mistake of going to a phony website called afterburner….. (idk if I can put in malicious links) Windows Security wouldn’t let me run it so I thought it was a false positive.

Come to find out that it was flagged as a Trojan Virus. I was curious so I did some research and found out that a website of the similar name, except it was .space and not .com

They were so similar so I panicked and uninstalled everything. The most I did was open the setup.exe and START the set up process, and I only got past the language selection menu, I never clicked install to anything.

I have since run scans through Windows Security and it hasn’t picked up anything at all. I also used McAfeeCleanup , but Ik that it isn’t a virus defender.

so what do I do? Nothing has happened to my PC, my CPU and GPU usage is normal, nothing is popping up and it seems to be running as normal. I’m just scared it’s under the radar. I have done 3 Quick Scans already with nothing, should I do a full scan?


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Open | Malware Is downloading but not opening a .rar file safe?


I recently clicked on a link and it downloaded a .rar file, I immediately deleted it and cleared my recycle bin. Am I safe or is there other things I should do?

Edit: Thank you everyone so much for the replies, I'm probably safe now.

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Open | Malware Kaspersky found 1 Trojan and 2 Malwares on my computer


I did a quick scan with Kaspersky's free version and it found 3 files that it says to be dangerous:

  • Trojan.Multi.GenAutorunReg.a
  • C:ProgramDataWindowsProfilewaspwing.exe
  • C:ProgramDataWindowsProfiledllhostn.exe

but when I click on "Resolve" nothing happens. It's been at it for about 2 hours now. What can I do to delete the malwares without rebooting my computer? I don't think I can get rid of them just by right clicking on it and clicking on "delete" , as it may cause bigger problems afterwards.

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Open | Malware Is it possible to get a virus without first running the malicious program?


Lets say i have a theoretical virus exe, thats made to scrape my passwords, is it possible that just by downloading that exe from a website like discord, it'll be able to scrape my password from just the download?

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Open | Malware Can i get a virus by clicking on a link from an email?


I clicked it, sent me to a webpage but it didn’t really load and I closed it instantly - can I get a virus from this? Thanks (I opening it on my phone if that makes any difference, and nothing actually happened that would suggest i’d been hacked etc.)

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Open | Malware Getting chrome pop-ups saying I have a virus


I've been getting chrome messages on my phone saying I have a virus after I went on the site tumpik and getting spam ads what do I do please I don't want my phone destroyed

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Open | Malware Random USB drive found


I've found a random 16gb kingston Datatraveler 100 G3 on the side of my road while going for a walk. It was all wet and I didn't know if it would work or not.

I plugged it into my pc and all there was was 2gb's of mp3 files. I didn't even go through the drive, I just formatted it straight away.

Could this have been a hacked usb drive or is it still safe to use?