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Open | Networking Netgear is saying my router won’t let me connect to it at my new apartment because my IP address is corrupted and now I have to pay them 100 bucks to get them to fix it so I can connect. Am I getting scammed?


Basically title:

I’m on the phone with them now and they’re saying that I have to pay them to have a tech remote reset my IP or something to wipe it clean of viruses before my router will let me connect to it because the new network was insecure.


UPDATE: was totally a scam. Xfinity fucked up. Their tech has the big dumb. They had to cycle it a couple times from their end to get the activation to work but once it got activated fully it worked like a charm.

Thank you everyone so much for your help! I really appreciate it every single one of you!

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Open | Networking Roommate keeps secretly kicking me off the wifi?


Hi everyone. I am at my wits end here! I hope you can advise.

Increasingly, in recent months, when I'm watching something online on my roku device and my roommate thinks it's loud, the wifi access to the device cuts off. I can still see the wifi and am still connected, but no internet access, often for an hour or so.

Sometimes, especially because I then try to switch to watching on PC or phone, and only after I try watching on one of those, the exact same problem then jumps to those devices: can see wifi, seemingly still connected, but no internet.

I have a third roommate and nothing like this ever happens to his devices. The roommate I believe is doing this works in IT. He's very young, emotional, reactive, and refuses to communicate when he'd simply like me to turn the volume down. If I'm watching something with any volume at all and he takes a nap or goes to bed, the wifi to the roku cuts out. This has infuriated me to the point that I'm coming here! What can I do?

We share the internet with the unit upstairs, where the router is located. When they reset the router, my access comes back. But I can't keep asking the landlord to ask them to reset the router! And I know this problem happens for none of the other people who use this wifi.

My roku, PC, and phone are not all faulty! And not all faulty only when my roommate is annoyed! How do I address this? He refuses to admit he is doing this but also won't ever outright deny it. Please, please help. Any advice would be so much appreciated.

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Open | Networking If I stream videos on a 1080p laptop and use a 4K HDMI cable and connect it to a 4K TV, can I watch the videos on 4K quality?


Basically what I wrote above, it's nothing too complicated but I need to write something here so I can post, just ignore this guys. Hello, my name is Guttor, I am 62 and I live in Bermuda, I have 8 kids and 20 grandkids. All of them are boys! Very surprising. This was also a lie, I am making this up. Is this enough bot? Please let it be.

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Open | Networking Why is my Ethernet slow


I get about 220mbps on Ethernet connected to my pc using a cat6 cable and my pc has up to 10gb connection port. I know 220mbps isn’t slow but when I’m next to my router and I use Wi-Fi on my phone I get 380/400mbps. I have all the latest drivers installed. The cable Is new. I’m running windows 11

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Open | Networking Why is my download speed only 1.5MB/s??


It’s just an Ethernet cable that runs to my pc but It’s always been capped around 1.5MB/s

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Open | Networking Random IP trying to connect/breach me exactly every 10 minutes.


Hello, I have this kind of a problem. As a dumbass, I downloaded some shady files, which contained some viruses and others. I have Avast premium security, so it stopped right away. But there was still a problem. An random IP, which is: located in Taiwan, is exactly every 10 minutes trying to connect/breach me with a virus for days, as Avast says. I tried to do a virus scans etc., waiting days, but nothing. Is there any way to block the IP or to somehow resolve this? Thank you very much in advance.

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Open | Networking Speed test says i have 15 Mbs/s dowload speed when in reality i only have 1.5/2.5


So i have a 15 Mbs/s internet package, but my dowloads speeds are always between 1,5 and 2,5 mbs, it always has been like this, but i dont dowload big files very often, so i never cared to look to much into it. But can someone please explain to me why that is? When i torrent the dowload speed never exceds 2,5 but i am supposed to have 15 Mbs, am I being scammed by my provider? Speed test also says 15 Mbs/s.

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Open | Networking Is There a Way I could Setup my Own Personal Router at my Apartment Without Having a Wired/Direct connection with my Apartment's ISP?


Hey guys!

I recently started a remote access job that requires a wired connection to a Cisco Meraki device and the main reason why I took this job was to reduce the amount of gas I've been consuming with on-sight jobs. To my displeasure, however, I was informed that at my current apartment that I reside at, I am unable to work there since my apartment uses a third-party company for their ISP (National Wi-Fi) and when contacting National Wi-Fi they informed me that due to how my Wi-Fi is configured in my apartment, I am unable to have a wired connection internet connection since each suite in my apartment building does not have direct access to the router.

So for the time being, I have been commuting to a family member's house just to work remotely, which has completely made a remote job completely useless since I am consuming the same amount, or even more gas than I was before this job, so I've been pretty desperate in figuring out if there's any other options that would allow me to work remotely at my apartment, despite not having access to the main router/modem.

I will say that I have purchased a router with mesh satellites, but in order to use it, doesn't the main router need to be directly connected to the main modem, in order to expand the coverage?

What are my options?

Also feel free to ask any questions that can provide better context on my situation. I'll try to answer as soon as possible

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Open | Networking cat chewed through optical fiber cable


hey! yep, as the title says, my cat chewed on my fiber cable. he chewed on the coat, left the yellow part, probably strength member. my internet is still working though is my house going to blow up soon? just curious if i can leave the cable like this or do i need to change it

damage pic https://imgur.com/a/dst7Lyh

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Open | Networking i got 1000mbps, but download speed is around 18 mb?


what the title says, i got 1000mbps, but download speed is around 18 mb? why the hell is this happening?

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Open | Networking Got a NAS given to me but I have no idea what to do next?!




I’ve been given a datto NAZ and x4 drives. I have no idea what to do next…

I have installed the drives and connected a monitor to it but nothing posts.

Where can I go from here?

All the tutorials I see talk about Synology setups but I don’t have that/have no clue as to what to do next.

Ideally looking to set this up so I can raid it and setup network storage.

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Open | Networking what does the last octet of an IP mean? (IPV4 & IPV6)


i am getting a lot of traffic to my site for similar (in my opinion) IPs.

For Example:

does the last octet (71,72,73) mean it is a different device but on the same network?

and also what do the first 3 octets mean?

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Open | Networking Need help from Iran


The internet blockage is getting worse and worse here in iran. I used to connect via a vpn i had and Open vpn but both are not working anymore.

Can anyone help? An open vpn server? Some kind of proxy settings? We're desperate here pls help if you can, the more limited the internet becomes the more merciless they become against people.

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Open | Networking If my local IP is according to the router, why does the Linux command "ifconfig" says it is


I want to understand how local IP works. I go to the router interface on the web browser ( and I enter the username and password provided by my ISP and I see a list of IP addresses on the local network. I recognize one of them because it has my PC's name and its IP address is

I also want to know the IP addresses of all the devices on the local network and their open ports so that I can transfer files between the devices at home and ssh to them when necessary. For this purpose, I try to understand how Linux tools like ifconfig, nmap, netdiscover, etc. function. But ifconfig does not show anything that starts with 192. Instead it says my local IP is But how?

Do I have two (or more) separate local networks at home? I've been looking for sources that explain the logic of the local IP but I failed to find the answer to this specific issue and I must admit I fail to understand most of the sources I've found.

Thank you.

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Open | Networking "Help me Techsupport, you're my only hope" cut patch/ethernet cable, tester says OK, no internet [pictures]


**Intro:** Before creating this support ticket, if I may call it that way, I had the scene from the Star Wars movie in my head, where Leia creat the hologram for Obi-Wan.This thread feels like my last hope indeed, because I created two diffirent threads in German communities, people had a few ideas, but nothing worked.

tl:dr; Added new end with a kit to a ethernet cable, the tester shows OK, but my PC has no internet, when using the new cable.

**Story:** Moved into a new appartment and after having a cable across the hallway for a few months, I decided to drill two holes, use the existing cable canals for power lines and guide my new cable through the walls to the PC.


Label on cable: Cat7 S/FTP 600 MHz Patch Kabel 4x2xAWG26-LSZH (20meters, 65 feet)

The first pictures show, why I had to do so and the second one has multiple pictures of the cable and the tester.The issue: The tester runs down from 1 to 8 on both ends, the ground doesn't blink, but my PC has no internet, the icon tray shows the globe instead of the internet icon.


  • Do you have any idea what is going on? Is the tester wrong? Is it maybe software/setting based issue?
  • Should I also redo the orginal end, which goes into the router?
  • There is RJ45 T-568a and T-568b, I have b, because orange is pin1. Both ends of are T-568b,
  • My end is missing the metal part, therefor the tester don't show ground BUT I think I can ignore that, because there are other cables without ground. Maybe the networkcard (mainboard) knows that I have Cat7 cable plugedin, it notices that ground is missing and therefor it doesn't work. Maybe all Cat7 cables must have ground?

**Thank you!** Thank you for your time reading, I hope you can help me out. Feel really sad, because I need a lot of motivation to do it and it seems very simple and now after that much work, the cable is not working.Do you need any more information?

I am confused about: The cable has 8 wires, which are in 4 pairs. Each pair is shielded through a foil. The green & white and blue & white made me some troubles, blue's white goes with green and same thing with the green pair. After I add et the new end of the cable, the tester showed me 1-2-5-4-3-6-7-8.

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Open | Networking WIFI 6 gives me slower speeds


So I recently got a new WiFi 6E adaptor (Intel AX210) and I have plugged it in and installed drivers but I am not getting the speeds I am expecting. My brother also has intel ax210 adapter and he gets 400ish mbps and he is upstairs and further away from the router whereas I am closer and average around 70mbps. I have tried everything such as putting it in different slots, uninstall and reinstalling drivers, changing antennas. My other brother also got a wifi 6e adaptor for his laptop and he has the same issues as me and he has went right next to the router and only got 60mbps. Any help would be appreciated.

(and yes my mobo supports wifi 6)

OK so update, turns out that coincidentally my internet decided to be sh*t. Reset it this morning and now I am getting 400mbps which is similar to my brothers so now I know that the adapter was fine just my internet lol. Thanks everyone for the help though lol

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Open | Networking Will an ethernet extender male to female cable lose speed?


I need to rearrange my room for work purposes, and I need an extender to move my computer from on side to the other because my house ethernet is too short for that. I have two questions.

- Will using an ethernet extender cable cause loss speed?

- What brand should I AVOID (I hope this is still in line with rule 5; it's not recommending, it's warning).

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Open | Networking Moved into a "WiFi Only" apartment and can't connect to game servers.


The apartment has a contract with Comcast, each room has its own AP and Comcast doesn't offer physical internet plans outside of the site provided contract, the connections work great (around 500/500) for things like YouTube and browsing.

However I cant connect to any game servers. I've tried to change dns to 8888/8844 and disabling windows firewall but the issue persists.

Any thoughts? Considering getting a 5g home internet setup if no solutions exist. The "wifi only" Comcast contract was included as a benefit but I was unaware of the potential that it wouldn't allow for game servers to connect.

If it helps troubleshoot: while connected to the wifi on my phone, old school runescape mobile can connect. But on my pc it cannot.

Using a linksys wusb6300 adapter

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Open | Networking Should I get a router for my apartment?


I recently moved into a new place and they pay for all utilities including internet, I didn’t think much of it but I’m not sure how secure that connection could be, they just gave me the name of the network and a password I could use but nothing that indicates I’m the only one on the network or at least isolated from hackers There’s a router attached to the wall of my apt and an Ethernet port below it & I was just thinking of getting my own router and connecting it through the port. Would that increase my security from someone hacking any of my devices(tv,alexa,laptop etc.)

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Open | Networking random issue with video streaming


recently got a new router from verizon and afterward, any video streaming service (youtube, netflix, crunchyroll) either takes forever to load or just does not work. video streaming on other devices works.


netsh int ip reset, ipconfig/flushdns, uninstalling and repairing/updating network drivers, hardware acceleration, clearing cache and cookies

plz help. i wanna watch dumb cooking videos on my pc

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Open | Networking Help, I keep facing "DNS" issues with new computer


Let me start by saying that I recently built my computer less than a month ago, if that's important. It was my first built and had little to no issues with it except with installing LAN, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi, drivers. It has been working perfectly since until earlier today where it said I had DNS issues. The last thing I was doing before it stopped working was talking with friends on a private discord server. I've tried just about every test and solution that Google could provide I have powered my computer off and on, cleared my cache, flushed my DNS, disabled my firewall, set my DNS manually to Google's DNS servers, attempted to connect to the network in Safe Mode, deleted and reinstalled Wi-Fi drivers (which I still suspect may be the culprit) and I have disabled IPV6. I've also reset my modem, tried another browser on the same device which failed and I tried connecting to the same network on a different device which did work.

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Open | Networking Router is in the wrong side of the house, ISP wants 99€ for a piece that enables me to hook it up where its needed. Alternatives?


I recently moved into a new place and got a "self installation" kit from my ISP. It all worked wonderfully, the only problem is that the Router is now in the living room and we have 20m cables running to connect them to the PCs.

Reason beeing is that the living room was the only one with this these connectors while all other rooms, including the "office" have these.

The ISP offers a plug-in solution for the latter to allow the router to be connected at steep 99€ pricetag. On amazon I found what I believe to be similar devices for 10€ here

Any reason why this would not work?

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Open | Networking Keep disconnecting from certain games


Every time I play games like Overwatch 2 or warzone I always disconnect at a random time. I use blizzard to run overwatch and I use steam for warzone and they both still disconnect. When I disconnect from overwatch I can see on blizzard that I did in fact lose connection but I can still talk with friends and stuff. Please any help would be amazing.

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Open | Networking PC capping Ethernet speed


SOLVED. Hello! When I plug my laptop into the same internet as my pc and do a speed test I reach 450 Mbps but when I do the same thing with my pc I only reach 90-95 Mbps. Anyone know what I can do?

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Open | Networking Need help setting up a server that can be accessed through our intranet


Hello everyone, Firstly, I’d like to say when it comes to computers and Networking, my knowledge is that of a layman. That being said, my organisation being that of mechanical engineers, has given me a Herculean task of setting up a server with all data put in it so we can access it through an IP address through our intranet that is hosted by IITD. Can anyone tell me what I should do.. Is it something that someone like me(who has most basic knowledge about computer networks) can do. If not, whom should I enquire for setting up this server.

Please help me out guys, you’re my last ray of hope.