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Open | Networking My grandma is spending all of her money on garbage. Is there any way I can blacklist the websites she uses in a way that makes it look like the website is down/broken?


I know this seems manipulative and deceitful, and, honestly, it absolutely is. But there’s nothing much more I can think of. My grandma is a very gullible woman. The kind who believes all the garbage news she sees on Facebook and doesn’t fact check them, that kind of thing. But that’s nowhere near as self destructive as her spending habits. She’s always been an impulsive and addictive buyer. It started when the Home Shopping Network came out. She sat there and watched them advertise some weird new product or some collectible that will be “worth a fortune” in a few decades, and bought them. But it REALLY picked up once online shopping became a thing. Where it used to take 15-30 minutes for HSN to sell a product, now it’s only one click away. Now she’s spending all of her money on it. She’s buying a bunch of Chinese crap that doesn’t work at all, literally trash, from fucking websites like Wish and Alibaba. We’ve talked to her, explained that NOTHING she buys works or they break almost immediately (one time almost burned our house down). And she seems receptive… and then buys more crap. Her house is full of the stuff and it’s putting her in legitimate financial burden. I don’t know what to do anymore beyond this last resort.

She uses her iPad to do all this. Is there any way I can make her internet or iPad unable to access these sites, where I can play it off that I don’t know why it’s happening? I know it won’t solve the underlying issue, but it will at least make it harder for her to buy literal trash every chance she gets.

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Open | Networking Everything suddenly thinks I live in Germany


A little while ago I realised that google on my laptop was set to German for some reason. Some time passes, and today, things like twitter, reddit and google websites all think I live in Frankfurt, Germany. I obviously do not live anywhere near here. All of my twitter recommendations are german, reddit keeps recommending me german subreddits and every time I log in to something I get an email warning me about a suspicious log in from Frankfurt, Germany - which is obviously me.

This is clearly something to do with my ip, I do not have any vpn on. This has affected all of my devices.

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Open | Networking Getting 500mbps when I should be getting 1000mbps ETHERNET


I will start with any info that may be useful then go into more description. Any help will be appreciated.

Cable: Cat 6

Router: NETGEAR Nighthawk AC2400

PC Ethernet Port: Intel® I219-v Languard (Asus ROG-Strix Z370-E Gaming MOBO) (Built in/Non-PCIE)

As the title has stated, I am not getting near the speed I should be. I am already sure I should be getting these speeds for a number of reasons.

Reason #1: Control Panel, in the Ethernet Status panel, states that my speed is 1.0 Gbps (1000mbps)

Reason #2: While I am pretty sure wifi plan speed doesn't matter, I am paying for 1.0 Gbps wifi, so there should be no bottle necking there either.

Reason #3: I have the most updated driver that WINDOWS can find for my motherboards Ethernet port/adapter. (Non-PCIE) I do not believe there are any newer ones I can find online but if anyone finds any, I am more than happy to update to the newest driver.

I have went through the following YouTube video and copied the settings in hopes it would improve something. As for games I haven't tested the latency difference, but the download and upload speeds have been around the exact same. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ArC6RTkOVc (Not promoting any channel, just being as specific as humanly possible.)

Any information helps. Thank you!

Edit#1 - Adding additional info

I currently do not have my wifi connected to my pc. The motherboard provided antenna is unscrewed.

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Open | Networking Can I install my school's SSL Certificate in a VM?


Title says it all.

My school is requiring that all students install a SSL certificate to access the school network. They claim that it's to 'keep us safe online', but as far as I'm concerned, my school would be able to monitor all my network traffic, and that isn't ideal.

It is expected of me to have a Windows laptop. I have a M1 Macbook, so I can't just dual boot Windows and use that installation solely for school. I'm guessing I have to use a VM.

What are my options? This isn't college, so hotspots aren't allowed. Is it possible to connect to School Wi-Fi on my host machine and isolate the certificate in the VM so that they can only spy on me in there? Does Windows for ARM run normal x86 Win32 apps?

I don't think my school supports MacOS, so a VPN or proxy, whether they provide protection or not, would not be suitable.

I currently have one of the school provided laptops right now, so if further information if needed, I may be able to pull some data off that. Those school laptops are rental devices, and I have to return them soon.

More Information

  • School uses WPA2 Enterprise. Attempts to access the internet without this certificate will result in a message prompting you to install 'BYODclient.exe', which I assume contains the Certificate.
  • Attempting to access the school website when connected to School Wi-Fi and with the certificate installed brings me to some Windows Server page with 'Welcome' printed in different languages. Clicking 'Welcome' leads me to Windows Server Documentation. Accessing the school website at home brings me to the normal website. I don't know if this is related.
  • School SSL Certificates are provided by this company called Cyberhound (also known as Superloop, not much information is available about this company).
  • There's not much 'experimenting' that I can do with my school laptop. I am not an Administrator.


I don't want this spyware on my main machine.

Thanks for reading. Don't know if this is the correct subreddit. I apologize in advance if my knowledge of this stuff is seriously mistaken.

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Open | Networking Not getting the download speeds I should be


I pay for gigabit internet (900 down) but am only Getting 300-400 mbps wired directly to the gateway. I have two personal computers and two different USB gigabit Ethernet adapters. All hardware combinations are getting less than 400 wired. I know Ethernet adapters can be iffy, but these same adapters and computers were able to hit 900+ download two months ago on a different network with my old ISP (I just moved). A technician from xfinity just came out and tested my speeds and said they are providing gigabit speeds and there is nothing more that can be done on their end (he plugged my gateway directly into a device they have to test speeds).

Any suggestions? Is there something in my network settings on my computer I can look into resetting? Is there additional hardware I can try? Any help is appreciated.

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Open | Networking how can I block *every* presence of gambling websites on Facebook that is trying to pull a problematic grandparent back into gambling again?


I have a grandmother who is very old but she’s still able to use computers. Facebook has been the only outlet for her social life and since I’ve taught her how to use it, she’s been able to reconnect with old friends and go to events.

However, Facebook has been incredibly insidious promoting gambling related pages to her. My grandmother has had a long history of gambling and being an immigrant with limited use of English, her only source of support has been her family.

We’ve been able to curb her addiction for awhile but now it’s coming back full force. We noticed that especially during weekends, her Facebook feed on iOS is constantly advertising to her to back to the casino.

I blocked the local Facebook page, but it doesn’t stop their ads from appearing on her timeline. I have piHole installed network wide but even that doesn’t help because Facebook seems to have ways to circumventing this.

some caveats...

  • I can’t take Facebook away from her.
  • i can't make her use another mobile device. iOS is good for a reason and that is easy UX for old, non tech people
  • the exposure is mostly on mobile
  • i cannot uninstall the facebook app on her phone
  • i use pihole already. it cannot block facebook ads

I’m just so incredibly frustrated at how pervasive this platform is and how unregulated casino advertising is specifically targeting problematic gamblers.

I understand that she needs help, but my goal here is to also reduce the visual temptations from her with all the advertising.

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Open | Networking RJ45 jack in home, unsure if data or phone

  • Home built in 2002
  • Jack label reads T568A, CX

How do I know if this jack is phone or data?

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Open | Networking College dorm wifi won’t show on computer


Hello, recently moved into college. I can connect to the wifi on other devices such as my phone, and my switch, and my roommate can connect on his Xbox, but on my pc, I can’t even see the network in the available network list. I’ve tried updating my adapters, drivers, I’ve reset the computer. Etc. Any ideas ?

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Open | Networking How can I tell if my phone jack is using cat5?


Just moved into a new home. It’s wired up with at least 1 phone jack in each room that I have no use for. I’ve read that it’s possible the phone jack could be using cat5 and can be easily changed to support Ethernet. How can I actually tell? I took off the faceplate but have no idea what I’m looking at.


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Open | Networking Roommates PC has faster internet


We just moved into a new place. It is just him and I. When we set up our internet and both our PCs using a wired connection, he was getting about 530 Mbps download and I was only receiving about 300 Mbps. We have the same network adaptor settings and our drivers are up to date. I tried swapping out ethernet cords, resetting network adaptor settings to default, etc. Any advice on how I could get my speed to match his?

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Open | Networking My PC won't stay connected to my WIFI but everything else will.



The last few days my PC won't stay connected to my WIFI. It detects it fine but it keeps saying no internet every few seconds. I've tried forcing my PC to forget the connection and then reconnecting but that hasn't helped.

My TV, phone and every other device in the house can use it fine which made me think it was a hardware issue BUT when I use my phone as a hot spot it can detect and use that just fine (albeit more slowly).

This has been going on for a few days but at first it was only when I turned the PC on and it would eventually start working. Unfortunately it's taking longer and longer each time where it was originally a few minutes now it's been well over an hour.

Has anyone any idea what it might be or any other troubleshooting suggestions I could try?


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Open | Networking pc Ethernet connection very slow


I built a computer last week and everything is working just fine except for the internet, I have an Ethernet connection and my router is right next to my pc, I also have a wifi dongle that came with my asus b550 f gaming wifi motherboard, my speed test on the computer reads 40-50mbps on average but downloading games I'm not seeing anything over 6mbps, nothing else is connected to the router except my computer. Very frustrating, please help.

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Open | Networking My WiFi Option Is Gone After Cleaning my Laptop. Help?


My alienware m15 r3 recently had a loud fan issue so I opened up the laptop to clean it in hopes of not needing a replacement, i do. But i was unplugging everything and i have a feeling i may have been the reason, the wifi card is connected via screws and plastic instead of solders so maybe i did displace it. i have no idea and any helpful information will be appreciated. Thanks!

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Open | Networking WiFi Inconsistent on Different Devices


My WiFi is normally fine, but recently I have been having issues with drastically reduced speeds (down to <1 Mbps when normal is 200). Generally these are 1-10 min slowdowns followed by a return to normal internet speeds. The strange thing is it appears these slowdowns happen at the same times for 2 PCs in the house but don’t happen on phones (speed tests at the same time show <10 Mbps on PC and >200 on phone).

I’ve tried a number of troubleshooting steps: rebooting pc, router, and modem, switching router, updating WiFi drivers, and running troubleshooting through the windows troubleshooter and through my ISP (spectrum) app. So far, all that has seemed to work is resetting the router/modem but that only temporarily fixes the issue.

Why would I see slowdowns on 2 devices at the same time but not others? What device would be causing that? What can I do to identify/fix the issue?

I’m thoroughly confused because it seems that the WiFi is fine since my phone can get a good speed test but both PCs consistently have the internet go out at the same times, so that suggests that it isn’t a device-specific issue.

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Open | Networking Question about using NAS for shadow play cache folder


I currently use my NAS to store my game clips, this includes the cache folder. I put the cache there because I don't want to put all the mileage on my rigs SSD.

My question is, if I'm constantly streaming my cache to my NAS, is this causing any appreciable network clogging or bottlenecking?

Game- Squad

LAN speed- 1000mbps

Resolution- 3440x1440

Fps- 70 locked

Shadowplay setting- default

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Open | Networking cat5 ethernet cable not getting 1gb


I have a Shaw router and multiple cat5 cords that all fail to get above 100mbs, I just want to play vr and I am not a tech guy so I don't know all the words and acronyms and different ways to fix stuff like this.

And yes I've been searching online for solutions but all of it sounds like gibberish to me

Please explain it to me like a idiot if you need any information I can provide it

I'm using windows 10 btw

Edit: sorry I meant cat5e I just double checked to make sure, I have 2 of them that aren't working

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Open | Networking Why am I seeing appropriate ads?


Hi, One inappropriate ad kept appearing and before I got rid of it, I clicked on the button to see why it was showing up so often, it said it was based on my browsing history. I don’t go on any inappropriate sites. I scrolled through my search history and the majority of it was looking for apartments and school supplies. So where are these ads coming from? It’s very embarrassing to have these ads pop up. Where are they coming from and how do I get rid of them?

Also, why can’t Google keep inappropriate ads off regular websites? They should only be allowed on adult websites. The kids I babysit use my phone sometimes and they don’t need to see these ads when they’re playing a game or picking out school supplies. And I don’t need to see it either. It’s gross. It’s been a problem for awhile too. I remember seeing those ads when I was 12.

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Open | Networking Lightning strike cut off my internet


There was a lightning strike earlier but the power was not cut. As the said lightning striked, the internet also went out. I am connected to my router via phone and laptop (wifi) but it just says "No internet" What should I do? (Tried rebooting and factory resetting it 5 times already)

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Open | Networking I need help with my internet


I’ve been having issues with my internet recently because my parents upgraded our internet plan. We got a new router that is supposed to be better than our previous one, however I can’t play any online games without facing serious ping issues. I have ran many speed tests and I have always come up with around 450 download and 20 upload, even while playing online games. I don’t have any processes running on my pc that are hogging bandwidth. What’s even more weird is that this issue seems to only be happening on my pc. Everyone else in my family can use their devices just fine. I am desperate to fix this, so please leave your suggestions.

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Solved Internet cable box has this splitter can I move it and it’ll go to the other room?


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Open | Networking Really Bizzare Issue


I’m having an issue with my pc that I’ve never encountered before. Whenever I boot it up, everything works fine. But after a few minutes, I’m no longer able to connect to anything new. What I mean by that is, for example, if I go on YouTube as soon as I start my pc, it works fine, and continues to work fine even after this weird cutoff. But if I try to open up a different website after this time, it won’t connect. I can’t tell if the cutoff is a time thing or the number of connections, it’s not super consistent. I don’t think it’s a connection issue, because like I said the things I connect to before this happens work fine. Anyone know what’s happening here?

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Open | Networking New PC build, no internet access


Just completed new build, windows 10 installed, connected Ethernet cable to start updating drivers and bam, no internet access.

I have run the troubleshooter, the following errors have been high lighted

‘Ethernet doesn’t have a valid ip configuration’

(I have followed the suggestions on the net about ipconfig flush etc, uninstalled device driver etc)

‘The default gateway is not available’

‘The connection between your access point, router or cable modem and the internet is broken’

Hoping somebody can help


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Solved My pc dosent regognize my wifi adapter


I tried do connect my bluetooth controler to my pc using scp toolkit. Where it asked me to select my bluetooth dongle i have maybe selekted my wifi adapter and now it dosent work. I have gon trough many toturials and nothing worked. I have no internet and i am panicking plz help idk where to look or what to do anymore (Windows 10)

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Open | Networking Slow internet connection, one-click diagnosis says "Port1: The loop test result is abnormal."


What do I do to fix this problem? My connection's been perfectly fine since yesterday, and pretty much stopped working when I woke up today.

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Solved why is the internet speed on my laptop so slow?


my hp omen 16’s (windows) internet speed has become incredibly slow today (reaching barely 1mbps) for some reason, even though my phone (iphone 11) is behaving normally (around 200mbps) and both are connected to the same network. i’ve checked the task manager for any background processes but network usage is at 0%. the issue persists even when changing between 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz networks. anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it?