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Open | Software Need help. Our professor wants us to use TeamViewer for him to "monitor" us


We are in an online class so our professor in school saying that we should install TeamViewer for him to "monitor" our activities when in class. Of course I don't want unwanted access to my computer, if I can I won't install TeamViewer. But worst case scenario, we will be forced to install TeamViewer.

I never used TeamViewer but I know what it does which remotely access other devices. So if we got forced to install the software, I at least want to know how to see the output of logs of my professor. Like what he's currently doing and what he already did in my computer. Is he installing something, copying something, accessing my files, what are the files he accessed, injecting some files, or did he just monitor us/didn't do anything, etc. Basically a full detail of what he have done to my computer.

I thought to use a VM but I'm not sure if our old computer specs can handle it. Thank you in advance

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Open | Software I was screwing around on google maps and accidentally claimed a business. Please help.


Ok so I was screwing around on google maps and clicked on this random store in Illinois and saw that it had a "claim a business" button. So I got curious and wondered if it would actually let me. I got 4/5 steps through the process and got a little scared so I closed the tab. 10 minutes later I get an email about my business, which means google thinks I own it. I know I shouldn't have been doing that and I'm not 100% sure if it even thinks I own it but if anyone can provide me information about how to declaim a business I would appreciate it. I am freaking out omg

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Open | Software Do I need to uninstall drivers before upgrading my graphics card?


I've got a radeon rx 6500 xt in my system and I'm upgrading to a rx 6600. Is it neccessary to uninstall drivers for the rx 6500 xt before I upgrade? I've gotten a lot of conflicting info saying I should or shouldn't.

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Open | Software Windows Running unbearably slow on fresh install of Windows 10 after virus attack.


So last week I accidentally installed some trojans to my C drive. After I realised what I'd done I formatted the drive and reinstalled windows. After this however windows is running obscenely slow during the boot and general use, to the point where if I click start it takes 5+ minutes to open.

I've reinstalled windows a few times with different usbs as I've had problems installing before. But everytime itstarts up and runs fine on the first boot, then after a reboot or two it slows to a crawl again and it takes half an hour to get to my desktop. Usually after I install the Windows updates and install my Graphics drivers but they were both up to date before I formatted my drive and there were no issues.

I've reset bios to defaults and updated it to no avail, reinstalled the OS many times and at this point I'm at a loss on what to do other than RMA the SSD. I've run dskchk too, made windows do a disk scan on launch and opened the repair from the advanced menu on launch. I've also scanned the pc for more viruses with malware bytes.

The system boots fine with my old SSD so I imagine it's not the motherboard or another piece of hardware.

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Open | Software I can’t acces Pornhub, Xhamster, Redtube and probably many other porn sites on firefox (Windows 11)


So, I recently bought a new notebook, and after a while I decided to use it in a slightly different way than normally. But once I write the link, it just says: Unable to connect An error occurred during a connection to (link). My wifi is fine, and the servers aren’t down. Can it be something with my firewall? And if so, how do I disable it? I can get to these sites only by using Microsoft Edge, or my mobile. Sry for making such a dumb post, but I couldn’t find the solution anywhere online.

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Open | Software How do I send anonymous email?


Long story short

  • A colleague of mine (minority race)
  • Very hard working, smart and intelligent
  • Colleague's manager always gives the toughest assignment and easiest one to other peers
  • Colleague still meets all the targets
  • Even then the manager gives mediocre bonus to colleague
  • I want to step in to reach out to HR or someone (But anonymously)

Notes: - Colleague has some big liabilities (Some family issues so job change is not an option right now) - This is a big company we are talking about, In SP500, Over $50B in yearly revenue

I feel sad and want to help somehow. Also I want to safeguard myself.

Need some tech expert opinions on how to approach this.

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Open | Software no power in pc


Hello so i replaced my old psu since it was fried. Since im new to pcs i followed a tutorial on yt.

After replacing the old power, whenever i try to open the pc it does not have any power. No fans or lights coming up so im unsure of what the issue is with it. There is a little light though that comes from the back of the pc.

Here are the pics of everything going on in the pc:

https://ibb.co/DGTDfSZ https://ibb.co/LhNcPS8 https://ibb.co/9qvQchH

Maybe i placed the wires wrong? Or could there be a bigger issue at hand?

Please help !

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Open | Software How do I put a file from the host onto a centos 7 vm?


How do I put a file from the host onto a centos 7 vm? I’m basically running centos 7 in a vm on a host that has windows 11 on it. I’m unsure how I’d even get the file from the host into centos 7.

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Open | Software Slow internet, fast speedtests?


Loading webpages and video calls are incredibly slow, taking several minutes to load a single webpage and some are unsuable. However I performed speedtests and speeds are at 1,200 up and 1,100 down. Could anyone give me some advice on the issue? Thanks.

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Open | Software PowerISO CD drive won't go away


I installed poweriso a while ago for something and realized it created a new CD drive, I have an external hard drive and it changes its drive letter from E to F, that means ALL my shortcuts associated with the drive are broken, I uninstalled poweriso but the drive is still there but without an icon, please help

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Open | Software Mom still had childhood computer! Still turns on but I don't how to get past setup


I know the rules say no EOL software discussions, which makes sense for safety reasons as they are no longer getting security updates. However, I am never going to connect this computer to the internet. Hopefully this is allowed in such a case.

My mom compulsively saves everything my sister or I have ever played with. While checking what she all has in the basement we found the Trinitron Dell computer I remember playing Dangerous Dave on as a very small child! Plus a whole bunch of 3.5 inch floppy disks with different games she saved. (Altogether what I brought back was a tower, monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, and even a joystick all appearing to be from either the very late 80's or early 90's)

When I first start it up, I get "AMIBIOS (C) American Megatrends Inc." and that CMOS system options aren't set, and an instruction to press F1 to run setup utility. There are a lot of options on the screen that F1 brings up, and I'm really not sure what to do. I tried STANDARD CMOS SETUP and I can change the date and time (the year option maxes out at 2099) but afterwards I just get a screen which says "DRIVE NOT READY ERROR Insert BOOT diskette in A"

Can a boot disk be made for this computer? Or do I just need to run a different setup option?

I've included pictures of the screens I've been to.

First Screen: https://i.imgur.com/a1cohHU.jpg
After pressing F1: https://i.imgur.com/6r8qDSo.jpg
After standard CMOS setup: https://i.imgur.com/Cw88e2y.jpg

Thanks in advance for any help. The nostalgia factor is really getting me on this one!

Edit 9/13/22: I opened up the case to look for the battery and had no idea what I was looking at. I've got a video, hosted now on mediafire instead of google drive, whoops.
Hopefully someone here can tell me where to look. I don't want to break anything so some direction would be great.

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Open | Software Can’t disable Hyper-V!


Hi. I’ve been trying to play on something called FaceIT, but for that, I have to disable Hypervisor/Hyper-V.

I have scoured the internet for methods but to no avail. I have read dozens of articles and tried disabling it in control panel and with PowerShell and CMD.

I am requesting help from you all, please. I am on a Surface Pro 8. FaceIT support advised me to go into BIOs and into overclocking through advanced options, but I don't remember even seeing advanced options, even less OC. I hope someone can provide me support to fix this issue.

I’m not very tech savvy so I’m not sure whether this is software or microsoft flair.

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Open | Software Ethernet doesn't work on PC and how do I fix it?


""Ethernet" doesn't have a valid IP configuration" is what the troubleshooter says. The router and cable seems to be not the problem since it works on my laptop. I also have tried every solution from 3 different sites already and still it doesn't work. I'll leave just one of those sites here since they're almost all the same: https://www.softwaretestinghelp.com/ethernet-doesnt-have-a-valid-ip-configuration-fixed/amp/

It was working just fine until 2 days ago

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Open | Software Cant find Asus mobo drivers under win11


I have an Asus mobo Rog Z370 gaming-E and I fresh installed Windows 11 but I cant find any driver (Intel, wi-fi, lan, etc...) on the asus website. The only thing I found under Win 11 is armoury crate. I tried armoury crate but there is no option to install drivers.

Does this means I have no driver to install ? Should I install drivers from windows 10 instead ?

Edit 1 : Are drivers the same for windows 10 and windows 11 ?

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Open | Software My computer has been "updating" at 100% for way too long. What can I do?


When I shut down my Windows 10 desktop last night it had to do an update. And in the morning I saw it was still "updating", stuck at 100%, probably having been like that at least a couple hours before hand as well. And now coming home from work it's still stuck and 100%. Is it safe to force shut down and restart it?

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Open | Software Bios doesn't show Nvme ssd as boot option


Ok so I have(had) a windows 10 machine and the OS is installed on an Samsung Evo 860. I recently decided to get windows 11, but on a new nvme ssd (samsung 980) cause it's newer and planed to delete the windows 10 on the 860. The ssd never showed up on the selectable boot options but I didn't think of it much. Fast forward I installed windows 11 on the drive and with 2 OS's on my machine, whenever I booted it, it allowed me to choose which windows I wanna boot to (11 or 10), but still nothing new on my bios. Today, I decided to format the windows 10 ssd. Grave mistake, as now I only boot to the Bios and can't pick any ssd. My pc specs are: Rtx 2080 super 1 Tb Hdd 1 Tb Samsung Evo 860 1 Tb Nvme Samsung 980 Ryzen 7 3800x 16gb Ram 3200mhz Msi MPG x570 Gaming Edge Wifi

Edit: I fixed the problem, thank you all!

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Open | Software Disable ZScaler startup, only launch it when necessary


Hello all,

I am using my personal Win11 PC which I own and have admin rights on to connect to a remote desktop to work. ZScaler is the encryption software the company enforces.

It launches on every startup of my pc instead of me manually launching it when I know I want to log in.

Things I have tried:

  • deleted every possible entry in ComputerHKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareZscaler and ComputerHKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareZscalerApp (empty strings cannot get deleted/removed)
  • disabled every possible service of which one can't get disabled (ZSAService)

Does anyone know how I can make it so it only launches when I tell it so?

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Open | Software Samsung tv remote


My samsung tv remote can turn the tv on and off but nothing more.. heeeelp!

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Open | Software HDD to SSD Windows 11


I got a NVME SSD to speed up my laptop's performance. I already have a 1Tb HDD on, I just want to find out what is the best way to transfer the OS(Windows 11) from the (1Tb)HDD to the (256gb)SSD. I'll use the SSD mainly for one or two of my games I can run and use the HDD for storage.

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Open | Software Dell PC BIOS won't allow me to turn off fastboot please help


Trying to turn off fastboot completely to resolve issues with my keyboard not powering on on boot after restarts, which means I can't press F12 and launch tailsOS. I was told fastboot is what causes this problem and that I have to disable it in my BIOS, but my Dell BIOS only has three options under the fastboot option: minimal, thorough, and auto, none of which turn off fastboot completely and after using each the problem still persists. I haven't found a solution for this online. The solution that involves messing with "fast startup" within windows power settings doesn't work. Anyone know what to do?

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Open | Software File Explorer opening instead of folder I tried to open?


As title says, whenever I try to open any folder on win 10, File Explorer opens instead. I had no luck searching for an answer, so I hope someone here knows what's up!

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Open | Software Every browser on my pc crashes every few seconds when I try to use it.


I am really stumped on what to do about this. I’ve tried finding answers but I can’t find any answers to this question anywhere. Seems like a very rare problem. For the past few days I haven’t been able to use any of my browsers on my pc because the second I open any of them I get hit with an onslaught of crashes. My pc is fairly high end and has 16gb of ram so I can’t imagine that being the issue. I never had crashes like this before it just suddenly started happening and has remained for days. I even tried to completely wipe my pc of all my files. Apps. Settings. Everything. When I finally tested it again after wiping it still had the same issue. If anyone knows how to fix this I would massively appreciate it. I’m completely stuck on what to do. I can run games and stuff completely fine. It’s just browsers.

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Open | Software Restoro?


Since I got my new computers, I get a few problems with it. It goes blue screen randomly and restart on its own. And when im using chrome I get the aie aie aie white page with status access violation error. I dont know if these two problems are related but ive searched about it and fell on that thing called Restoro. Is it safe and can it help with my problems? If not, what can I do to fix things up?

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Open | Software Cyberpunk 2077 Performance Issues


Hey all, having huge performane issues in Cyberpunk 2077 Windows 11. I'm averaging 35 FPS on low settings at 1080p.

Speccy Pastebin
(Also the game is installed on an NVME SSD)

Things I've done:

  • Reinstalled the game
  • Updated graphics drivers
  • Unparked CPU
  • Power Plan set to high performance

Any advice/suggestions? I feel like my hardware should be more than capable of running this game at decent FPS on Ultra, so I don't understand why it would be running so poorly at low.

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Open | Software Started To Randomly Get Low FPS On All Games


Hello everyone, I usually play most my games on ultra with 100+ fps on 1440p. Yesterday, i randomly started getting below 30fps on everything, i even tried to lower my settings to the minimum, it stays at 30-40 average. My gpu usage is around 90%+. Anyone know what’s happening?