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Open | Windows Why does my house owner ask for my IP?


Hi, I recently moved to a new rented house.

The owner does not live here, but his company office (vacant after corona) is located in the building. There are servers, a VPN box and various modems in the office. The internet for my apartment and others, comes from there.

After living here for four months, it has been three times that the owner asks me to go to a whatsmyIP website and to tell him my IP. He wanted to know the IP for both my personal computer and my work laptop (which is likely very secured from the company). Note that he is very tech-savvy as he works in the IT industry.

Can anyone explain this behavior? What can he do with this information?

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Open | Windows Access denied to everything on C drive HELP!!


I've royally screwed up trying to be clever!

Bought my gf a PC which I set up next to my PC on our desk and connected both to internet with Ethernet. She was previously using my PC and has lots of stuff saved on it, so rather than copy everything to an external hard drive I tried to be clever and set it up so that she can access my hard drives via local area network on her PC. I kind of got this to work but I was having issues with access permissions to my c drive so tried altering direct access permissions using c: > properties > security.

By messing about with these permissions I'm now at a point where any file I try to open whatsoever on my c drive brings an error message 'Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.'

This is despite the fact that my user account is the administrator and when I check under the security tab on properties of the c drive, my user, as well as authenticated users, SYSTEM, Administrators all are showing allow and have full control. If I go to advanced, my user account is shown as the owner, has full control on access applying to all folders, subfolders and files etc.

I have reinstalled windows, done a full reset but keeping personal files etc. but still have the same issue and I am completely out of ideas. For the love of god please help me!

My main worry is that I'm going to lose everything including a minecraft map I have been working for the past 2-3 years on which was my lockdown project. Might sound silly but I will be absolutely beyond devastated if I have lost this.

Happy to provide any details you need but I will be eternally grateful if someone can find a resolution, I've exhausted every option coming up on google!

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Open | Windows How can I obliterate a laptop so I can do a fresh install?


Girlfriend has a laptop she bought in China and we suspect the version of Windows isn't the best. It shows up as an Education copy of Windows 10 even though she bought it as retail.

I'd like to clear everything off the hard drive and do a fresh install of Windows 11 Pro. When I tried using Windows update it asked for drivers and wouldn't show up the usb flash drive I had inserted so I aborted. It now starts up in Windows 10 as before.

I've checked with an app and the system is compatible with Windows 11. Is there another way I can do a fresh install? Perhaps in BIOS? The laptop is a Lenovo Yoga 14cITL 2021.

Edit: The issue was the drives weren't showing up. I installed an Intel RST VRM driver and the drive showed up when I tried to install. Do I need to mark this flair as closed now? I don't see how.

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Open | Windows Installed windows on new SSD, once it restarts it just goes straight back to the windows setup screen


I booted up my computer and selected my 8gb harddrive with the windows installer ISO to be the boot priority, however, once the installation process is complete and my PC restarts, it just loads back up to the windows setup. I have no other storage devices connected to my PC besides my samsung evo ssd and 8gb harddrive.

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Open | Windows bitlocker


I restarted my pc for update now it is asking bitlocker key and i don't know my key what should I do plz help

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Open | Windows This is an odd request but my bf has nude pictures of his ex in his ‘Frequent Folders’ Windows 10 and I don’t know if he’s lying to me about not knowing it was there since I’m not good at PC things?


My bf used to always let me use his PC for rendering my college projects since my laptop over heats. I haven’t been in his house in a while and I recently came back to stay and do my regular hw in his PC. While I was looking for my Autocad file where my project is I find at the bottom of “Quick Access” a folder that says “Beautiful” in Spanish (Belleza) and so i thought they were pictures of me. I thought it would be cute to see which pictures he’s liked so much he had the need to treasure them in his PC. I then saw nudes of him with his ex and videos explicit ones. I then noticed its in his frequent folders too. I confronted him and he tells me he didn’t know that was there. It doesn’t make sense to me why would it be in he’s frequent folders if it weren’t there. Can someone help me understand how often does someone have to visit a folder for it to appear there? I’d like to know if they’re folders you opened most frequently in the last days or any day of the year?

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Open | Windows PC shuts off while gaming


Hello everyone, I have a new pc built and I’m having this issue where whenever I am gaming it suddenly goes to a black screen, it happened to me after 2weeks of having the PC. I have checked rams, GPU was installed to another rig, benchmarked works okay. But whenever I try to play any heavy game it does this issue. Tried different monitors, DP PORTS reinstalled drivers. Nothing works. Sorry for my bad English.

Specs: I7 12700k water cooled with master liquid pl240 flux 3080 TI Zotac trinity OC Asrock phantom gaming 4 16 ram DDR4 750w coolermaster bronze semi modular 1TB Samsung 980 Master cooler case MB520

Could it be the PSU not giving enough power? I have a video where it seems to lose power then shuts off.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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Open | Windows Missing operating system


Hello! I have a Lenovo ideapad gaming 3. I tried to install Ubuntu on my laptop without using a CD or USB. I followed a video and I was told to change some settings in BIOS and I tried to but screwed up and this comes every time I turn on my laptop:

"Missing operating system.

Intel UNDI, PXE-2.1 (build 883) Copyright (C) 1997-2888 Intel Corporation

This Product is covered by one or more of the following patents: US6,578,884, US6,115,776 and US6,327,625

Realtek PCIe CBE Family Controller Series v2.66 (85/26/17) PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable

PXE-MOF: Exiting PXE ROM."

Can someone help me to fix this?

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Open | Windows When moving in a game, The top of the screen moves late


Laptop, Lenovo, windows 10

It's a bit hard to describe but, I reset my laptop after a ransomware attack and now it's as good as new, downloading Gris to try it out and whenever my character moves (the screen moves, it's a platformer) the top of the screen takes few milliseconds to catch up? It looks like an issue of low frame rate but ONLY at the top of the screen and everything else works fine. Any solution?-

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Open | Windows Wifi won’t load certain websites but hotspot will


When my pc is connected to wifi, certain websites such as discord and reddit will not load while YouTube will load. However, when my pc is connected to mobile data, such apps will load.

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Open | Windows USB ports are broken, Need to downgrade to Windows 10


Just like the title says, My USB ports are broken. I've tried everything to get them fixed, But nothing has worked. (They look fine, But they simply don't work) And I need to install Windows 10. (I am on 11)

I've tried using Easy BCD to boot from a Windows 10 ISO, But in the software the ISO section was greyed out. In the Windows 11 settings, The "Go Back" option is not there, Because I have been on 11 for too long. Any way I could go back without an external drive is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Open | Windows Freaking out rn someone please help


I don’t know where to put this but I really need help I’m freaking out rn I just was downloading custom content for the sims 4 (I was sorting files into my mods, nothing suspicious I download from trusted creators only and I’ve done this a billion times) and my file explorer randomly stopped working. So I tried to close it, and it didn’t work. So I went to task manager and ended it and then my background went completely white. So I pressed the minus to get chrome off my screen and everything is white and I don’t even have a task bar chrome went onto this weird little black long rounded rectangle looking thing. Then I went back into chrome and started to look up what was going on and my delete and enter buttons weren’t working, so I looked it up on my phone and they told me to turn my computer on and off. Great. So I did that, and it didn’t work. Please help

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Open | Windows Windows Product Key?


I do in-home/freelance tech support on the side, I’m working on a clients custom build computer that was having some issues. In this particular case I had to reinstall Windows on the computer. This client got the custom build from someone else, I’m not totally sure on the story, either way, now that Windows 10 is reinstalled there is no valid product key. I don’t have the clients Microsoft login to even attempt to try the registration method with their login, or the “changed hardware” method.

I’ve never been in this scenario, and it might be a learning experience for me, having done this? But do I have options for registration that I’m not seeing? I’d assume there was some sort of product key tied to this hardware prior to me touching this, any ideas? Thoughts?

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Open | Windows Need advice. I spilled 70% Isopropyl Alchohol on the powerbutton of my laptop.


After 30mins of drying in front of a fan, it now turns itself on and a few seconds later, it turns itself off. I forced it to shutdown by long-pressing the power button and closed it for now. Is this fixable? I'm not really tech savvy.

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Open | Windows 1TB is installed in my laptop but its only using 292gb


Hi! I don't know much about computer stuff and I want to know why am i only using 292 GB of it in my laptop. My laptop has 1tb when i bought it, It's western digital 1tb. but its says in my local disk 132 free out of 292 gb but my laptop has 1tb installed already.

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Open | Windows After updating my windows 10 from 1903 to 21H2 apps are slow to open


so the problem started after the update, for example when i click on chrome its take up to 30-50 sec to open, same for other apps.

steps i have tried already

  1. run sfc / scannow then scanhealth and chkdsk.
  2. reinstall my programs

what can i do ? thanks for any help.

i have m.2 SSD

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Open | Windows How to screen record a (windows pc) app that detects and blocks screen recording?


I’ve been screen recording an app on my windows desktop using the program OBS. At some point the app updated to a version that detects and blocks screen recording. My screen looks normal while recording, but when I go back and view the recordings themselves, the app window is blacked out.

Is there any way around this?


Is there anyway to unblack out the app window on the already existing recordings?

Please help!!

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Open | Windows Is there any way to stop others from sharing a folder I shared with them? (from USB to USB)


Basically, I put a folder onto my USB, and plugged it into a computer. I plug friends USB into the computer as well. I copy said folder from my USB to friends USB. How do I stop friend from being able to copy and paste said folder onto other computers or USB's?

The folders have .exe files in them, so the folders still have to be able to open, and run stuff inside them, but how do I prevent the folder from being copied, moved, or shared? Any help would be EXTREMELY appreciated.

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Open | Windows How do I stop users from renaming blocked exe files? Really need this as I'm setting up laptops for the business.


I've made it so that in group policy users can only access certain exe files. Admins still can. This is exactly what I want but the issue I have is that anyone can rename an exe and then open it and it'll work. The way the group policy works is it allows exe of certain names to be opened meaning if someone downloads something and renames it to "excel.exe" for example, it'll work. Is there a way to block this workaround?

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Open | Windows Laptop had random creepy image appear on desktop under webcam


Not sure where else to post this but I was using my laptop last night and I minimised all my shit and found a file with a really long name with just lots of random letters numbers, it was a photo and it was placed just under where my webcam is at the top middle of the screen

The image was like a screenshot from a horror movie or something, it was a kid at a dinner table holding up a tortilla with a hole in it and he was looking right through it at me, it also had a dark background at one side which looked purposely creepy, didn’t actually look that hard to see what was there as I was shitting my panties at this point. It’s like whoever put this there is saying ‘I see you’

I don’t have any other icons near it as they’re at the very left or right, only me and my gf have access to the laptop and she definitely didn’t put it there, I ran avg anti virus and it didn’t seem to find anything, also my windows defender won’t work.

Anyone know what this could be? Can’t find anyone else online with this issue

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Open | Windows Intel(R) Wireless-AC 9560 160MHz keeps breaking and preventing my laptop from even being able to pick up Internet. I've updated all my drivers and everything I can possibly update but it's still broken. What do I do?


Running an MSI GF65 Thin 9SEXR

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Open | Windows How to convert 2.38 GB PDF to a Word file ?


How do I do it for free ?

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Open | Windows PC acting up.


So I was opening up my pc yesterday, and it was acting oddly slow. Not the kind of normal slow. And I opened up my browser and it was just a white screen.(this normally happens when it's first opening.) Then my laptop crashed. It brought me to this black screen and said it must fix itself etc. And it was at 10%. Ok fast forward its done it told me to press ctrl alt delete so I did. Then it needs to fix itself agian. (Brought me to the same screen as in the picture.) So after I left it on overnight it came agian. I've tried turning it off and back on but nothing worked. I'd like genuine advice and help please. Imgbb link: https://ibb.co/5c36hKk https://ibb.co/jH4k2bG

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Open | Windows Help! i got corrupted files


i did a sfc /runnow on cmd as admin and said i got corrupted files but my pc is unable to repair it
i sent my pc in from where i bought it but they said there was no problem with my pc but there obviously is :(

heres a log please help me fix my shit pc ive had freezing issues and im trying to fix it

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Open | Windows acer aspire 5 laptop stays at 0% battery even when plugged in and black screen


the last few times that i’ve used my laptop i’ve found that it’s dead whenever i try to turn it on. i’ve left it charging for hours only to switch it on and see 0% battery (plugged in). if i plug the charger out the laptop immediately dies. when i’m using it, it runs extremely slow and is impossible to get work done.

i’ve restarted it lots of times, i did a scan on the batteries, i uninstalled and reinstalled ACPI control battery. i used my friends charger that has the same laptop as me to see if there was an issue with the charger instead and nothing changed.

today when i went to switch it on it booted, updated, let me login then there was just a black screen. i could see my cursor but that’s it. restarted it by holding the power button, same black screen and eventually the display turned on. but battery is still the way it was and it lags so badly.

what do i do? laptop is only 3 years old.