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Solved my dad downloaded every malware and virus known to man. possible to still salvage?


Hey all,

Love my dad, but technology is not his thing. I bought him a Windows 10 laptop and things were so fast.

It's obvious he clicked on things he shouldn't have and now on task manager, the CPU and memory are at 100% all the time. This new laptop is running like it's ancient technology.

I have tried everything. I downloaded the top programs for malware/virus detection/removal. Ran each program, and nothing notable.

As a last resort I completely reset computer to factory settings and even still CPU and memory are at 100%. I also reinstalled windows with no notable changes afterwards.

Is there something someone can recommend? Can provide more info if needed.

EDIT and Solved: I learned something very important today. There is a difference between resetting a computer, and reinstalling Windows using the media creation tool.

Whatever was on that old copy of Windows 10 is now gone because this laptop is running VERY smooth.

I'm putting admin locks to avoid any shady downloads. Thank you everyone for your help.

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Solved Silly question: Is 50MBPS okay for a family of 5?


We have one gamer. All my siblings stream from YouTube or anime. I would probably be the one with the most usage. I like watching stuff in 4K or downloading movies etc.

Just how bad is it going to be? We used to have 500MBPS but we’ve moved and they only had 50MBPS so I don’t know what to expect.

Also my parents video call a lot.

Please note I have bought 50MBPS but that’s rarely the case with WIFI. A speed test is putting me between 29-35Mbps.

Is it slow?

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Solved This Computer Won't Turn On and my PhD Depends on It


UPDATE: IT'S WORKING! Thank you so much to everyone who commented it was so many I don't think I was able to reply to everyone! We narrowed it down to the PSU by opening it up and connecting a different PSU we had lying around which made the fans spin constantly unlike our dead PSU where they would try for a second and then fail, same with the orange on LED on front. Then I learned that it's fine to have a PSU with higher wattage (our original was 500 watts, our tester we found lying around was only 350 watts) so we went to the store and got a 650 watt new PSU. It's now back in the rack and working and I'm back to running experiments today! Most of your comments really helped (except for all of you who just kept telling me to backup my data or that I could get the data off which totally missed the point of my problem).

OP: This Windows computer has been on for the past 5-10 years and runs very important software for the equipment we use in our lab. Some time between yesterday evening and this morning it turned itself off and now it won't turn back on (no evidence of a power blackout or brownout).

We've tried new power cables, different outlets (on different circuits), flipping the power button on the back on and off, and holding the reset button for ~30 seconds. If you wait a little while and hit the power/reset button on the front, an orange light flickers once and then nothing else happens. I do believe that light is just constantly on when the computer is on and working.

Any ideas? I have no idea what model or anything it is because there's no serial numbers or brand/model names on it but I have a few pictures of the front and back of it in our ridiculously messy electronics rack:


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Solved Is the site haveibeenpwned a legit page?


today ive been trying to keep my account secure over scam anti virus software that I have installed. someone recommended me this site to see if any personal info of mines has been leaked. ran a scan and everything seems to be good for now? i then also did a scan for the site itself after words on virus total and it gave me a message saying "1 security vendor flagged this URL as malicious". not sure if I should be concerned abt that information and hopefully this site isn't a scam innit of itself

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Solved Wifi suddenly super slow only on pc


I’m struggling with a slow connection on my pc for a while its fine id be at around 25-30mps but randomly through put the day ill drop as low as .5-1mps could anyone help me figure out why this is happening? I replaced the router even but no dice and on all device the connection is fine i also check if maybe something was eating up network connection on the pc but nothing

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Solved I have a 1.8TB disk on my PC and it's says it's full.


But it's not full the data stored in it it's 860GB. When I open properties of the files it says they are 860GB but they use 1.6TB of the disk space. I'm using Windows and it's and HDD the drive is in exFAT. I tried clicking on rapair disk but it says it's not broken. When I try to use the windows defrag tool the disk doesn't appear on the list to defrag it.

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Solved How did I check if my ISP is blocking my connection for torrenting?


I have a doubt that my ISP may be blocking my connection because my internet started being a little finicky, after I torrented without using a VPN. I'm not from the US or any other first world countries and I've never heard any local case of ISPs blocking internet connections, so I didn't use a VPN. The reasons for my suspicions are: - My internet keeps turning off and on multiple times a day. - Although internet shutoffs happen sometimes, it is never this inconsistent, that it keeps cutting in a few minutes. - Usually the VPN I use, Tunnelbear wasn't allowing me to log in, in the software either. - I just used a proxy chrome extension afterwards, which I'm well aware isn't at all safer than just regular internet usage.

Update! It started to work normally from night, no idea how, just keeping the laptop shut for a while.

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Solved PC doesnt boot?


Hello, my PC starts normally and all the fans rotate normally, but the screen remains black. I've already tried resetting the BIOS manually but that didn't help. Does anyone have any tips what I could do?

Edit: I dont know what the Problem was or what fixed it but thanks to y'all for the help!

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Solved [help] YouTube suddenly become extremely slow on windows 10 for unknown reasons


****** resolved ****** Thanks to u/Uncle_Philemon, see comment below. So this is a problem with FIOS IPv6. I disabled ipv6 and now everything is back to normal. Hooray!

His comment:

it's been a common issue with FIOS customers.

to resolve:

• ⁠press win+R, type ncpa.cpl in the field, press enter • ⁠in the network connections window, right click your ethernet connection, click properties • ⁠scroll down until you see 'internet protocol version 6' • ⁠untick the box next to that and click OK to close the window

Alternative Resolution: thanks to u/ferrybig

On Windows, click the network icon in the bottom right, then click "network & Internet settings", then press "change adapter properties". Then right click your LAN/WIFI network adapter and press "properties". Then press the button "configure". Go to the "advanced" tab, scroll down and click "TCP checksum offload (IPv6)" and set it to "disabled" or "TX only". Do the same for "UDP checksum offload (IPv6)"

Original post below ———————-


This happened not long ago - something happened and suddenly I cannot stream YouTube videos and certain webpages (typically with video and pictures) normally, despite the browser used. They become extremely slow and not workable, while other internet functions seem completely normal, like speedtest (still get over 900M upload and download) and playing online games (ping and performance are good as before).

I have tried 1. resetting browser, 2. clearing all cache and cookies, 3. turning off windows firewall, 4. even resetting Windows to fresh (except keeping my personal files), none of them worked. I don’t even know another way to troubleshoot this problem. Please help! Thanks!

My system: Windows 10 21H1/ core i7 6700K/GeForce 1070/16G DDR4 2933/ Ethernet connection on gigabit service/windows security on Browser: MS Edge/chrome

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Solved My ethernet internet is slow on my PC, but my wifi is normal. What can I do to fix this?


So I have FIOS gigabit connection. My laptop and phone are connecting via WiFi and its pretty fast. Everything loads on time. I'm mainly using Firefox as my browser.

However, on my PC which is connected by ethernet cable, I have trouble loading any page by Google (youtube/sheets/docs/gmail/calendar). I tried to open it on Chrome and it worked in the beginning but has gone back to being extremely slow.

I've restarted my modem and router twice so far. Ran virus scans and such and went to see if anything was installed on my PC that could make it slow but didn't find anything. I even played Overwatch on it to no slow down/interruption so it just seems to be browser based.

Any ideas?

Thank You!

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Solved Is there a way to batch zip&encrypt a bunch of files into separate files?


I have 40 files. I want to put them all in separate zip files named after each file and encrypt them with the same password. Is there a way to do this in a batch?

Right now I have to right click, tell 7zip to archive it, then specify the extension, encryption type and type the password for each file separately.

I'd like to save some time. I'm on Windows 10.

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Solved WiFi Is Missing


This just happened when my laptop automatically updated. After the update, it seemed that I'm not connected to the internet. So I tried to connect, the network status is just blank, nothing. Even the network icon on the taskbar is missing. So I know there is an issue with it.

So I tried all the steps I see on YouTube and all of them are not working. I tried mostly all on services, device manager, control panel, even in command prompt with every ways as possible like update/uninstall drivers to network reset. All of the videos I saw didn't work. I restarted my laptop in the process for more than 6 times.

I don't know what to do. That's why I'm finding some help here on Reddit. I hope someone see's this and can help me ASAP. Thanks in advance.

My Laptop Specs:

Model: Asus X409UA Operating System: Windows 10 Processor: Intel Core i3 7th Gen RAM: 4GB Hard Drive: 1TB

Edit: It's now resolved. I just uninstall again the network driver and it works fine now. I don't know why I didn't work yesterday even I've been doing it a lot of times. But I thank all that are willing to help. I really appreciate your concerns and responses.

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Solved I think my ISP is throttling my internet speeds. What can I do about this?


Without connecting to a VPN I'm getting 901 Mbps download and 4.72 upload

With a VPN on I get 854 Mbps download and 492 Mbps upload

I've been having issues downloading the smallest of files lately and this whole time I've assumed it was hardware or driver related. Finally read that I could be dealing with ISP throttling and that seems to be the case as everything is running immaculate with a VPN. WTF man! Am I just doomed to use a VPN for the rest of my life?

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Solved Ram not reaching 3600mhz need help plz


Hey I just built my first pc with the help of my cousin and I honestly don't know what I'm doing. My cousin said that my ram isn't reaching where it should be and we don't know why it isn't. We are able to manually put it to 3000 MHz but anymore than that it does 3 beeps then resets to 2300. These are my specs, hopefully someone can send some insight on how to fix.

Motherboard: Asrock b550m pro Processor: amd Ryzen 5 3600 6- core processor Ram: tforce dark z 8gb ddr4 3600mhz x2

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Solved did Android do away with the browser choices when opening links from other apps ?


Previously my Android phone would typically show the installed browsers as choices for opening internet links/urls. Now the "open with" popup pops up but it shows no browsers. This started a few weeks ago. Also Google apps by default open these links with an in app browser. On searching for a "default browser" choice in settings, nothing shows up. I remember it used to be there.

How do I get the choice. Many apps have tracking links and i try to clean them before using. Now i simply cannot open most links.

Edit: it has started working now. Though I have no way of pinpointing what was the solution. Thank you to each and every one who took the time.

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Solved Stolen phone is taking pictures of my dad and sending them back to him.


Hello. My brother had his old phone stolen a couple of months ago and ever since, it's been sending our father sms messages saying "need help" or "sos". Recently it started sending (to our dad) random pictures of our dad himself (be it frontal or rear camera) (like, the stolen phone somehow takes pictures of him and sends it back to him via sms). It also sent a photo of a kitchen from someone else's house, and they've also been sending some google maps links but we decided not to click on them. Btw, my brother is just fine and is using another phone, we also plan to talk to an irl technician and I told my dad to cover the cameras of his phone just in case. I would like to know what could be happening and if we should contact the authorities, it's very creepy. Thank you.

UPDATE: It was just a sos feature we didn't know about, I apologize for not being able to communicate my issue properly, but still thanks a lot for helping me figure this out, I feel relieved.

(I just found out the kitchen photo was also taken by my dad from somewhere he went to; will check for CO leaks just in case, better safe than sorry)

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Solved microphone picks internal desktop audio


ive been experiencing this on two pcs already and its quite infuriating

my headphones (jbl quantum 100) have a single connector (4 pinouts), yet my pc has two front panel jacks so i use a splitter to connect them. they work great yet the only issue is that my microphone picks up all the internal audio, meaning that either when im speaking or not it still picks up everything that i can hear and inputs it. when id try to record audio or talk with friends on discord and have a song / video playing in the background theyd be able to hear it. same thing with games

ive tried way too many solutions already yet none of them work: using the back panel connectors, updating my drivers (still not working with the 2021 realtek drivers, downloaded from my motherboard's support site), disabling / enabling features in the sound settings (muting my microphone, enabling "listen to this device", etc), installing and changing settings in the realtek audio console (downloaded from microsoft store) and possibly even more. everything ive tried led me to no difference and im both confused and frustrated

motherboard is a gigabyte b660m gaming x ddr4

edit: os is windows 10 build 19044.1889

any help will be appreciated. thanks in advance

now solved

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Solved My Boomer mom clicks EVERY link she sees and won't / can't stop. Ideas?


As title suggests, my 75 y/o mom cannot comprehend safe internet browsing and clicks ads on Facebook, URLs in spam emails, any text message, etc. She's been scammed numerous times (money recovered though) and her computer is a treasure trove of malware and tracking cookies. Rational thinking and conversations are not options here, this is prime Boomer and feedback is criticism no matter how it's presented. Need suggestions to implement on network level to block computer and iPhone traffic to dangerous sites.

Is there a DNS service I can use to route her home's internet through to block the dangerous clicks? OpenDNS used to offer a blacklist feature and not sure who has something similar now. Happy to pay for service.

Note: I speak tech, know enough about DNS to be dangerous, and can follow guides, but don't know about services in the space. Also this is an ATT uverse and their proprietary gateway network. Willing to layer a non-ATT device over network if needed, but changing internet providers isn't an option.

Update: thank you everyone for the suggestions and silver award, my first! Going to start with NextDNS, increasing chrome security settings, and installing ublock origin. Hoping NextDNS will stop some of the crap on her iPhone. Looking at Pi now too, but that's a later project. For those in similar situations, thank you for sharing and hope this thread helps you too!

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Solved Got Ketchup on my iPhone 12 charging port


How can I remove the ketchup without damaging the port?

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Solved Windows 11 is slow and freezing after adding 2nd monitor


THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! I did what you said and I put them not in the Nvidia card. The computer runs so smooth now. You are all amazing! Good vibes sent to all of you!


Point for reference: I had a brain injury a few years back. If you tell me to do something and then I ask a stupid question, please understand that's just how my brain now works. Please be kind.

I recently got a "gaming" computer. I'd been asking for one and my Mama called Aaron's and asked if they had a gaming pc. I came home one day and the box is on my desk. So I did not pick it, nor did I have any idea what the specs would be. The computer has 2 hard drives. The OS is on the C drive by itself. Then the D drive is for everything else. I think is an SSD. (That took some getting used to, let me tell ya!)

Fast forward to last week. I always wanted 2 monitors and I was so psyched that this new pc came with a new monitor, so I hooked up my old one to be secondary. Thus came the issues.

First, the computer slowed to a crawl. It took 20 years to open Google Chrome. So I unplugged the 2nd monitor and everything sped back up. Well, that was interesting. So I started Googling. I was updating drivers, BIOS, changing cords, changing wall sockets, restarting, turning it off and back on again...nothing.

Then I came across this random forum where someone said about updating both or their graphic cards. I was confused. Up until that moment, I didn't know a computer could have 2. So I checked and, alas, I have 2 graphics cards. The only one I knew about was the NVIDIA, because the settings icon was in my hidden icons. Now I know I have an AMD that just never starts and I never knew existed.

So, suffice it to say, the AMD never got updated. I went through all of that, letting it update, and restarting a couple of times, and it did speed up the computer a bit. But it's still not as fast as it was with only 1 monitor.

And heaven forbid I play a game! The whole purpose of me wanting 2 monitors is so that I can build houses in the sims while having blueprints open in the other window. As soon as I open anything more than Google Chrome and, say, maybe a folder, I might as well forget it.

I would also like to say that each monitor has one graphics card dedicated to it. (This is all probably insanely normal, and yet I have never seen it and thus my mind is blown.)

tl;dr: Two monitors slow my Windows 11 way down, can I fix it?

dxdiag: https://pastebin.com/xq237dAm

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Solved How to know if my Graphics Card or the PCIe-Slot is dead?


Hello, my PC shut itself off today. I tried restarting it but fans were only moving for a quarter of a second after I shut off the PSU and turned it back on. So I removed the GPU and tried started the PC again, which worked. So now my question is there a way to determine if it is the PCIe-Slot or the Graphics Card besides getting a new Graphics Card and trying it out?

Thanks in advance.

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Solved wi;ndoes keeps typ;;;eing ;a button... guess what one i;t is;;;;;;;;


;i d;ont know w;hy its do;i;ng it, i know ;its ;not a pro;;blem w;ith th;e keyb;;oard as ;;w;hen i plugged it oput it kep;t press this ;key, i co;ul;d try pre;ssing ba;ck;space; to; g;et a;way ;wi;th the mistakles; ;but; not w;h;n i;;;m t;y;pe;;;ing this ;;m;uc;h;;;;;;;;;;;;;;n;eed help plea;se;;

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Solved Black Screen on boot after updating graphics driver.


So earlier today I went to play the new Beta for MWII and noticed that it wanted me to update my graphics driver. No problem, went to GeForce experience and downloaded the hot new driver from 9/8 and installed. When the install finished it prompted an automatic restart as always. However when it restarted I no longer have any output to my monitors and cannot figure out how to get into safe mode. I know my monitors still work as I plugged them into my laptop. I know it finishes the boot sequence because I can hear apps starting through my speakers. I can't get it into winRE no matter how many times I hard reset. Please help if anyone has had a similar experience.


-EVGA GeForce 1070 -ASUS ROG X570 -AMD RYZEN 9 3900X -16 GB DDR-4

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Solved Drive capacity error


Hello my pc fell into an auto repair loop last night (on UEFI it was a no boot drive error). I was playing civ 5 when the pc froze and refused to play ball. Prior to this I had used some cmd commands recommended by blizzard to fix battle.net, which included commands to restart some Microsoft manifest properties (not sure if this was a fix for a problem emerging or a cause). Today I created a windows 10 usb to repair it. It let me look at my drives which I did because I was concerned my boot died. Upon doing this, it became clear the capacity is broken. It’s a 128gb ssd boot drive, but looking at this drives properties it claims to be a 465gb drive, explaining my booting problems. Not only this, but it’s claiming to have 219gb of data on it. I’m curious about how this is possible, but mostly if it’s even wise to use this drive to reinstall windows on, all things considered. The drive is a Kingston ssd if you’re wondering.


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Solved Found my monitor broken after returning from holiday


Recently came home from holiday to find my monitor broken - one corner is fully black and there are horizontal and vertical lines.


My suspicion is someone dropped it while I was away, but not really sure of this. Is it possible for a monitor to look like this without being dropped?

Many thanks