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Open | Malware I think someone has hacked my PC


Okay, so today i was checking one of my email accounts, and i noticed that someone had made that all my email gets sent to him. I checked, and it looked like they tried to enter into my Escape From Tarkov account and sent to the bin all my emails related to Tarkov. I checked and saw that someone from Lituania had entered my account ( i got his ip), but i didn't get a notification, and i have my two step security activated. Then i checked my other 3 email accounts i got in my computer and realised that the same person from lithuania had logged in in all 4 of them. This logs happened just 2 hours ago. In one of the other it looks like he tried to enter my steam account, but only that, the others haven't been manipulated. I still can enter all of them, and i have set up two step verification with my phone. I don't know what to do know, should i wipe out my entire pc? I checked with Windows Antivirus and Malwarebytes but they didn't find anything.

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Open | Windows Missing operating system


Hello! I have a Lenovo ideapad gaming 3. I tried to install Ubuntu on my laptop without using a CD or USB. I followed a video and I was told to change some settings in BIOS and I tried to but screwed up and this comes every time I turn on my laptop:

"Missing operating system.

Intel UNDI, PXE-2.1 (build 883) Copyright (C) 1997-2888 Intel Corporation

This Product is covered by one or more of the following patents: US6,578,884, US6,115,776 and US6,327,625

Realtek PCIe CBE Family Controller Series v2.66 (85/26/17) PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable

PXE-MOF: Exiting PXE ROM."

Can someone help me to fix this?

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Open | Malware My computer is laughing at me


Don't know if I'm becoming schizophrenic but I heard really quiet laughs while I was editing a video on my computer. I'm afraid that someone might be spying on me while I'm on my PC. Help plz!

Edit: Thank you guys for the tips and if you know any more reasons as to why this might have happened, please do comment. I'll post here if I hear it again.

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Open | Networking Pc wont accept ethernet cable


the wifi work just fine and my ethernet cable has never had a problem for the 2 years i've used it.

It worked fine up intil a minute ago when the repeater im hooked up to started to goof about.

Plugged it in again and all is well until i see that my ethernet icon just disapeared and wont come back no matter how much i plug the ethernet out and in again. also the light turned orange

Reseting wifi isn't an option since its not even in my house i simply get my connection from a repeater that is hooked up to the landlords wifi

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Open | Hardware My pc for no reason wants to work, no one has found out why and I really need it


In 2019 with much effort a couple of relatives gave me a computer, and all good I lived rented in a place where I could not use it because there was no space then I moved, but in all that time I did not use it then came the pandemic and returned to my home, when I went to turn it on in late 2020 did not turn on and this had already turned on normally and 10/10. But it never worked I tried everything separately and ok it worked but not together the truth but this turns on all the fans and others as in the video but the screen is black forever. I took it to many places nobody knew what it is and for this point the truth I need it I will have a couple of programming jobs and I do not have a good computer for it so I need it too much or repair it to sell it to pay a couple of bills and things that happened unfortunately in pandemic and the remaining rent another pc.

The specs are:

Motherboard ASROCK H61M-VG3 LGA1155

Intel 3700k

1tb HHD

550W power supply

Thanks to anyone who actually takes the time, if I become a millionaire I won't forget who helped me so at a certain point they win hahah. Thanks

https://youtube.com/shorts/c6JiVaBL_Uw?feature=share <- VIDEO of PC

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Open | Hardware Have to restart my pc 20 times for it to start - could it be the psu?


Windows 10 proEVGA SuperNOVA 750 G3 750 watt from 2017G.SKILL Trident Z Neo (For AMD Ryzen) Series 32GB (2 x 16GB)ASUS AM4 TUF Gaming X570-Plus (Wi-FiWD_BLACK 1TB SN750 SE NVMe SSD 35GB freeSamsung 860 Evo 1GB - 284GB freegtx 1080 ti ftw3amd ryzen 3900xDark Rock Pro 4 cooler for cpu

The psu is from 2017, this all started out of nowhere.. if I restart, the pc acts like it's going to start, then reboots on it's own and then just sets there.. I have to reboot like 20+ times and finally it will load up. I'm wondering if it could be something other than the PSU.. if you need anymore information please ask


the PSU is the oldest part in the build, it was from my previous build..

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Open | Windows Is there any way to stop others from sharing a folder I shared with them? (from USB to USB)


Basically, I put a folder onto my USB, and plugged it into a computer. I plug friends USB into the computer as well. I copy said folder from my USB to friends USB. How do I stop friend from being able to copy and paste said folder onto other computers or USB's?

The folders have .exe files in them, so the folders still have to be able to open, and run stuff inside them, but how do I prevent the folder from being copied, moved, or shared? Any help would be EXTREMELY appreciated.

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Open | Windows Screen gets "deep-fried" in certain instances


As of today, my screen gets "deep-fried" occasionally. It's more closer to a black screen than anything I suppose. There are spots on the screen that you can make out to be text but they're very dark in color. The current instances that have happened are when I first load any YouTube video or whenever I start spectating a person who is sharing their screen on Discord and once I leave or minimize Discord as well. Whenever this happens I just restart my graphics driver with the shortcut Win+ctrl+shift+B. Everything works fine it seems afterwards. I've tested it out with my integrated graphics and no such problem occurs so I'm assuming it is my graphics card but I don't know what exactly. After some testing it seems to only happen when I have it connected to my TV and not my monitor. Is this something I can fix?

Not sure if the specs are needed but they are: Intel i7-9700K, Asus Prime Z390-P ATX, DDR4- 16GB of RAM, 500GB SSD, 2TB HDD, EVGA XC GAMING GeForce RTX 2060 12GB, EVGA 700 W 80+ GOLD, Windows 10

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Open | Software How to check if my laptop camera is hacked / prevent it?


Just read a news article that there’s been an upsweep of people’s computer webcams being hacked and it’s made me a bit paranoid haha. Are they easily hacked? & how can I make sure mine doesnt get hacked? x

I have an acer aspire 3 with windows 10 if that helps☺️ x

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Open | Windows Memory Leak? When (most) programs use windows explorer


The problem is when the majority of programs open windows explorer, the programs' RAM usage increases at a constant rate until in around 30 seconds, my RAM usage reaches the maximum and then the computer closes everything etc. This process can be stopped by closing the offending program. Here's a picture of the RAM spike and then the drop-off is when the program is closed.

I have Windows 10 on the most recent version, this only happens when a program utilizes explorer, explorer itself doesn't do this

I haven't really tried much but I was wondering if it was a known problem/solution?

tl;dr: When a program opens explorer the programs' memory usage spikes to maximum before an inevitable crash

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Open | Hardware My monitor is broken???



Recently (about a week or two ago) my monitor started getting a weird tearing effect at the bottom of my screen, which covers half the taskbar. Any idea if i can somehow fix it or is the monitor broken?

I have had the monitor for about a year and a half almost. But i recently returned it for repairs cos some component was broken in it, they had it for a month and just gave the same monitor back instead of a new one.

Once again how do i fix this issue? Thanks.

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Open | Networking I cant connect to a network


Tried turning on wireless on windows mobility center but it doesn't seem to be working.It was all fine before i started using a band adapter,how do i fix this?

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Open | Hardware [Help] Can a monitor cause a blue screen of death? Now another monitor was flickering


Hey ya'll. Needing some input. Last night I was editing a video in Premiere and blue-screened, now even after multiple boots my third monitor (a 28 month old HP Omen 27i) can't be seen by Windows 11 - any ideas? Tried turning off the monitor.

I tried everything. Factory resetting the monitor. Swapping cables with other working monitors (which continued to work after swapping displayport cables). Restarting computer. Powering off everything. Running DDU and reinstalling fresh Nvidia drivers. etc. I even plugged in another Dell monitor to what the HP was plugged into and the dell received a signal.

Base on the dump file, the specific subtype of error I got was "The required data was not placed into memory because of an I/O error". Dump file - https://files.catbox.moe/2b7y1r.dmp

Based on Discord messages from the tech support discord channel think it could be a monitor that's at fault? Does that sound correct? I also contacted EVGA support and they said some power can be ran through dp cables and potentially the computer received one from the monitor it didn't like.

That though was before this happen.... the top inch or two of my other monitor (possibly both) was flickering that didn't stop until I closed all chrome windows. See video here.... https://imgur.com/a/02v8M0f

I've never seen this happen before on my monitors. Now.... what the heck is going on lol. Any ideas?

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Open | Windows acer aspire 5 laptop stays at 0% battery even when plugged in and black screen


the last few times that i’ve used my laptop i’ve found that it’s dead whenever i try to turn it on. i’ve left it charging for hours only to switch it on and see 0% battery (plugged in). if i plug the charger out the laptop immediately dies. when i’m using it, it runs extremely slow and is impossible to get work done.

i’ve restarted it lots of times, i did a scan on the batteries, i uninstalled and reinstalled ACPI control battery. i used my friends charger that has the same laptop as me to see if there was an issue with the charger instead and nothing changed.

today when i went to switch it on it booted, updated, let me login then there was just a black screen. i could see my cursor but that’s it. restarted it by holding the power button, same black screen and eventually the display turned on. but battery is still the way it was and it lags so badly.

what do i do? laptop is only 3 years old.

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Open | Data Recovery Getting access to NAS Drive (via USB?)


I have an old LaCie Cloud box (out of warranty) that I can no longer access (Static read light after 10-15mins it booting up). I have removed the seagate barracuda internal drive and checked it (via sata III to usb 3.0 adapter cable) using windows disk manager, and the drive shows as healthy (all partitions). I have data on the disk I really would like to access if possible. I have not found any solution online that has fixed the NAS connectivity issue so I was wondering if it’s possible to turn the hard drive into an external drive and access the info that way? As mentioned before the drive shows in disk manager but has no drive letter associated (and I am not able to change this). It has multiple partitions too.

If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.

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Open | Hardware Lower TGP for 6600xt than expected.


I just bought a ASrock 6600XT and when I tested Furmark GPU benchmark it only consumes around 135watt but the TDP is 160watt.I have a PCIE 3.0 motherboard with SMA enabled. PSU 550Watt 80+ Bronze. DUAL channel RAM and Ryzen 5 5600G CPU

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Open | Software Update bios help?


What does the secure boot part mean when i update bios? My pc has some crashing problems thats why i want to update bios. My Mainboard is a b450 gaming plus max if that matters.

Update log: Update to AGESA ComboAm4v2PI -Change the default setting of Secure Boot.

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Open | Hardware GPU render spike (lag spikes)


There's this issue I have been experiencing for the past few days. I'm not really sure whether it is due to the Windows 11 update but I am having lag spikes in Valorant. I have GPU render stats turned on and it is rising like crazy. From 6 ms to 20-30 and it goes back down. It goes up for like 0.3 seconds and goes back down again and it is unplayable. I do not experience this issue before so pls help.

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Open | Audio Whinning noise when moving mouse


the pc i built makes whining noise when i move the mouse, i have wireless g305, my pc has an i5 and RTX3060.

theres also a whining noise coming from my headphones (both when its connected to back or front i/o) when playing games or doing anything intensive.

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Open | Networking New to Proxies - Proxy keeps changing IP address


Hello I need a Venezuelan IP address, Ive ordered a residential and datacenter proxy but the ip keeps changing, longest I can keep is about 30 mins with one service and the other service lets me use it for longer but when I leave their website I need to grab another proxy and use that. basically is there a proxy service that I can buy, that keeps the same IP address forever? I don't see these proxy services offering this

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Open | Audio My bluetooth headset stopped receiving audio sounds


So I have a problem on phone (Samsung Galaxy A33 5G), before when I connected my bluetooth headset (JBL TUNE 600 BTNC) it said "Connected for calls and audio" but now when I do it it just says "Connected for calls" . And in fact, when I try playing a video, music or anything that's not a call it plays it on the phone speakers.

I tried going into the menu which shows to check buttons for calls and audio (calls is already checked) but when I check the audio one it unchecks itself immediately.

Thanks in advance

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Open | Networking Small ping spikes and small packet loss


I have been getting weird internet problems on my ethernet-connected pc for weeks (unstable ping, packet loss on games, etc. and have tried so many things to fix it with no luck and givin up to the point where I'm asking here when I run a speed test on my pc I get roughly 20 up to 20 down which I'm okay with but again the ping spikes and packet loss, but when I run it on my phone I get 200+ download and better upload, does my pc have a virus or something how do I fix this? also i think it's weird how I get just a little bit of packet loss like 1 to 15 percent and just small ping spikes going from like 20 to 40 please help

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Open | Phone How can I make my apps fit in the screen?


I'm on an Android phone, and apps like reddit and YouTube seem to not fit the screen, and as such, some buttons and gui are offscreen. How should I fix this?

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Open | Hardware Getting blue screen of death aswell as other errors


Hello, i was playing fortnite when it came up saying fortnite required 947 mb to play and that i only had 587 now this was weird to me because i knew i had more so i ignored it. as i was playing my screen turned blue and said “ We ran into problems” and the pc proceeded to restart. Now whenever i try and restart my computer it just constantly loading and never truly restarts. Also now my mic will not turn on or even show any response beside when i first turn the pc on, Can anyone help? Thanks

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Open | Hardware computer shut off randomly and wont turn back on


I tried turning it off & back on and took the plug out of the socket. The socket works, it can charge my laptop. When i try turning it on, it clicks and sounds like it normally would when it turned on. The fan inside doesnt move either. The speaker i have connected to the computer turns on. https://imgur.com/a/IJe8m2S