r/terriblefacebookmemes Nov 29 '22

I hate these list ones in particular. I can remember when the list used to be only 8 names, now they try to cram as many as possible.

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u/S1DEWAYS_ Nov 29 '22 edited Nov 30 '22

Wait Karen is on the nice list?

Edit: a moment of silence for all my perfectly normal and kind people named Karen out there


u/Distinct-Yogurt2686 Nov 30 '22 edited Nov 30 '22

yes his list must be old as shit when Karen was an actual name not a derogatory comment at a person based on there actions.


u/snartastic Nov 30 '22

This might be surprising but there are still people named Karen lol


u/Distinct-Yogurt2686 Nov 30 '22

yes my daughter who is 23 name is Karen.


u/GraveSlayer726 Nov 30 '22

No no the internet said Karen ba d Karen not name anymore

If you see a Karen ruthlessly eat them (they wan to the manager)