r/terriblefacebookmemes Nov 29 '22

I hate these list ones in particular. I can remember when the list used to be only 8 names, now they try to cram as many as possible.

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u/King_Caveman_ Nov 30 '22

She knows, she was the top of the naughty list


u/throwawaffleaway Nov 30 '22

Can anyone confirm that mrs claus is canonically named Lauren 😂😂😂


u/ChaseDeV88 Nov 30 '22

She’s named Jessica in Santa Claus is coming to town.


u/Beldin448 Nov 30 '22

That is indeed the source of Santa canon And that means she’s also on the naughty list


u/Effective_Aggression Nov 30 '22

I do not understand the intent… what’s the joke here? I assumed political but it’s not connecting.


u/King_Caveman_ Nov 30 '22

The intent is for facebook pages to post this, and people tag their friends in the comment section, thus increasing traffic.

Mostly posted by pages that post terrible memes, but I don't recall ever seeing a political one.

It's just low effort by adding a large number of names.