r/terriblefacebookmemes Nov 29 '22

I hate these list ones in particular. I can remember when the list used to be only 8 names, now they try to cram as many as possible.

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u/Aggressive_Record818 Nov 29 '22

What wrong with this?


u/Solidsnakeerection Nov 30 '22

Why does it exist and why are the names where they are?


u/snartastic Nov 30 '22

In my experience, these usually exist because it gets a bunch of people (notice they’re all common names) to be like OMG!! I’m on this list!! Or look emma!!! You’re on this list!! Which then gets a bunch of people to share it on Facebook and leads to some people “liking” the original page that posted it, usually either a business or radio station in my experience


u/theofficehussy Nov 30 '22

All of these should be reported as spam or a phishing scam