r/theipas Oct 26 '22

Boostyyy! πŸ’‰ Booosty! With the same very disappointed plush Omicron as last time

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r/theipas Apr 18 '22

Fully Vaxxd! 🍻 Fully triple vaxxed for a year. Got covid yesterday. Mild tiredness so I’m binging nexflix. Thank you Fauci, Pfizer, Democrats.


r/theipas Mar 20 '22

Swagrrrday! March Maskness 20220 is here!

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r/theipas Feb 10 '22 Silver Helpful Wholesome Bravo Grande!

Fully Vaxxd! 🍻 It's a secret from the vast majority of people in my life, but I'm now part of the IPA club!

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r/theipas Jan 29 '22 Gold Helpful Wholesome Wholesome Seal of Approval Glow Up

Fully Vaxxd! 🍻 I will NOT be getting my HCA. No one in my family will have to mourn or miss me. I did. It was so easy. My son will have his mother for many years to come.

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r/theipas Jan 29 '22 Wholesome

Friend IPA! 🎊 A feelgood story about how a vaccine mandate saved a life.

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r/theipas Jan 27 '22 Narwhal Salute

Boostyyy! πŸ’‰ It took a while, but I'm finally down with Funky Cold Moderna!

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r/theipas Jan 26 '22

YASS IPAπŸŽ‰ Cersmiles - an IPA in the wild!


r/theipas Jan 24 '22 Wholesome Wholesome Seal of Approval

A little late but proudly vaccinated ipa πŸ”₯

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r/theipas Jan 24 '22 Gold Helpful

Personal IPA🀘 I was told by those on the HCA sub to share how my fiancΓ© and I pushed through agoraphobia and snuck off to get vaccinated against his extremely religious family’s wishes. Also, our posts kind of blew up and I wanted to show we were two different people since we got called karma farmers and liars ✌️

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r/theipas Jan 20 '22 Wholesome

Boostyyy! πŸ’‰ 3rd time's the charm upon having a Pfizer booster shot today.


r/theipas Jan 20 '22

Fam IPA😻 Vaxxed because he loves his job

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r/theipas Jan 16 '22

Friend IPA! 🎊 I showed my best friend HCA a few months ago. They got their first dose !


So glad, they are their the glue to their family and now on their way to being safer. Thanks, Reddit for saving another life!

r/theipas Jan 15 '22

Swagrrrday! Hot pink Hermie with hot pink skull socks, squee

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r/theipas Jan 11 '22 Silver

Fam IPA😻 My dad was a covid denier until he almost died from it, but still didn’t trust the vax. HCA helped me change his mind and today he got his booster.


r/theipas Jan 11 '22

Friend IPA! 🎊 A natural IPA. Blue lost his father to Covid and made a plea for his friends and family to take the vaccine. Red honored his wish. Never stop trying to protect your loved ones.

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r/theipas Jan 08 '22


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r/theipas Jan 07 '22

OG YO! πŸ’‰πŸ’‰ Swag show off! (reposted w redactions) lol plus my V card.

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r/theipas Dec 30 '21 Silver

Fam IPA😻 She did it! 1 night of reading HCA was enough for my cousin to get vaccinated!

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r/theipas Dec 30 '21 All-Seeing Upvote

Boostyyy! πŸ’‰ Boosty! Featuring one very disappointed virus plushie

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r/theipas Dec 29 '21

Steaming mad, grrr-Vent😑 Help/advice (Also tried to post on HCA)


Hey guys, Has anyone ever heard of Harvey Risch, MD, PhD?

My dad and I got into a huge fight today about Covid/Boosters/Masks. He has completely whittled down his news viewing to OAN and Newsmax (sometimes Fox News) because of β€œall the bias on the other channels. (Those channel which were trusted, valuable sources not even 6 months ago). He referenced this guy was on OAN talking about insert whatever typical antimask/vax/covid denier bullshit and I said to send me a link to this guy (which I included)

I feel like I made some headway using Trump and his recent admission/advocation for the vax and booster. Also, my dad (thankfully) got the Moderna shots before he just completely went off the deep end. He had nothing to say about trump and that seemed to shut him up. I told him he could still spread it to mom or myself and he said we should go stay in a hotel then He won’t even wear a fucking mask, he’s so blinded by these MFers.

I was hoping maybe one of you had heard about this Risch or maybe had a better argument I can take to him?

Id really appreciate any help or advice.

r/theipas Dec 28 '21

Steaming mad, grrr-Vent😑 Just got the coof a week before I was eligible for booster


Have both doses of Pfizer but got it kind of late and wasn't eligible for booster till sometime next week. Mom got exposed and we saw each other on Christmas so now me, my girlfriend, my mom, my sister, and her boyfriend all have it. Almost went a whole 2 years without it πŸ˜₯. My brother and dad (boosted) don't have it thank God. Anyways get your damn booster.

r/theipas Dec 28 '21 Gold Wholesome Seal of Approval

Boostyyy! πŸ’‰ Boost me, Pfizer Gods! πŸ™πŸ»πŸ–€ Got it done today, now here's to minimal side effects lol

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r/theipas Dec 27 '21

Boostyyy! πŸ’‰ Question about booster shot!


For those of you who were as lucky as me and got the crappy feeling, flu-like side effects off the second shot, did the booster have the same side effects?

I recieved Pfizer for my first and second dose, the first dose just resulted in sore muscles in that upper arm and the second dose resulted in flu-like symptoms the day after. Low fever, super tired and achy but it went away the next day.

It's obviously not something I can't handle or anything, I'm just curious as to whether I should prepare to basically spend the next day relaxing and in bed or if I'll be fine. Did any of you have any effects from the booster or nah?

I had my booster appt set for last week but the pharmacy was having some kind of paperwork or accounting issues that day so everyone who were there for the vaccine were made to reschedule. I have the appt set for 6:30 pm tomorrow. Any advice or information would be appreciated!

**ETA: I got the booster that Monday, 12/27/21 and it whooped my butt lol I think I might have been a little dehydrated and that just made it worse but I had pretty much the same reaction as I did with the second dose minus the up & down fever. I was super tired, headache, body aches & I think I had a low fever a few times but I don't think it was as bad as the second dose. Either way, I spent the day in bed as much as I could! Thank you for everyone who answered! You all are awesome & I'm so glad I found this sub!

r/theipas Dec 21 '21

OG YO! πŸ’‰πŸ’‰ Went to get my booster today and was refused!


I have to wait 3 more weeks! What does it matter if I get it 3 weeks early???? I mean really.