r/untrustworthypoptarts Aug 17 '22

Or you got a picture off Google

Post image


u/MuchTemperature6776 Aug 17 '22

Google finds no results when reverse image searching.

Don’t think it’s googled or even fake per say.

If anything then they ordered it and just made up the story but I don’t think the photo is fake.


u/-eagle73 Aug 17 '22

You'd be surprised at how awful Google is at reverse image searches for pictures with very mild adjustments.


u/MoreNormalThanNormal Aug 17 '22

TinEye doesn't have it either. Searching for "sad man gravel" or "sad pile of gravel" or various other strings turned up nothing.

I did find an old photo I took when I was overwhelmed with laundry: https://www.istockphoto.com/photo/sad-man-with-pile-of-crumpled-shirts-and-iron-gm499452684-80234631


u/YoSaffBridge11 Aug 17 '22

If you’re going to post this here, suggesting they got the pic off Google, you should at least do your own reverse image search beforehand. You know, to see if that’s plausible.


u/Check_Their_History Aug 18 '22

If you are browsing reddit and surprised when a post "might" be fake you are very naive. This entire site is built on reposts and fake articles for companies to push products for advertising.


u/YoSaffBridge11 Aug 18 '22

I posted my comment because another user already posted that they did a Google search and found nothing. No need to read more into my comment.


u/InappropriateIam Aug 17 '22

My initial thought looking at his old gravel driveway was this was indeed his gravel just an west karma grab.


u/rayquan36 Aug 17 '22

Came here to see a link to the pic on Google... It's very plausible they delivered to the wrong address.


u/rguably Aug 17 '22

I think this is plausible. Last week I had 6 windows delivered to my house that were supposed to go to another house down the road. I didn't think to take a picture of it though


u/Jeremy252 Aug 17 '22

6 tons of gravel and 6 windows are not even remotely in the same ballpark


u/rguably Aug 17 '22

How are they different? It's just a company delivering stuff to the wrong address. Do companies that deliver gravel take extra steps to ensure they have the right property?


u/sanguiniuswept Aug 17 '22

Then find the picture on Google, if you're gonna make accusations


u/Moglo825 Aug 17 '22

Saw this earlier and knew it would end up here but that is not the title I was expecting.


u/Merchantvirus18 Aug 17 '22

My first assumption would be that he just took a picture of a random pile of gravel lmao


u/LadyAmbrose Aug 17 '22

if this photo isn’t good enough evidence then I have no idea what you expect of him.


u/protonecromagnon2 Aug 17 '22

At the same time, $500 for some cheap rock delivered sounds like such an epic prank


u/mmoon2281 Aug 18 '22

OP here. This isn’t fake. It was in my paved (not gravel) driveway.


u/HmMm_memes Aug 17 '22

After multiple reverse image searches with multiple tools, I can conclude that this has not been taken off of Google.