r/untrustworthypoptarts Aug 17 '22

Or you got a picture off Google

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u/MuchTemperature6776 Aug 17 '22

Google finds no results when reverse image searching.

Don’t think it’s googled or even fake per say.

If anything then they ordered it and just made up the story but I don’t think the photo is fake.


u/-eagle73 Aug 17 '22

You'd be surprised at how awful Google is at reverse image searches for pictures with very mild adjustments.


u/MoreNormalThanNormal Aug 17 '22

TinEye doesn't have it either. Searching for "sad man gravel" or "sad pile of gravel" or various other strings turned up nothing.

I did find an old photo I took when I was overwhelmed with laundry: https://www.istockphoto.com/photo/sad-man-with-pile-of-crumpled-shirts-and-iron-gm499452684-80234631