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Reddit mod gets laughed at on Fox News Antiwork Drama


u/OBLIVIATER Defenestrator Jan 26 '22

Regardless of your feelings on this topic, please refrain from making bigoted remarks or personal attacks.

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u/CrispierCupid Jan 26 '22 All-Seeing Upvote

This is why I don’t tell people I’m on reddit

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u/[deleted] Jan 26 '22 Gold

Genius booking by the show producers.


u/JewJewJubes Jan 26 '22 Silver Helpful Wholesome Eureka! I'm Deceased

I've been on this platform for 9 years now.

This is without a doubt, the most Reddit video I've ever seen.


u/[deleted] Jan 26 '22

I'm going to save this video and play it any time this site stresses me out.


u/Wowfan121231 Jan 26 '22 Gold

Its like the deer woman from twitch... but this time its reddit

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u/pinkEasterGuy Jan 26 '22

Omg they made r/antiwork private 🤦🏻‍♂️


u/terrytapeworm Jan 26 '22 Silver Wholesome

They just made the sub private as I was reading the mod in question's egotistical meltdown. A great look, guys. Thanks for showcasing the plight of the working class in such a great light.


u/Cut_Equal Jan 26 '22

Omg please tell me someone got a screenshot


u/terrytapeworm Jan 26 '22 edited Jan 26 '22 Silver Gold Platinum Helpful Wholesome Take My Energy hehehehe Starry Ally This Press F To The Stars

I have a few. There were truly too many comments from that mod to screenshot it all. Some memorable ones, paraphrased:

  1. After saying the mods aren't going to publicly address the situation, someone asked "so what is the mod team doing, then?" and the mod from the interview said "Mostly waiting for people to leave me the fuck alone." Classy. Professional.

  2. When someone said that the mod's arrogance is preventing them from seeing the damage that they're causing, the mod said "If I was sooo arrogant, wouldn't I be saying everything I did was perfect?" despite having just said they don't care how they looked disheveled, sounded disorganized, represented us, that they don't think they could have done anything differently, just generally expressing no remorse or understanding.

  3. When someone said they need to be accountable for their actions, the mod said "I've already said that I could have done better, so there's my accountability right there." As if saying "ok it wasn't perfect" is being accountable or in-touch with reality.

  4. When someone said "Dude, go take a break from commenting. This is reflecting terribly on you right now. You don't realize how bad you're making yourself look." The mod replied "Well according to everyone here, I've already ended the whole movement, so I have nothing to lose." in the most edgelord, self-pitying way possible.

  5. The mod posted a comment from the wrong account on accident and then reposted it on the other, thus confirming that they were using fake accounts to yell at detractors. The accidental comment was immediately deleted but had gotten 22 downvotes in the few seconds it was up, showing how much people disliked this deception.

  6. One mod had stickied a critical post, but it was unstickied pretty quickly. The masterthread for this debacle was pinned, but they locked it pretty quickly, thus shutting down any discussion in the most heavy-handed, authoritarian way possible. They claim it's because some people were being big meanies, but it's fucking reddit. That's to be expected. If you can't handle some insults from people online, why the fuck would you go on fox news?

I'll probably remember some more so I'll add them in.

edit: Oh yeah, the mod said on the news that they're working 20-25 hours a week dogwalking. In the comments they said they work two hours a day walking dogs. So 10 hours a week. But then they said "well I have another part-time job that I just didn't mention until right now, and the 2 hours of walking isn't when my shift ends!" But I have a hard time figuring out how more than half their dogwalking job (15 hours a week, apparently) isn't related to walking said dogs. All of this is whatever, but to say you represent the downtrodden workers of america when you literally live with your parents and work 10 hours a week... like pick someone else to represent us, damn.


u/Cut_Equal Jan 26 '22

Thank you and wow what a shit show

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u/Stankfootjuice Jan 26 '22 Silver

This idiot fuckin single-handedly killed the sub by taking this interview


u/184Banjo Jan 26 '22 Silver Gold Wholesome Starry This To The Stars

dude went on national tv and all that got said was

-"im a 30 year old that works 20 hours/week with walking dogs, i want to teach others critical thinking"


u/sadisticrhydon Jan 26 '22

Don't forget: "I want to work less."

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u/AnnualThrowaway3271 Jan 26 '22 Wholesome Starry

Couldn't have scripted it any better.

  • Walking meme of a mod gives live interview

  • Fails hard

  • Deletes posts history, deletes posts criticizing poor interview

  • Locks sub

Way to go r/antiwork. Your failure is now complete.

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u/SlapStickRick Jan 26 '22

Then the mod nukes the sub. Fox News laughing hard today


u/DecentAd6888 Jan 26 '22 Take My Energy

LMAO This 30 year old dog walker is one of the goons that talked down to me for interjecting real world labor union shop experience in comments in r/antiwork. What a fuckin joke


u/SashimiRocks Jan 26 '22

The entire subreddit is currently private.

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u/RexInvictus787 Jan 26 '22 Silver Helpful Wholesome Starry 'MURICA

When a Fox host is getting flustered, hostile, and begins talking over you it is a good sign.

When a Fox host is polite, cordial, and allows you to keep talking only interrupting to ask more questions, well that’s a sure sign you are actively fucking up.


u/Dont-be-a-smurf Jan 26 '22

Same thing with attorneys

If during cross examination the adverse attorney is just letting you talk, it’s because you’re hurting yourself and they’re enjoying every second of it.


u/putsonall Jan 26 '22 Wholesome

The thread when it was on was hilarious.

"They're talking about us!!!! Finally something will change!!"


u/Ready_Marionberry_80 Jan 26 '22

Lol, I dunno if you've been over there, but the whole sub is imploding and the mod from the video is on a ban hammer spree. It's pretty crazy.

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u/[deleted] Jan 26 '22 edited Mar 27 '22



u/shortroundsuicide Jan 26 '22 Silver

This mod runs a sub AND WORKS FOR FREE spending tens of hours each week to do so. For a billion dollar company about to IPO.

Peak irony.

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u/Samantha_Norris Jan 26 '22 edited Jan 27 '22 Silver Take My Energy

good answer: "it's not about being lazy, it's about being pro-union, pro worker's rights, people knowing their true value and being paid a living wage."

Doreen's answer: "laziness is a virtue.”


u/Nelson676 Jan 26 '22 edited Jan 26 '22

You should have been the spokesperson.

Don't think that subreddit will recover from this tbh

Rough because everything you just listed is exactly what that subreddit is about, and everything that idiot said on the TV wasn't it.

Edit: They shut down the whole sub. Holy crap. What an embarrassment to every worker out there. My goodness.

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u/Differentdog Jan 26 '22

Oh Doreen.


u/Anony_mouse202 Jan 26 '22 Wholesome Bravo! Starry Rocket Like



I’m begging of you please don’t take my subreddit

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u/Funny-Home-7953 Jan 26 '22 Silver Gold All-Seeing Upvote Take My Energy

🙄these are the mods on Reddit that block you !


u/gothicmaster Jan 26 '22 Silver Helpful Giggle

"locking this thread cuz yall can't behave !!!!"


u/towaway4jesus Jan 26 '22

The condescending attitude is making more and more sense


u/Duderino732 Jan 26 '22 Silver Take My Energy

It’s so cringy when you realize who is locking threads and deciding what’s okay to discuss for all of reddit…

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u/Fun_Musician_1754 Jan 26 '22

wow, sounds like backtalk. muted from messaging the mods for 72 hours


u/rlrhino7 Jan 26 '22 Helpful

Sorry sweaty but I'm gonna have to shut down this thread 💅


u/[deleted] Jan 26 '22

[removed] — view removed comment

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u/DVeeD Jan 26 '22 edited Jan 26 '22

This exact mod Mods literally locked a thread on the sub because people were being critical of the interview.

Edit: It was a different mod who locked the thread, apologies for the mistake.

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u/[deleted] Jan 26 '22

you have been banned from this subreddit permanently.. if you have questions as to why, ask away

user - why have I been banned?

you have been muted permanently

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u/EditorAltman9 Jan 26 '22

If you look into it there's really only a small handful of them, and they own pretty much every sub.


u/BigMcThickHuge Jan 26 '22

Always a critical point people refuse to acknowledge.

Almost all the front-page subs and defaults are modded by the same 10 power-mods that are mods over 500 subreddits.

This means there are roughly a dozen users on reddit that are able to remove, delete, lock, and control all the subs that are automatically fed to the majority of reddit users.

Some of the mods are even 'reddit famous' for literally spamming posts across hundreds of subreddits a day under different click bait titles, or with flat out false information (gallowboob) to drive interaction.

Doesn't help that several (boob) even dropped original careers to pick up jobs at content farm companies like LADD or whatever.


u/notoyrobots Jan 26 '22


Blocking this clown improved my reddit experience to a noticeable degree. I recommend it to everyone.

And yeah, powermods need to get a life.

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u/pokerboi08 Jan 26 '22 Silver Take My Energy I'm Deceased

He sleeps on his job of taking care of dogs, and punishes the dog by not giving them water. https://imgur.com/a/C8e0y1Y


u/Eightball007 Jan 26 '22

Let's see:

  • Door gets damaged; blames it on whoever painted the door
  • Manager catches them sleeping on camera; dismisses it as "nonsense", claims damage would have happened even if he was awake (despite having zero proof)
  • Separates dog from the others, "barely thought to" leave it water
  • Needs the internet to help him decide if he should a) do nothing, b) take action, or c) go overboard

If this is real.... I mean, wtf


u/jmorfeus Jan 26 '22

Lol this is not real, right?

Is this whole thing just a giant joke that went over people's heads?

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u/Mddnick Jan 26 '22

Take it to the top,

take it to r/workreform


u/czarczm Jan 26 '22

This really confirms every stereotype of that place doesn't it?


u/LOLBopp Jan 26 '22

Holy shit

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u/ControlOfNature Jan 26 '22

Good. It was awful. What a poor, ego-tripping, ignorant choice it was to do that interview.

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u/NickyFlippers Jan 26 '22 Helpful Wholesome Eureka!

All jokes about the stereotypical mod appearance aside, they really did a poor job at answering the host’s questions. I mean, it sounds like they don’t even know what the sub is about. I particularly liked how they want to teach philosophy if the dog walking thing doesn’t work out.


u/towaway4jesus Jan 26 '22 Gold

I particularly liked how they want to teach philosophy if the dog walking thing doesn’t work out

I didn't make it this far into the video but that's hilarious.


u/Brownie_McBrown_Face Jan 26 '22 Gold

That’s when the Fox anchor just laughed them off the show. And I mean that in a literal sense.


u/azdood85 Jan 26 '22

The producers found their fish, hook, line and sinker.

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u/Cultural_You679 Jan 26 '22

That mod and the other mods of r/antiwork are now banning people who criticize it lol

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u/HoldMyPooWithUrLuv Jan 26 '22

I don't blame him


u/Rion23 Jan 26 '22

"The thing about taking a dog for a walk, is that in the end the dog will be walking you."

"Jeff get a fucking job, I've already given up on grandchildren but I'm still holding out hope for some fucking privacy at some point.

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u/goblintrading Jan 26 '22

Yea I thought r/antiwork was about striving for better wages, better support in the workplace, etc., and this guy somehow managed to miss every core concept that sub stands for lol.


u/ceapaire Jan 26 '22

IIRC, this guy is the top mod over there, meaning he founded the subreddit (or at least is the oldest one there if the founder has left).

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u/TheKodachromeMethod Jan 26 '22 edited Jan 26 '22

Wait, their back up plan from being a dog walker it to teach philosophy? Are we sure this whole thing wasn't performance art? It is all way too on the nose. *OK, "back up plan" is the wrong choice of words. You are correct fellow redditors.


u/Jay985 Jan 26 '22 Silver Gold Wholesome

You underestimate the depths of delusion the average redditor, much less subreddit mod has.


u/username09481 Jan 26 '22 Silver

To be fair, the average redditor rarely/never interacts with other users and just uses the site to find interesting things to pass the time. The average redditor is a pretty normal person. All of us regular commenters are the ones you have to keep an eye on.


u/FewerToysHigherWages Jan 26 '22

Mods are probably even weirder than commenters. I just can't imagine having enough free time to moderate a sub. Especially a large sub. Maybe if its a niche thing like /r/knittedbras with 15 active members that'd be ok.


u/dd179 Jan 26 '22

For me, reddit is the best place to read about gaming news, see the occasional funny video and fuck about while I'm bored at work.

I honestly find a lot of the "movement" subreddits to be cringe. They think they're making some big thing only to be met with a real world slap in the face.

Wallstreet bets is hilarious, though.

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u/advice_animorph Jan 26 '22 edited Jan 26 '22 Silver Helpful Wholesome Take My Energy Starry This

That interview is such a great study into how the "hardcore redditor" thinks the world works. Goes into an echochamber subreddit, gets upvoted constantly, thinks he knows about the world. Ventures out to other subreddits, acts like he knows everything, gets upvoted. Ventures into the real world and gets destroyed. Goes back to reddit, even more bitter and out for revenge.

Edit: bonus points if their strongest claim to knowledge is the classic "as a mod of xyz..."


u/WoWMHC Jan 26 '22

Exactly! Almost every subreddit has some echo chamber feel. Constantly getting positive feedback while shouting down criticism. I couldn't imagine meeting some of these people in real life. How do they survive???

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u/Besthookerintown Jan 26 '22

It’s the circle, the circle of self inflicted strife.

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u/balderdash9 Jan 26 '22

If they had done even a little bit of research they would know that you don't just mosey on into teaching philosophy. You have to be accepted into a top graduate program, study/teach for 5-10 years (with meagre pay), and produce a kick ass dissertation/publication(s). And then maybe you will get a decent job in academia.


u/[deleted] Jan 26 '22



u/I_was_serious Jan 26 '22

You could always start dog walking if the philosophy teacher thing doesn't work out...

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u/Gregorofthehillpeopl Jan 26 '22 Helpful

If only he had worked harder on his answers.


u/importvita Jan 26 '22

Worked harder?

How about worked at all. 100% cringe fest giving mass media every negative talking point they could ask for.

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u/weikor Jan 26 '22 Helpful Wholesome Starry

This guy is reddits true gold.


u/fuelvolts Jan 26 '22 edited Jan 26 '22 Gold

A trans, autistic, unprepared Reddit moderator. It was EXACTLY what Fox News wanted.

EDIT: Just wanted to make it abundantly clear that in no way am I disparaging the mod or anyone who is trans or autistic.


u/skywalkerr69 Jan 26 '22

I feel Doreen depicts 80% of Reddit mods. Especially since one mod can rule many subs.


u/[deleted] Jan 26 '22



u/trippy331 Jan 26 '22 Silver This

Well yeah, you think someone working 40hrs a week has time to mod a dozen different subs?


u/Crispy_AI Jan 26 '22 Bravo!

Sounds a lot like work.


u/Srekcins82 Jan 26 '22

I keep wondering when they'll advocate for a reddit mod union and demand wages.


u/rood_sandstorm Jan 26 '22

they do it for free!

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u/gohomeryan Jan 26 '22 edited Jan 26 '22 Gold

Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake

Going into this I thought the fox presenter wouldn't let him get a word in, instead, he just lets the mod go on since she's isn't explaining herself well anyways, pretty sure this isn't the one you want representing 'the movement'.


u/healzsham Jan 26 '22

I thought the fox presenter wouldn't let him get a word in

Bruh, as soon as I saw the mod, I knew the interview was going to be one gigantic unforced error.

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u/GO_Nyxton Jan 26 '22

Should just said “we aren’t against the idea of working, we’re against the idea of only existing to work”


u/Impossible-Dare4040 Jan 26 '22

Man I despise Fox but this host had it so easy on this one, you could tell he was loving it and I couldn’t blame him. When the mod said he wanted to be a professor of philosophy the guy was holding back laughter so badly.


u/ac1084 Jan 26 '22

I work 25 hours a week

What do you do?

Dog walker

How old are you?


shit eating grin


u/wisdomandjustice Jan 26 '22

Apparently they also admitted on the sub that they actually only work 10 hours a week.

The cringe is just too much.


u/Agreeable-Weather-89 Jan 26 '22

You know things are bad that even your lie is pathetic and the truth is laughable.

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u/WurthWhile Jan 26 '22

Not even that. They said almost 10 hours a week.

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u/SquanchMcSquanchFace Jan 26 '22

Nah, the real shit eating grin came after “Teach???!"

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u/JunkFace Jan 26 '22 All-Seeing Upvote

I don’t think he has a firm grasp of what the purpose of the sub he moderates is. There was no message there, he just came on and was a comedic punching bag for 1.5 minutes. In other words exactly what everyone expected.


u/drugusingthrowaway Jan 26 '22

I don’t think he has a firm grasp of what the purpose of the sub he moderates is.

Well it was originally an anarchist/marxist subreddit full of people who want to end the concept of work/jobs/careers/professions.

Then somehow it very quickly morphed into a general labour grievance subreddit where everyday workers try to encourage each other to demand better for their employers.

For a few weeks I had people in the comments joking "how could anyone not know this is an anarchist subreddit? it says so right in the sidebar!" and they didn't notice that all references to anarchism/marxism in the sidebar had been removed for a couple weeks now.


u/TwoSevenOne Jan 26 '22

Very easy way to spin that too:

“Yes the name of the subreddit doesn’t reflect our present goals. It started as a movement to abolish work, but our primary objective is to advance the causes of worker rights and dignity. Much like the people we advocate for, sometimes the tools we’re given are inadequate, but we still have to do the work.”


u/alexsdad87 Jan 26 '22

Except this mod is the longest tenured mod, so he still buys into the original concept of the sub.


u/omgFWTbear Jan 26 '22 Silver

The CEO of Widgets Incorporated unaware they haven’t sold widgets in months, and are now a lifestyle company!

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u/tasty_scapegoat Jan 26 '22

And the scary part is that he’s one of countless mods that have the power to direct the narrative by banning anyone they want and deleting opposing ideas/comments. Yikes.


u/not-myregular-acct Jan 26 '22

Now apply that to the political subs, and ya got a proper mess.

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u/malaco_truly Jan 26 '22 edited Jan 26 '22 Starry

I can't even get through the whole video because it's making me cringe so god damn hard. I don't claim to know much about the "antiwork" movement but I don't think they could've picked a worse person to lead their cause. The absolute picture perfect personification of a Reddit Mod™


u/Cactuszach Jan 26 '22

We’ve seen this before when subs get mainstream attention. People can’t resist their 15 minutes.


u/NukinDuke Jan 26 '22 Silver

It's just embarrassing and honestly, shot down any chance the sub had if being appealing to a mainstream audience and growing out of itself.

The people who are naturally biased towards you, have the opportunity to see you for the first time...and this is it? All due respect, they should have consulted the sub and tried to have a vote on an interview representative. Otherwise, they shouldn't have avoided an interview outright.

Now when people need a visual on Antiwork, what is it? This interview.


u/MrBae Jan 26 '22

I think they did cast a vote and voted against it lol

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u/likwitsnake Jan 26 '22

Literally just missing the fedora.

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u/DinahKarwrek Jan 26 '22 edited Jan 26 '22 Silver Helpful Eureka!

I'm in there sometimes, and I watched 5 second of that video before I had to turn it off. No offense to that mod, but any one of the hundreds of "I worked for a large corporation, before I didn't", college educated, neurotypical folks wearing a suit would have been a better choice. I say this as someone who's... not that

An autistic non-binary dog walker with a lisp is the perfect person to make the idea look laughable.

Edit: Thank you kind strangers for the awards and updoots.


u/Noltonn Jan 26 '22

Yeah, I agree. I'm going to be the first to admit I'm not that either but Jesus I could've done a better job. On /r/antiwork two of the mods are spinning it like it's all about transphobia but genuinely... You just didn't do a good job. Accept it, figure out who to put in that position next time, clean up your messaging, and move on.

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u/[deleted] Jan 26 '22

Agreed. This individual is a reddit mod archetype. When has a mod ever gone public and you find yourself thinking "what a great model for humanity?"


u/Heavyspire Jan 26 '22

Not a mod, but when DeepFuckingValue went in front of a committee hearing about r/wallstreetbets He represented himself well and was helpful in the discussion on the topic the committee was investigating.


u/that_70_show_fan Jan 26 '22

DFV has life outside of Reddit. He was a regular streamer so he knows how to engage his audience.


u/Django117 Jan 26 '22

Not only a streamer, but a stock trader. He knew his work inside and out. He understood that he needed a script. He understood the gravity of the interviews.

There's a reason they stopped going after him, he had nothing to hide and presented himself as a reasonable, professional adult. They realized that they couldn't attack his character as he was playing it straight. He wasn't going in with preaching a political narrative or anything. He expressed what he did and the reasons for doing it. As such the media dropped him, realizing that he couldn't be worked to fulfil their narrative.

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u/GamecockGaucho Jan 26 '22

His job is literally to teach people about financial concepts. He's exactly who you want speaking in front of an audience.


u/Antique-Tourist-2304 Jan 26 '22

He's not a mod, this is a great example of what the mods should have done.

Interviewed users that work in corporations, with a good head on their shoulders and the ability to speak eloquently under pressure, pick the best and sent them to war against foxnews.

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u/[deleted] Jan 26 '22

"Laziness is a virtue."

Aaaaaaaand we're done.

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u/resident16 Jan 26 '22

Antiwork had an opportunity to talk about their movement and they send somebody who walks dogs 20hrs a week. They were doomed from the start.


u/RollWithTheBrunches Jan 26 '22

That’s the person who calls you a chud online


u/ModestBanana Jan 26 '22

The last person to insult me here on Reddit literally talks about their piss and humiliation fetish

This is why you should never take people online seriously


u/Complicated-HorseAss Jan 26 '22 Wholesome

Getting insulted by a piss fetishist should be on life's bingo card.

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u/DoctorBuckarooBanzai Jan 26 '22

I need to leave this dumb website.

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u/herejustforthecorp Jan 26 '22

the mods of r/antiwork have just now made it a private subreddit 5 minutes ago. I've never seen a quicker death of a subreddit.

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u/Cyberfunk3 Jan 26 '22

/r/antiwork you really have shot yourself multiple times in the foot here


u/mydpy Jan 26 '22

Did it bother anyone else that they weren’t looking at the camera?


u/aniforprez Jan 26 '22 edited Jan 26 '22

From the antiwork thread apparently they're autistic and have trouble looking people in the eye which I can sympathize with. But then why did they agree to the interview

Edit: ok this is coming up enough that I really need to address this. I don't really care if a webcam is or isn't another person or an eye. I am literally only paraphrasing what the mod themselves said

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u/DarthLightside Jan 26 '22 edited Jan 26 '22 Silver Gold Helpful Wholesome Take My Energy This

This was such a terrible move for the /r/antiwork subreddit and the movement as a whole. I seriously can't wrap my head around this one. This is not an attack on personal appearance, but that is not who you want for your spokesperson. An ideal spokesperson would be someone that's college educated, well dressed, well-spoken and can look at the camera while not fidget in their chair the entire time. It's important to remember the core demographic for Fox News when agreeing to give an interview on National Television.

Why the mod team decided to give Fox an interview at all is puzzling. Jesus Christ.

EDIT: Thank you for the gold.


u/reddits_aight Jan 26 '22 Silver Gold All-Seeing Upvote

Plus when media interviews were brought up in the past, the sub overwhelmingly voted not to have mods do interviews for exactly this reason.


u/UnluckyHorseman Jan 26 '22 edited Jan 26 '22 All-Seeing Upvote

From what I've heard, that happened this time too and the mods ignored it.


u/AluminiumCaffeine Jan 26 '22 hehehehe

The upper-class of the movement ignored the lower class masses to do what they thought was best but ultimately was a terrible failure leaving the whole movement worse for wear? Ironic


u/vrts Jan 26 '22

Probably money then. I'm willing to bet they were paid to appear.


u/OblivioAccebit Jan 26 '22 Wholesome Take My Money

Damn, they are working and they don’t even realize it!

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u/LemonMeringueOctopi Jan 26 '22

That sub is in revolt right now. A lot of the users are unhappy about the way they were represented in the interview, and the mod in question is going.on a power trip deleting everything about it and banning users.

It's a shit show.


u/sample-name Jan 26 '22

Yup sounds like your everyday reddit mod alright. Nothing out of the ordinary


u/midwestraxx Jan 26 '22

It's amazing how it applies equally to any side of politics on reddit as well. Ban the critics, embrace the validation, get owned IRL and blame it on the other side. Even /r/enlightenedcentrism does it.


u/hagamablabla Jan 26 '22

Human attraction to power is rooted even deeper than tribal politics.

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u/Cassereddit Jan 26 '22

The funny thing is that this very thing has been discussed on antiwork previously. Media education, appearance, what questions were going to be asked, etc. Etc.

None of this should've happened in the first place. How anyone agreed to let this happen is beyond me.


u/DarthLightside Jan 26 '22

The thing that sticks with me from the interview is the complete lack of preparation and awareness to the network's mission - to undermine the antiwork movement. The mod's interview is so damning to antiwork sub I sincerely doubt they will recover - the damage is done.

They had a fine opportunity to reach the masses but they fucked it all up. A little preparation would've gone a long way.


u/clearly_inebriated Jan 26 '22

Honestly, if I understand the core message of that sub at all, the sub's name itself does not do them any favors.

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u/Astrophysicist_X Jan 26 '22 edited Jan 26 '22 Helpful All-Seeing Upvote Starry

Even if he had explained the basics of what the sub stand for it would have been good.

He couldn't even explain what the subreddit is about. It's for workers who are underpaid and overwork.

All he had to do was prepare a good summary of how workers are abused.
But he chose to go with 'lazInesS iS a VirTue'.


u/ADarwinAward Jan 26 '22

The core of the sub advocates for a complete change in the way society structures work/labor. To quote the antiwork side bar “we are against jobs as they are structured under capitalism and the state.” However, there are some original members, like the mod, who would like to end labor almost altogether. This post, “the solution to work”, will give you an idea of different views on the sub. The idea is not new to the sub and there’s been plenty of people who were in support of it from the beginning.

The sub has changed significantly since it’s gained millions of users. A lot of people commenting on posts are there because they care about workers’ rights, even if they don’t support antiwork’s core ideals.


u/beemerbimmer Jan 26 '22

Thank you. Everybody keeps saying this is not what anti-work is all about, but this IS what Antiwork is all about. Sure, there are lots of people on the subreddit that are not this extreme (me being one), but people need to understand that this is actually how the subreddit was started. It might not be the way that the majority of people feel now, but this mod is actually a very good representation of a large part of Antiwork.

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u/ProfessorMagnet Jan 26 '22

To be honest they don't even need to be college educated. They especially shouldn't be ill-prepared.

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u/[deleted] Jan 26 '22



u/angiosperms- Jan 26 '22

There was a post about if they should talk to the media and the vast majority of people agreed no it was a bad idea. A bunch of news shows already misrepresented the great resignation, like 60 minutes only interviewing shitty business owners where everyone quit and they came to whine about how no one wants to work.

By "they" I mean anyone from the sub, not this mod specifically.

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u/Futhermucker Jan 26 '22

"antiwork" mod

moderates a reddit page for free



u/Mofiremofire Jan 26 '22 Helpful

There goes the IPO

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u/mcknightrider Jan 26 '22

Who thought this was a good idea? You took a literal embodiment of what people joke mods looked like and put him on here. Did they not realize they were only having him on there to shit on him? Like holy shit r/antiwork. You just set back the purpose of the sub.


u/Semyonov Jan 26 '22 edited Jan 26 '22 All-Seeing Upvote

This reminds me of that episode of the newsroom where they had a representative from the Occupy Wall Street movement back in the day.

Only this was a hundred times worse.

Edit: wow, looks like I was banned from that sub for this comment

Edit 2: actually maybe not, it seems that /r/antiwork has gone private

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u/Runs_towards_fire Jan 26 '22

A 30 year old dog walker who works 20-25 hours a week and would like to work less is the head of an “anti-work” movement. Got it. That really puts validity into the movement.

I’m sure this dude has complained about how expensive stuff is and how he can’t afford the things he wants yet is only willing to work half of a normal work week, doing a job that an 8 year old is qualified to do.


u/pupsteppenwolf Jan 26 '22

BREAKING NEWS: Now they have set the imaginary union movement as a private sub so they can keep banning comrades who disagree with Doreen in secrecy.

Reddit is fun.


u/I_ama_Borat Jan 26 '22

I didn’t believe that this much of a Reddit stereotype could exist but boy was I wrong


u/FrequentPass Jan 26 '22

now THIS is cringetopia


u/Komek4626 Jan 26 '22 edited Jan 26 '22 Silver Gold Helpful Wholesome All-Seeing Upvote Starry Argentium

This is a certified Reddit moment.

Edit: This is now a Gold Certified Reddit Moment.

Edit 2: r/antiwork right now.

Edit 3: God I love shit posting

Edit 4: Me when r/antiwork goes private

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u/[deleted] Jan 26 '22 Silver Helpful Wholesome Timeless Beauty

[removed] — view removed comment


u/[deleted] Jan 26 '22

[removed] — view removed comment


u/[deleted] Jan 26 '22

[removed] — view removed comment


u/[deleted] Jan 26 '22 Silver

[removed] — view removed comment

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u/yabai Jan 26 '22

I had to stop watching halfway. This interview was well beyond what the mod was prepared for and ended up being a poor representation of that community.

“I work 20-25 hours a week but would like to work less”. Jesus, it’s almost as if he was trying to make points for FOX.


u/Finito-1994 Jan 26 '22 edited Jan 26 '22

Hilarious thing is that the questions were fair. None of them were outrageous or gotcha. They were questions people would have about the sub. Maybe the interviewer would have followed up and turned it nasty, but they didn’t need to cause the mod shat the bed so easily.

Then the cherry on top was that the 30 year old dog walker who wanted less than 20 hours per week thought about teaching Philosophy. A famously hard subject in a profession that has long hours.

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u/[deleted] Jan 26 '22

[removed] — view removed comment

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u/TimeMachineToaster Jan 26 '22

Lol, now /r/antiwork is private.

Nothing says "listen to our movement" like hiding it from readers after a mod goes on live TV to talk about it.

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u/Senorris Jan 26 '22

So did this person just delete or made private the entire Antiwork subreddit just because they failed?


u/Homebrew_Dungeon Jan 26 '22

Yup, death of a movement.

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u/LadyAzure17 Jan 26 '22

I can't believe they single-handedly killed antiwork. At least i can get a break from seeing them on my front page. Ugh. Like I agree with a lot of sentiment on there, but god that place is instadepression.


u/bitchalot Jan 26 '22

A 30 year old dog walker who wants to teach philosophy, critical thinking and reason is exactly who I imagine the people who ban me and call me names because I disagree with them politically. Looking at you politics.


u/pixelsteve Jan 26 '22

Least cringy reddit mod


u/nightfox5523 Jan 26 '22

least cringey /r/antiwork mod apparently. I shudder to think what the rest of the mods must be like

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u/Floral-Shoppe Jan 26 '22 Silver All-Seeing Upvote

These are the people you argue against on Reddit that write paragraphs that sound all smart and shit but can't function in real life because they're idiots.


u/AshyWings Jan 26 '22 Silver Gold Helpful Wholesome All-Seeing Upvote This Eureka!

I don't want to make fun of people's personal appearance, but this is the incarnation of what everyone thinks a Reddit mod looks like.

Who thought it was a good idea to have this 30-year-old dog walker go on a commercial capitalist network like Fox News to represent their ideology? I would imagine that the goal of the appearance on the show is to spread their philosophy, but instead, they just reinforced what every boomer thinks of progressive values: "Millenials are lazy, greasy leeches on society!".

While there is nothing inherently wrong with his job or appearance, they have to play the game if they want to move for change. A haircut, better camera, clean background and preparation for the main points they want to get across should be bare minimum.


u/Hotwir3 Jan 26 '22

That was so so so bad. I'm not even subscribed to the subreddit but I could have been dressed well and showered, had good lighting, and communicated their philosophies a million times better.

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u/[deleted] Jan 26 '22 edited Apr 01 '22



u/[deleted] Jan 26 '22



u/Cfox006 Jan 26 '22

I mean you should’ve learned this growing up in general. Humans judge based on looks whether you like it or not

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u/ratbastid Jan 26 '22

There's a reason media training is a thing. Dorreen should have been vastly better prepared than this.


u/[deleted] Jan 26 '22



u/Lifesaboxofgardens Jan 26 '22 Giggle

Yeah it's baffling the lack of awareness.

"Fox asked me for specifically, and the mod team and I got together and decided that I was best to do it anyway since I have media experience."

Like what media experience? You've been interviewed on a major network? You've done video interviews? Because your unkempt appearance and war torn apartment in the background leads me to believe this is not the case.

Just classic overconfidence and narcissism from a mod, who would have thought it lol.


u/Work-Safe-Reddit4450 Jan 26 '22

I have never once been interviewed by a major news network and I would never in a million years think that their appearance or the backdrop would have been a good move. Just existing in and consuming today's media landscape alone should tell you everything you need to know to at least stand a fighting chance there.


u/Incruentus Jan 26 '22

Two words: echo chambers.

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u/DoubleOrNothing90 Jan 26 '22

You'd think having a somewhat professional appearance, and tidying up the space you're recording from, would be a no brainer for someone with "media experience".


u/ShittyExchangeAdmin Jan 26 '22

Yea exactly. I put more effort into my appearence and evironment for job interviews that i know are dead ends


u/vathena Jan 26 '22

Doreen made a comment in the sub that seemed to be proud of how she put no energy into her interview. Anti-work seems to be taken too literally. Any one of us would have prepped some questions, gotten a white ring light, neutral background, and surveyed some other community members for their opinions. And not lied about media expertise (she later says she's never done a "live interview" before).

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u/Pristine-Donkey4698 Jan 26 '22

unkempt appearance and war torn apartment in the background leads me to believe this is not the case.

*Moms basement

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u/Impossible-Dare4040 Jan 26 '22

More and more I’m realizing narcissism is a common trait both on the far right but also far left. Just the idea that I’m a star, I can handle anything, I don’t need to prep

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u/[deleted] Jan 26 '22 edited Feb 11 '22



u/supple Jan 26 '22

if anything jesse was charitable in his reaction.

His face said there were a million ways he could have murdered him with words but even he thought they were all too mean for this poor guy and didn't want to spin a suicide tomorrow


u/[deleted] Jan 26 '22



u/President-Mozzarella Jan 26 '22

Someone summed that up in another thread very wisely; Don't interrupt your opponent when they're making a mistake.

Mistakes were the foundation of this media appearance, he didn't have to do anything.


u/drunkarder Jan 26 '22

yea it would have just made him look like a dick and given them cover...those questions were incredibly soft balled, he did not bait him into anything and honestly I had to laugh as well...the answers were just too perfect.

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u/CMDR_Hiddengecko Jan 26 '22

Lol yeah I saw someone criticizing him for being "unprofessional" when he laughed but...look at the interviewee. He's on television. How could you not?


u/drunkarder Jan 26 '22

the philosophy teacher bit was perfect

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u/OccamsBeard Jan 26 '22

If was going to be on national TV I would have at least washed my hair. Reddit mod straight out of Central Casting.


u/SpiderQueen72 Jan 26 '22 Wholesome

If it were me I would have dressed like Tucker Carlson

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u/rnelsonee Jan 26 '22

I agree - I don't want to make fun of people's appearance, but we don't even have to go there.

When giving an interview, you should make eye contact, not swivel back and forth in your chair, not scratch your nose frequently, maybe smile once or twice. Then we can move onto advanced topics like not wearing glasses that reflect a window in the camera and making your bed (?) beforehand.

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u/JohnCavil Jan 26 '22 edited Jan 26 '22 Silver Helpful

Through the whole interview i was just going "oh no no no no". I've never been on /r/antiwork, i really don't have a dog in the fight, but man, it's literally like they chose the worst person for this.

An autistic, nonbinary 30 year old dogwalker who works 25 hours a week. It's like the intro to a fucking joke. It's literally the caricature that Fox News makes fun of, and they hit the fucking jackpot. That's unfair and terrible, but it's sadly how the world works.

I have nothing against Doreen and wish them all the best. But this is not what they should be doing.


u/houndofbaskerville Jan 26 '22 Silver Gold Platinum Helpful Wholesome Take My Energy hehehehe Table Slap Brighten My Day That Smile

The good news is if you did have a dog in the fight I know the perfect person to walk it.

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u/TruthTellerBot Jan 26 '22

That guy looks and talks exactly like you would expect him to.

He does it so hard, too, that you have to close the video very fast, too, because you can't deal with how extremely much he is exactly like you'd expected him to be.


u/[deleted] Jan 26 '22

Terrible showing by the reddit mod. They don't get the point of the sub that they mod at all.

All they needed to say is that many jobs people do at the moment don't offer reasonable working conditions and reasonable pay. Particularly in a world where remuneration for senior management has soared.


u/venerablevegetable Jan 26 '22

A moderator isn't even inherently a better representative for a sub than a contributor.

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u/raddits Jan 26 '22

Died when he said dog walker

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u/[deleted] Jan 26 '22

How many UNPAID hours does this mod work for Reddit? Seems to be in conflict with the whole anti-work agenda


u/simjanes2k Jan 26 '22

Damn. That went so badly it may have legitimately set back the entire anti-capitalist movement.

I mean holy shit my man...