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Miracles happen.

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u/Decent_Ad440 15d ago

Either that or he is a very good stalker


u/Suomi777 15d ago

My thoughts exactly. Like the rapest that later married the victim and they only found out after her child needed a surgery and her husbands blood matched the childs.


u/rokuwaru 15d ago

What a plot twist. Source?


u/3laws 15d ago

Trust me bro.


u/Great_Scott7 15d ago

In Bro we trust


u/gin_and_toxic 15d ago

"You can't believe everything you read on the internet." – Abraham Lincoln


u/DogAndCatIRS 15d ago

Ya weh outta line


u/Dappershield 15d ago

Well I'm satisfied.


u/Caylennea 15d ago

Oh I hope someone finds the source because I remember reading that story but I am not capable of finding it and don’t remember if it was a reputable source.


u/sinnayre 15d ago

It was a movie called Sin & Redemption that came out in 1994. All the descriptions of the movie say based on a true story, but can’t find the true story itself.


u/theboredforeigner 15d ago

It doesn’t have to be true for them to say it’s true.


u/mage2k 15d ago

Pretty sure the Coen bros.’ Fargo says that, too, even though it isn’t.


u/candyman337 15d ago

Probably a law and order SVU episode at some point


u/Suomi777 15d ago

I will see if i can find the source in an archive. It was in a Readers' Digest article from either late 70's or early 80's.


u/KakkaKarrot 15d ago

her child needed a surgery and her husbands blood matched the childs

They ran a paternity test before a surgery?


u/jun2san 15d ago

They do in this urban myth.


u/Suomi777 15d ago

No, that would be ridiculous. In the article that remember from Readers Digest, somehow, during her childs medical event, it became known the father was compatible with the child. He later admitted to raping to woman then finding out she got pregnant and he made circumstances in which they would meet, they dated and then got married. The woman never knew until years later.


u/Asmuni 15d ago

Yeah so many people have the same blood type. Blood type alone doesn't prove paternity.


u/TheTinyTinkerer 15d ago edited 15d ago

Unless it's a paternity test, the blood test isn't conclusive of whether he was the dad though, the fact that it could be him because his blood type could give the child their blood type is a bit of a weird jump to he is the dad.


u/EmhyrvarSpice 15d ago

You have think up a very specific scenario for this to work. Like the mom needed to have been suspecting him as that already and then it turned out he had the same rare blood-type as their son (or something like that).

Also don't most hospitals have blood on hand like practically all the time? Seems unusual for them to need the dads help and in a scenario where he is the only option.


u/[deleted] 15d ago

I saw this episode in Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. I didn't know it was real


u/dublem 15d ago


*best rapper