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Miracles happen.

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u/Infinite_Frog 15d ago I'll Drink to That

My man was in her even before the first date.


u/technobrendo 15d ago

Women love this little trick: Go deeper than you've ever been before...


u/Right-Shopping9589 15d ago


Happy cake day btw


u/RedzyHydra 15d ago

Interesting. I'll take note of it. Also, Happy Cake Day 🎂


u/TyphlosionGOD 15d ago

Oh I'm sure your mother loves you


u/275MPHFordGT40 15d ago

I only date women who have the same blood type as me 😤😤😤


u/Zanderp25 15d ago edited 14d ago

I might be wrong, but I’ve heard that some Japanese use blood type like how some Americans use astrological signs

Edit: I’m referring to the people determining personality based on those


u/nekobambam 14d ago

I live in Japan and got rejected for a job once because of my blood type lol. The interviewer asked me my blood type, told me he dislikes people with my blood type and that my personality would be incompatible with everyone else in the workplace, and immediately ended the interview. This was back in the 90s, during the hiring freeze, so potential employers got away with a lot of crap.


u/LamermanSE 14d ago

Yes, it's used to define personality types and it is complete bogus. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blood_type_personality_theory


u/Chembaron_Seki 14d ago

At least it makes more sense than astrology for me.

I can see why someone might be inclined to think that their own blood can have influence on their personality. But if someone tells me the stars I were born under have influence on me.... how? Radiation or what?

Both nonsense, but one of these is a little less nonsense than the other. xD


u/Qualine 14d ago

Not that I believe the astrology, but I can make some sense of it if I try hard enough, so here it goes.

Radiation is a plausible effect, since it can effect an organism on a molecular level, hence depending on which stars you are born under, you are under effect of unique radiation levels.

Also there was a study iirc that your personality might have coded into your genes and if you connect these you might get a sensible explanation but most likely still is wrong.

I repeat, I do not believe in astrology at all, but it is really fun thing to talk about. Especially with women, if you are running out of converations just bring up signs lol.


u/Zanderp25 14d ago

Oh, yeah… I should have clarified that lol


u/Kandiru 14d ago

It has exactly the same predicative power as star signs as well!


u/linmanfu 15d ago

Dating people with the 'right' blood type is a very real thing in East Asia. Many, many people believe it is 'scientific' dating. So it's very possible that the people in the photo did in fact choose each other based on blood type.


u/Kandiru 14d ago

I mean, before we had treatment for Rhesus incompatibility, if you dated outside your Rhesus blood group you could often only have 1 child before autoimmune reactions kicked in.