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Miracles happen.

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u/Decent_Ad440 15d ago

Either that or he is a very good stalker


u/Suomi777 15d ago

My thoughts exactly. Like the rapest that later married the victim and they only found out after her child needed a surgery and her husbands blood matched the childs.


u/TheTinyTinkerer 15d ago edited 15d ago

Unless it's a paternity test, the blood test isn't conclusive of whether he was the dad though, the fact that it could be him because his blood type could give the child their blood type is a bit of a weird jump to he is the dad.


u/EmhyrvarSpice 15d ago

You have think up a very specific scenario for this to work. Like the mom needed to have been suspecting him as that already and then it turned out he had the same rare blood-type as their son (or something like that).

Also don't most hospitals have blood on hand like practically all the time? Seems unusual for them to need the dads help and in a scenario where he is the only option.