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Miracles happen.

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u/BrotherChe 15d ago

what's the BHT?

And is that revealed to people?


u/EricUnderOrion 14d ago

What, you're not familiar with all niche, industry and job specific acronyms? I swear reddit is the worst for hiding information crucial to understand what the comment is actually saying behind acronyms they invented as kids in their tree house club with their stuffed tiger pal


u/Elvon-Nightquester 14d ago

It’s the bed head ticket which records medical information during hospital stay. Patients have full right to view their records, I believe


u/Nice_Sun_7018 14d ago

People have full rights to their medical records, including the donor’s name? No way. It is unbelievable to me that a donor wouldn’t have the right to privacy. The donor number may be in the chart, but it would be a serious ethics violation for their name to be (and available in the patient-accessible records) if this is really what’s happening.


u/BrotherChe 14d ago

what country? strange that the donor would be shared but not unreasonable


u/Nice_Sun_7018 14d ago

I disagree. That is unreasonable. If I knew that people I was donating to would have access to my NAME, I would never donate again. Ever.


u/BrotherChe 14d ago

That's not an unreasonable stance either.

Neither are unreasonable, but certainly the are reasons against that can easily in deciding which method is best.


u/Nice_Sun_7018 14d ago

I think most people agree that an expectation of privacy is reasonable. A patient does not need to know your name to get your blood. When they agree to blood, they agree to get it from an anonymous source (with appropriate testing and handling/storage, of course).