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Miracles happen.

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u/what_is_this_memery 15d ago Take My Energy

Sounds like he was her type


u/Amon7777 15d ago

(Glares) have your upvote and get out of here


u/CriticismAccording22 15d ago

I wonder how they found out.


u/AcanthisittaMost7740 15d ago

Maybe they coincidentally talked about it. Then the girl opened up she needed blood on that date then the guy told her she donated blood to someone in the same hospital that day, too. Then all their statements matched their story.


u/Buppadupp 15d ago

That sounds like a movie plot. I would think they just don't take blood from somebody and use it straight away. Then again I'm no doctor.

My guess the post is a lie just like the cake was.


u/PTLAPTA 15d ago

Tell me more about this liar cake


u/Buppadupp 15d ago

It all started with a robot potato. You know what I forgot the rest strange.


u/SamFeesherMang 15d ago

Long ago there was a man who invented a way to burn down houses with lemons.

He turned his secretary into a super computer.

She gaslighted everyone so hard they all died.

She woke you up to do some very important tests. Because she can.

And yes, she is still alive. Still alive.


u/pr4d33p_d 9d ago

Welcome to the aperture laboratories. Please proceed to the test area.


u/say_chicha 15d ago

You also forgot how to use punctuation. ? . !


u/poorly_anonymized 15d ago

I used to donate blood. One day I got a phone call from the hospital asking if I could donate for an emergency right now. I lived a block from the hospital, which I assume was why they called me specifically. I unfortunately couldn't do it, because I had recently been abroad, and this disqualified me from donating for a few months.

A lot of the security factors are based on eliminating people with risk factors, since some diseases need to incubate a bit to show up on tests, and I don't think they test every sample for everything either. This is why they ban you from donating blood if you recently traveled, had gay sex, went to the UK during the mad cow disease years, etc.


u/Spearsy23 15d ago

They do test every sample just fyi


u/poorly_anonymized 15d ago

I'm sure this varies by country, and it may have changed since then anyway, but when I became a donor in Norway about 15 years ago they definitely told me they did more extensive testing when doing the initial vetting and blood sample than they did after I started donating. They definitely did some testing on each donation, like hemoglobin to check if I'd need iron supplements, and probably the usual suspects in terms of disease, but they claimed the initial one was more thorough.


u/Spearsy23 15d ago

I'm not familiar with the guidelines for Norway so it definitely could be different. In the US is typical for blood from multiple donors to be pooled and all tested in one batch. Any positive well cause them to discard all units from donors in that pool.


u/machone_1 15d ago

I would think they just don't take blood from somebody and use it straight away

they do if there's been a mass casualty event and they are appealing for donors


u/Buppadupp 15d ago

Cool, the more you know. Is there no testing of donated blood?


u/Kandiru 15d ago

There is normally testing of donated blood. In an emergency they might skip that though. If the alternative is death.


u/Gnostromo 15d ago

"I have this romcom movie idea. It's a cutemeet but not cute and well they don't really meet for another decade...We can call it Blood relatives. Or maybe Just My Type is better "


u/gapingportal 15d ago

I met someone once who was dating the woman he had saved from drowning 18 years earlier. Total coincidence and came up like “I almost drowned once on a beach in Hawaii” and “I once saved a woman from drowning on a beach in Hawaii.” Then which beach, what year, what were you wearing, etc, etc. I wonder if they stayed together. They must have, right???


u/abhigoswami18 15d ago

WOW, classic movie scene


u/formermq 15d ago

I've been stalking you this whole time.... Watching.... Waiting.


u/Exic9999 15d ago

Right? Isn't there a level of anonymity involved?


u/Asmuni 15d ago

Yeah. At most they could have tested is that they have the same blood group etc. And that he is a blood donor.


u/808ocd 15d ago

yea it's not like they fucking document everyome's name on every bag, and record that donor name on the receiving end either.

it;s a cute story, but it smells fabricated.

unless they live in a 50 person village or something like that, or something improbable


u/Sadiebb 15d ago edited 15d ago

I got emails about the people who got my blood with info like the state the lived in and why (car accident) . It’s not normally enough to figure it out but it’s possible.

Edit: I looked back at the emails, they actually say exactly which hospital it went to but not why they needed it. Email was within one month of donation so if it was a rare blood type that plus date and place might be enough.


u/imaginedaydream 15d ago

We’re all the same pool of blood