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Miracles happen.

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u/supermilch 15d ago

I've had it happen in Austria. They text you something like "your blood donation from Y date helped save someone at X hospital today"


u/Skips-mamma-llama 15d ago

That's amazing, I've donated blood probably 6ish times, if I got these texts or emails I'd definitely be donating more often


u/phryan 15d ago

Agreed 100%. "What gets recognized gets repeated." Adults have a lot of bad days, getting random text telling me I helped saved a life would not just give me a much needed boost but also likely to schedule m next donation.


u/Whind_Soull 15d ago

I mean, if it helps, I'd be happy to text you affirmations from time to time at random.


u/lmidor 15d ago

There's something very endearing and intriguing about this concept- just getting an uplifting text from some anonymous person at random times to put a smile on your face.

No further messages or back-n-forth conversation, but just one quick message to brighten your day.