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Miracles happen.

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u/Exic9999 14d ago

Right? Isn't there a level of anonymity involved?


u/Asmuni 14d ago

Yeah. At most they could have tested is that they have the same blood group etc. And that he is a blood donor.


u/808ocd 14d ago

yea it's not like they fucking document everyome's name on every bag, and record that donor name on the receiving end either.

it;s a cute story, but it smells fabricated.

unless they live in a 50 person village or something like that, or something improbable


u/Sadiebb 13d ago edited 13d ago

I got emails about the people who got my blood with info like the state the lived in and why (car accident) . It’s not normally enough to figure it out but it’s possible.

Edit: I looked back at the emails, they actually say exactly which hospital it went to but not why they needed it. Email was within one month of donation so if it was a rare blood type that plus date and place might be enough.