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Miracles happen.

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u/Mispeled_Divel 15d ago

How did she find out? In the US there is HIPAA and I imagine other countries have similar laws, even without laws like that shouldn’t it be difficult to find that stuff out?


u/hammonjj 15d ago

A lot of countries keep track of this information. For example, I can’t remember the country but when your blood is used you’re sent a message saying you helped save a life


u/supermilch 15d ago

I've had it happen in Austria. They text you something like "your blood donation from Y date helped save someone at X hospital today"


u/JeshkaTheLoon 14d ago

This is such a simple thing, but giving feedback like this, that your actions helped someone, not only show you that your actions had a point, but through that also make you feel good.

People want to be altruistic, and I think most donate blood with the intent of helping others. But that doesn't mean they can't some positive reinforcement anyway. Good human.