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Miracles happen.

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u/CriticismAccording22 15d ago

I wonder how they found out.


u/AcanthisittaMost7740 15d ago

Maybe they coincidentally talked about it. Then the girl opened up she needed blood on that date then the guy told her she donated blood to someone in the same hospital that day, too. Then all their statements matched their story.


u/Buppadupp 15d ago

That sounds like a movie plot. I would think they just don't take blood from somebody and use it straight away. Then again I'm no doctor.

My guess the post is a lie just like the cake was.


u/PTLAPTA 15d ago

Tell me more about this liar cake


u/Buppadupp 15d ago

It all started with a robot potato. You know what I forgot the rest strange.


u/SamFeesherMang 14d ago

Long ago there was a man who invented a way to burn down houses with lemons.

He turned his secretary into a super computer.

She gaslighted everyone so hard they all died.

She woke you up to do some very important tests. Because she can.

And yes, she is still alive. Still alive.


u/pr4d33p_d 8d ago

Welcome to the aperture laboratories. Please proceed to the test area.


u/say_chicha 15d ago

You also forgot how to use punctuation. ? . !