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Miracles happen.

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u/Infinite_Frog 15d ago I'll Drink to That

My man was in her even before the first date.


u/ThePanoramicRational 15d ago

I think he stalked her, pretending they meet by accident and years later.. "Hey.. whata surprise, It was me that time. Man, whata world hann?" Laughs weirdly


u/El_Chairman_Dennis 15d ago

What a weird way to look for someone to stalk lol. "I'm gonna donate blood that could go to anyone, in the hopes that it goes to someone I find attractive. Then I will track down that person and get them to fall in love with me." The idea of it has me giggling


u/Dappershield 15d ago

You have a better chance if you donate right before pushing her into traffic.