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Miracles happen.

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u/Chembaron_Seki 14d ago

At least it makes more sense than astrology for me.

I can see why someone might be inclined to think that their own blood can have influence on their personality. But if someone tells me the stars I were born under have influence on me.... how? Radiation or what?

Both nonsense, but one of these is a little less nonsense than the other. xD


u/Qualine 14d ago

Not that I believe the astrology, but I can make some sense of it if I try hard enough, so here it goes.

Radiation is a plausible effect, since it can effect an organism on a molecular level, hence depending on which stars you are born under, you are under effect of unique radiation levels.

Also there was a study iirc that your personality might have coded into your genes and if you connect these you might get a sensible explanation but most likely still is wrong.

I repeat, I do not believe in astrology at all, but it is really fun thing to talk about. Especially with women, if you are running out of converations just bring up signs lol.