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The Biden administration is offering a reward of up to $5 million for information about a Singapore-based businessman already accused by the Justice Department of facilitating fuel shipments to North Korea in violation of U.N. sanctions North Korea


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u/NoPreparationNeeded1 Nov 05 '22

Wow, they take sanctions pretty seriously, but I never knew this seriously.


u/Purple-Quail3319 Nov 05 '22

Past violent acts of war sanctions are basically all a state has to retaliate against other nations. Undermining sanctions is undermining state power on the world stage.


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WASHINGTON-The Biden administration is offering a reward of up to $5 million for information about a Singapore-based businessman already accused by the Justice Department of facilitating fuel shipments to North Korea in violation of U.N. sanctions.

The Biden administration said in response to the launches that it is willing to take "All necessary measures" to ensure the safety of the American homeland as well as South Korea and Japan and warned of unspecified "Additional costs and consequences" if North Korea detonates a nuclear test device for the first time since September 2017.

One exchange caught on satellite imagery showed the ship transferring more than $1.5 million worth of oil to a North Korea-flagged ship, prosecutors have said.

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u/visope Nov 05 '22

asking for information about a Singaporean

post his weight and heigth info in freedom units


u/[deleted] Nov 05 '22



u/Oil_Extension Nov 05 '22

Or 0.65 horses and 10.5 stones


u/L3yline Nov 06 '22

Anything but the metric system


u/TerryWogansBum Nov 06 '22

5 guns tall and weighs about 3 dogs.


u/ArchmageXin Nov 05 '22

Man, what's with Singapore? It is like all those crypto scams all Headquartered there and now this.


u/weealex Nov 05 '22

Singapore laws regarding taxes really made it good for crypto scams


u/QubitQuanta Nov 05 '22

Singapore hasn't sanctioned NK? WHy must American laws apply everywhere?


u/exkallibur Nov 05 '22

Didn't know the abbreviation for America was "UN".


u/[deleted] Nov 05 '22

The laws under which the US wishes to prosecute that individual are American laws.

If Singapore or the host country where that individual lives is party to those UN sanctions the individual should be prosecuted under their laws. American laws mean jack shit outside the US.


u/Ethansfreddit Nov 05 '22

Someone’s got a birthday I wonder who.


u/IllDiscussion8179 Nov 05 '22

Damn I literally just saw this guy the other day.


u/Particular-Ad-4772 Nov 05 '22

You can't find him anywhere, cause he is in North Korea.

Where's my $ 5,000,000 ?

I am an American,, not some bitch Russian conscript.

Pay me my money .


u/skankhunt402 Nov 05 '22

You gotta prove it first buddy get packing


u/Particular-Ad-4772 Nov 05 '22

U stole my nickname and I want it back !


u/skankhunt402 Nov 05 '22

I mean are you Mr. Brovflovski?


u/Particular-Ad-4772 Nov 05 '22

No its Mr Garrison,


u/mayormcskeeze Nov 05 '22

Does it have to be accurate information?


u/Auzquandiance Nov 05 '22

Can someone help me understand how the American Department of Justice has jurisdiction over a non-US citizen outside of US soil? You can bar him from entering US for life and sanction him personally by preventing any American companies to do business with him sure, but prosecute him? On what ground?


u/Anotherid2 Nov 05 '22

un sanctions obligate members to enact laws and enforce sanctions. But more importantly, it’s likely one of the shell corps seng used was registered under us jurisdiction. and with how enthusiastic the us is at sanctioning nk, they to first dib at issuing this bounty


u/Auzquandiance Nov 05 '22

Won’t Russia/China just Veto any UN sanctions on NK anyways? The second part makes more sense if he’s using a shell


u/Anotherid2 Nov 05 '22

resolution 2375 is the specific one limiting nk purchase of petro products. china and russia both voted in favor - i repeat in favour. personally i see them doing this in the same way as an owner pulling the leash on a misbehaving dog


u/EricForce Nov 06 '22

They want NK to make weapons, not mobilize their army. An army used to primarily march on food, now they run on donkins petro.


u/Anotherid2 Nov 05 '22

add: jd already has arrest warrant so hes not landing in the us, so jd and state will work to connect all the shell corps and orders to seng and present the evidence to singapore. singapore ultimately decides wether to arrest, prosecute, and or extradite


u/Mother_Wash Nov 05 '22

So like 10 times more money than North Korea has? If fat boy didn't eat all their food they'd be so much better off.


u/FlightAble2654 Nov 05 '22



u/cutearmy Nov 05 '22

He’s in North Korea


u/Jinxess Nov 05 '22

Technically, it's not really $5 million unless they plan to 1.) exempt you from paying taxes on that $5 million or 2.) will pay you enough to net $5 million in the end.


u/thederpofwar321 Nov 05 '22

Im not 100% up to date on tax laws but i do believe rewards like this are tax exempt.


u/DAWTSF Nov 05 '22

That's where you went with this?


u/Fluid-Arm9366 Nov 05 '22

I sometimes wish I knew more about the seedy underworld of southeast Asian city-states.


u/demigodsgotdraft Nov 05 '22

The fact that you read "Singapore" and immediately think "seedy underworld" set you back pretty far from your wish.


u/Beamarchionesse Nov 05 '22

I've had friends who have told me that Singapore feels like a city out of Star Trek at times.


u/solosnowplougher Nov 05 '22

Funny how European countries can buy from russia and not face consequences but god forbid your a sole trader trying make a buck.



u/solosnowplougher Nov 12 '22

Down votes but no rebuttals.

Victory is sweet 🥰


u/eskieski Nov 05 '22

Carmen San Diego, where are you?


u/Tasty_Breadfruit_474 Nov 05 '22

Why didn’t another country put up the money or do the work? Why is it always our tax dollars used?


u/Getmaddd Nov 05 '22

We've worked very hard to be the geopolitical center of the world and it ain't cheap being the boss.


u/SympathyOver1244 Nov 05 '22

No one asked them "to be the geopolitical center of the world"


u/KingBrinell Nov 05 '22

Yeah well, a good chunk of the world actually did. Everyone was in heaps and ruins after WW2, someone needed to step up. And we had an intact infrastructure and nuclear weapons.


u/EPICANDY0131 Nov 05 '22

Bretton Woods baby


u/Manspunk Nov 05 '22

Your government decides how to use your tax dollars. No one is forcing you.


u/Ultrabarrel Nov 05 '22

Um, we are the world reserve currency since after a certain world war everyone decided to trade debt using the dollar. 🤦‍♂️ the lack of understanding these things in the populace is a little scary ngl…


u/Tasty_Breadfruit_474 Nov 05 '22

Are the other countries broke?


u/Ultrabarrel Nov 05 '22

You know how the US has a huge debt ceiling? Here’s the gdp to debt ratios of other countries.


When a country like Japan for example borrow money from some one like the US or Germany (remember just an example) they do this in usd. So Japan would buy usd with yen. Not enough yen? Well then they print more yen and then trade it for usd to pay back their debt. This makes dollars much more desirable, stronger and obviously increases inflation on their native currency.

We live in a debt driven world sadly and we been fucking around and are soon about to find out. 🤷‍♂️


u/Tasty_Breadfruit_474 Nov 06 '22

Thanks for that. I’m I’ll informed. Are we going to be getting that aid money back at some point?


u/bigfoot_76 Nov 05 '22

Team America World Police


u/PabloElMalo Nov 05 '22

Race: asian? I see...


u/cy30613061acc1 Nov 13 '22

''There is no way they put information about him on a file about him''


u/DC-422 Nov 05 '22

WOoooOooOoo I can use that to get a boat 🛥. Come out, come out where ever you are 👀🫡🔥


u/xx_blakebailey Nov 06 '22

Makin BIG money moves


u/Link7369_reddit Nov 05 '22

add Kroger, "KR ticker" to the list of fucking evil maximizing 'Big" that are trying to affect the election. Their union is a sham.